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November 3, 2010

Volume 132, Issue 45

Bexten Benefit While Hilde Bexten battles stage four cancer, her community rallies for her recovery. NIKKI DAVIS Editor Hilde Bexten, 54 of Woodbine, didn’t feel well last fall. Just a soar throat, she thought. Perhaps even residual effects of a prior thyroid surgery. So to the doctor she went. And she was treated. And treated. And treated. “Christy’s (Alegent Health Clinic, Woodbine, nurse practitioner) always been so good to me,” Hilde said. “But she just couldn’t figure out the scratchy throat and swollen gland.” The first thought was sinus trouble. Allergy medications and antibiotics were attempted. But, by winter, things weren’t looking better. Hilde noticed her speech was becoming slurred on top of the sore throat. Then, she noticed something strange.

“One morning I looked in my throat in the mirror,” she began, bewilderment still on her face as she recounted the story. “And I stick my tongue out and it veers to the left. It just wouldn’t go straight and it looks like a big lump in my throat and it scares me.” That’s when Hilde decided it was time to visit an ear, nose and throat specialist. She went the Monday after Easter of this year. The specialist, Hilde recalled, couldn’t see in her throat. So a biopsy was scheduled for that Friday. The news was about as bad as it could be. “They told me cancer,” she said. “Stage

four. And you know, there is no stage five. I didn’t know where to go from there.” But Hilde wasn’t going to wait. She received a referral from a nurse at UNMC for whom she had provided day care services for, and acted upon it. That’s how she found Dr. Bill Lydiatt. And got an appointment scheduled for the following Tuesday. “It was unheard of,” she said. “Getting in that quickly. Dr. Lydiatt is world wide known and wrote several books on head and neck cancers. It is hard to get in.” But she did get in. And Hilde began treatment for the stage four throat cancer on May 4. It was not an easy regiment for the 22-year long Woodbine daycare provider. “Dr. Lydiatt had me going to all sorts of different ways. To oncologists, for radiation,

chemo, dental checkups, speech pathologists …” Hilde trailed off. The radiation and chemotherapy was 35 days with only weekends off. It was seven, consecutive weeks, five days at a time. And slowly, the side effects began to show. “They said it and the doctors told me, but I didn’t believe them,” Hilde said, smiling a little. “They said, ‘You’ll need this,’ and I said, ‘It’s not going to happen.’ But it happened to me.” They told her she was going through the worst radiation possible plus the chemo. The radiation was potent. According to her doctors, it was supposed to be the most effective – but came with the worst side effects. “Going through it is like going to hell and back,” she admitted. “And I still have trouble See BEXTEN Page 6

WCS offering Veteran’s Day program Nov. 11 NIKKI DAVIS Editor Woodbine Community School is gearing up for their annual Veteran’s Day celebration to be held at 10 a.m. Nov. 11 in the old high school gymnasium. The program includes WCS kindergarten through 12th grade students and is open to the public. The Veteran’s Day program will open with the American Legion presenting the Colors, followed by the National Anthem and the Pledge of Allegiance. This year’s speaker will feature 1997 Woodbine High School graduate Jason King. King joined the Iowa Army National Guard (based in Denison) in February of 1997. He was deployed to Kuwait in 2001 to support Operation Desert Spring. In 2003 he attended Officer Candidate School in Camp Dodge, being commissioned as a Second Lieutenant. Between 2004 and 2007, he participated in Rear Detachment Operations to support the 1-168th Infantry Battalion out of Council Bluffs and the 1133rd Infantry Battalion in Waterloo, as a training officer. By 2007, he was named a First Lieutenant and was deployed to Afghanistan as an Embedded Tactical Trainer, supporting and training the Afghan National Army. CPT King is now serving his country as a Rear Detachment Officer in Charge of the 1168th Infantry Battalion, supporting Task Force 168, managing the 10 garrisons belonging to the battalion and providing command guidance of the soldiers on the Rear Detachment while residing in Council Bluffs, with his 5-year-old daughter, Lileigh. Local veterans are also honored during the annual event, and WCS officials encourage area veterans to attend a lunch in their honor following the program. If planning on attending, the school asks veterans to contact Cindy Dickinson in the elementary See SCHOOL Page 6

SHORT HCHPH had ‘Fall’ into the Loess Hills

active 2009

Grassley meeting with Woodbine Kiwanis Club Senator Grassley will meet with the Kiwanis Club of Woodbine at 7 a.m. Nov. 9 at the Golden Age Center. The public is welcome to attend. Doughnuts and coffee will be served for a free will offering. Attendees are asked to bring a donation of canned goods for the Harrison County Food Pantry. Methodist Church chicken and biscuit dinner Nov. 3 The Woodbine United Methodist Church is hosting a chicken and biscuit dinner from 5-7 p.m. Nov. 3 at the church. Free will offering. Take out available, please call 647-2304. See SHORT TAKES Page 6

“Overall, the H1N1 response in Harrison County was a success.” ~ HCHPH Director Nicole Carritt MARY DARLING For The Twiner Dealing with the 2009 H1N1 flu outbreak was a hectic time for Harrison County Home and Public Health last year, director Nicole Carritt reported at the Sept. 23 Board of Supervisors meeting. The office coordinated all of the vaccine ordering, shipping, allocations and inventory for Harrison County, with a total of 3,800 doses of H1N1 received. The agency provided 2,136 of these doses to the public through mass public vaccination clinics with the remaining 1,664 doses distributed to the four Alegent Health clinics, Community Memorial Hospital and the Burgess Dunlap clinic. The See HCHPH Page 6

SWAIN REALTY Woodbine, Iowa

A fall drive in the Loess Hills brings out the natural beauty of the area. This photo taken at the Preparation Park scenic overlook shows the changing of the colors on display. The Preparation Canyon Unit of the Loess Hills State Forest, a total of 3,994 acres, is located north of the town of Pisgah. The overlook, constructed in 1997, provides visitors with a spectacular view of the forest and the Missouri River Bottomlands. Photo: Mary Darling MARY DARLING For The Twiner The fall season displays the Loess Hills in all its colorful splendor. The Loess Hills is unique as they were formed by strong winds causing silt to be left behind and accumulate into bluffs. In western Iowa, the bluffs are now covered by prairie and forest, with some areas privately owned and farmed. Located within the Loess Hills area you will find Preparation Canyon State Park, a

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344-acre site still relatively untouched. Picnic tables and a shelter provide a stopping place for hikers and family picnics. Camping is restricted to hike-in camping only at designated sites. The Loess Hills State Forest, in Harrison and Monona Counties, is comprised of four units with a total of 10,600 acres. • The Little Sioux Unit, 3,017 acres, can be found between the towns of Little Sioux and Pisgah; • The Preparation Canyon Unit, 3,216 See HILLS Page 6 Motivated Seller



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The Woodbine Twiner

November 3, 2010


“A newspaper is a circulating library with high blood pressure.” ~Arthur Baer


From the desk of the Superintendent Enrollment All school districts in the state of Iowa certified their enrollment on Oct. 1. The Woodbine CSD certified an enrollment of 438.4 students to the state which will be the budget figure for next year. State aid is based on student enrollment so the Oct. 1 headcount is important to the budgets of all Iowa school districts. Woodbine’s certified enrollment of 438.4 students is an increase of 7.2 students from last year. This is a positive sign for the school district as a majority of school districts across the state will have enrollment decreases this year. The largest classes this year are the freshmen and sophomores with 39 students in each class. We welcomed 31 kindergarten students and our senior class has 33 members. School District Voters pass PPEL Renewal Vote On Sept. 14, voters went to the polls and passed the Physical Plant and Equipment Levy renewal with 82 percent voting “yes” to the measure. This will allow the school district to continue with the levy that was passed in 2002. This funding can be used for improvement of facilities and grounds, technology purchases, school vehicles and other general repairs needed for the facility. The PPEL is funded through a combination of property and income taxes. For the 2010-11 school year, this funding source will generate $157,793. Thanks to all who voted and your continued support of the Woodbine schools. School Board Elections in Odd-Numbered Years Only The state of Iowa changed the school board election laws a few years ago which allows school board elections to take place every two years. The next election for the school board will be in September of 2011. Please join me in thanking all the members of the current board for their dedicated service to the school district. School board members are President Joanna Shaw, Vice President Amy Sherer, and Todd Heistand, Amber Nelson and Mike Staben. We appreciate their positive support and commitment to Woodbine Community Schools. Thanks! We want to thank everyone for helping us with a great start to the school year. It’s hard to believe the first quarter is already over. We have had great crowds at all the fall events and hope you plan to continue that support during the winter activities. One of the most positive aspects of small schools is the amount of participation a student can get involved with through the activity program and it is always nice to see the bleachers full of spectators at the events.

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Careful what you ask for


t wasn’t really intentional. Or maybe it was? I’m still debating with myself on that one. As soon as someone wins, I’ll let you know. I haven’t made it a secret that I was dissappointed when I found out I was having a little girl. I had dreams of a little boy. I’m not just talking about the fact that I wanted a little boy – I mean I was literally having dreams of a little boy. His name was Brayden Michael. However, I had my Eva instead. After finding out I was having a girl, I was convinced I was going to raise a tomboy. I didn’t want a girlie girl who was into dresses and jewelry. Nope. Not this girl. I wanted her to ride motorcycles, fish and hunt with her daddy, play football with the best of them and just generally be able to take a fall. I guess I should have been a little more careful when I asked for that. Anyone that has seen me with Princess Eva or listened to me talk about her will be able to tell you … she’s mine. She is one, big, mama’s girl. We play. In the mud puddles in the front yard. In the grass. We roll around in the leaves. We play with bugs – and really like fuzzy-wuzzy caterpillars. We like to pet the frogs in the yard and poke the dogs’ eyes. We pull the cat’s tail when he isn’t paying attention. And we go. Go. Go. Go. Go. If she falls, she’ll look back at you, and up she’ll go. Then away she’ll go. Princess Eva has already managed a gash on her eyebrow (probably should’ve taken her in for stitches on that one) and gotten a bloody lip. Neither my husband nor I were there for the eyebrow gash – but my mother told me, “She barely cried. The worst of it was getting the Band-Aid on it. She didn’t want to sit still!” (Well – there’s that and the fact the girl does NOT like Band-Aids. No doubt about it.) So when she falls down I carefully have to fight my urge to sprint to where she is and pick her up.


When she’s frustrated, I have to fight my urge to just go over there and do whatever it is for her. When she’s mad, I have to fight my urge to coddle her and bury her little, curly red head onto my shoulder. She makes these feats pretty easy. Because, even at 15 months, I can tell she’s a tomboy. She doesn’t want to snuggle. She doesn’t want to sit on my lap. She doesn’t want to be rocked to sleep. She doesn’t want to give hugs or kisses. Nope. Not mine. She wants to eat the crickets on the ground. Or, at the least, feed them to our dogs. She wants to pour milk on the dog to see what the dog will do. She wants to scale the toy shelves to see how high she can go. She wants to run as far as she can as fast as she can, then turn around to see if you’re keeping up. She wants to step on the frog then gets mad when it doesn’t jump. (Ummm, yes. That was gross.) She wants to color the side of the house with chalk. She wants to play ball with daddy. And I want her to sit on my lap so we can cuddle. I want to kiss her soft cheeks and play with her red curls. I want little baby kisses. I want hugs. I want her to follow me around the house. I want her to be lovey to our visitors. I want her to fall asleep next to me in bed so I can go tuck her in with a night-night kiss. I want her to be snuggly, cuddly and lovey. In short … I want a girl. Guess I should have been more careful what I asked for all those months ago.

The Indian summer awaits E O F or at least some parts of the county, we have now had our first killing frost or rather freeze. The National Weather Service describes frosts and freezes by different types, based on the minimum temperatures experienced. Plants have different abilities to survive cold, and, of course, the duration of a freezing event makes a difference. Here are some guidelines for west central Iowa average “firsts:” • First fall frost (36F min. temperature) – Sept. 24 • First fall freeze (32F min. temperature) – Oct. 4 • First fall hard freeze (28F temperature) – Oct. 11 This year in Harrison County, we are running almost exactly two weeks behind the normal. Climate normal values are based on a 30year average. Our first

36F temperatures occurred on Oct. 3 (33 degree low), and our first 32F morning was Oct. 17. And on Tuesday night, Oct. 28, we dropped below 28 degrees in some spots. Remember most climate markers are viewed as averages, and those averages are based on observations that include early and late events. At least this year, conditions in western Iowa have allowed for most crops to be harvested within the calendar year they grew. And on to Indian summer. Indian summer is a term that, at best, has a loose definition. To me, the best is, “Periods of relatively warm, clear and pleasant weather following the killing frost.” Although Indian summer has really little meaning, it correlates with some of the nicest weather of the year. Gone are most of the



RICHARD POPE Harrison County Extension Program Coordinator

bothersome insects and unpleasant mugginess of late summer, and here are the days to be out and comfortably do things in the yard and around the house to prepare for winter. Last week we gathered in an interesting late summer insect, perhaps extending her life an additional few weeks. The adult Chinese mantis is a 5-6 inch eating machine. Remember the movie “Jurassic Park?” This critter is an entomological T-Rex to all the crickets, beetles or even wasps that stray too close. Part of the Halloween-appropriate fun of watching her is her gruesome, yet fascinating, stalking and

pouncing on prey. She even invites the ubiquitous Asian lady beetles to lunch, of course, with them as the main course. Our mantis friend will live a little while with us, but eventually she will die this fall – the adults aren’t designed nor intended to live through the winter. Instead, she has, no doubt, left Styrofoamlike egg cases outside that will protect eggs over the winter and allow the offspring to emerge for a new generation next spring. For additional information, contact Rich Pope at the Harrison County Extension office at or 712-644-2105.

November 3, 2010


The Woodbine Twiner

Church OBITUARY FLOYD HEIN Funeral services for Floyd Hein were held at 10:30 a.m. Oct. 27 at Fouts Funeral Home in Woodbine. Elder Noel Sherer served as clergy. Recorded selections include “Sweet Hour of Prayer” and “Waltz Across Texas.” Pall bearers were Stan Ambrose, Dave Carlson, John Hein, Kenny Hein, Dewey Reis and Fred Pitt. Floyd Leroy Hein was born March 10, 1917, to Leroy and Bessie

(Baldwin) Hein in Dunlap. He died on Sat., Oct. 23, 2010, at the Rose Vista Nursing Home in Woodbine, at the age of 93 years, seven months and 13 days. He was raised in Dunlap and graduated from Dunlap High School in 1935. He then attended the University of Iowa to become a pharmacist; graduating in 1940. In 1942 Floyd returned to Dunlap to farm. Floyd married Twyla Barnum on Sept. 14, 1945, in Council Bluffs. The couple farmed until 1955 when they moved to

Greenfield to pursue Floyd’s career in pharmacy. In 1962 they returned to Dunlap to farm and Floyd worked part time for local pharmacies until the age of 62. Floyd continued to farm for many years later until his health declined. Floyd enjoyed traveling, fishing, dancing and poetry. He also enjoyed telling jokes and was an avid Iowa Hawkeye fan. Floyd was preceded in death by his parents and his brother, Lyle Hein. He is survived by his wife, Twyla Hein of

Dunlap; two daughters, Kristin and her husband George E. Ford of Lafayette, La., Irene and her husband Gene McGinn of Logan; four grandchildren; three great grandchildren; and many other relatives and friends. Final resting place was Greenwood Cemetery in rural Logan. Fouts Funeral Home in Woodbine was in charge of the arrangements. Fouts Funeral Home 501 Normal St. • Woodbine Ph: 712-647-2221

Local 4-H shows at Ak-Sar-Ben Livestock Expo Five Harrison County 4-H members participated in the 83rd annual AkSar-Ben Livestock Show held Sept. 21-26 at the Qwest Center in Omaha, Neb. Harrison County 4H members exhibited in

market beef, breeding beef and market broiler events. Holly Brock of Dunlap, a member of the Dunlap Knight Riders 4H Club, received a red ribbon in breeding beef.

Hilde Bexten Benefit

Hilde was diagnosed with Stage 4 Tongue Cancer

• 5:30- Free will spaghetti dinner • 6:45- Dessert and live auction (John Deere Tricycle, hockey tickets, garage door opener and more!!! • Raffle: 42” HDTV, gift baskets and more!!!

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Sat., Nov. 6 • 5:30 p.m. Shadow Valley Golf Course, Woodbine

Bailey Schaben of Dunlap had three entries in the breeding beef division and received three blue ribbons. Schaben is also a member of the Dunlap Knight Riders 4H Club. Faith Spencer, Woodbine, received a purple in the breeding beef division. She is a member of the Hawkeye Ramblers 4-H Club. Montana Winther of Woodbine, a member of


Saturday, Nov. 6

8:30 - 3:00 p.m. Rummage and Food Sale Coffee and Goodies at 8:30 Mincemeat, Rolls, Bread, Cookies, Cakes, Pies & more Logan Methodist Church Fellowship Hall 302 E. 8th St., Logan, IA

the Hawkeye Ramblers 4-H Club, received a blue ribbon in the market beef division. Also receiving a market beef blue ribbon was. Aaron Suhr, Dunlap Knight Riders 4-H Club member, received a purple ribbon in the market beef division. Showing market broilers this year at Ak-SarBen was Schaben, receiving two purple ribbons on her broiler pens.

Ornamental and turfgrass applicators course Nov. 10 Harrison County will offer the Ornamental and Turfgrass Applicators Continuing Instructional Course for commercial pesticide applicators Nov. 10. The program can be seen at locations across Iowa through the Iowa State University Extension Pest Management and the Environment program. The local attendance site is the Harrison County Extension Office, 304 E. Seventh St., Logan. Registration begins at 1 p.m., and the course runs from 1:30-4:30 p.m. The course runs the entire three hours. The registration fee is $35 on or before Nov. 3 and $45 after Nov. 3. To register or to obtain additional information about the CIC, contact the Harrison County Extension office by phoning 712-644-2105. The course will provide continuing instructional credit for commercial pesticide applicators certified in categories 2, 3O, 3T, 3OT and 10. Topics to be covered include laws and regulations; pesticide stewardship; preharvest and restricted entry intervals; safe handling, pesticide storage and personal protective equipment; bagworms and borers; bur oak blight; designing landscapes for low impacts; and new pesticides for turfgrasses. Additional information and registration forms for this and other courses being offered by the PME program can be accessed at

Woodbine School lunch Wed., Nov. 3: Hamburgers, French fries, green beans, peaches, peanut butter bar. Thurs., Nov. 4: Chicken strips, sweet potato, fries, fruit, broc-

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coli/cauliflower, sandwich. Fri., Nov. 5: Crispito with cheese, lettuce, fruit, cottage cheese, sandwiches. Mon., Nov. 8: Glazed chicken, rice, green

beans, fruit, sandwiches. Tues., Nov. 9: Pizza, lettuce, veggies/dip, fruit, sandwiches. Wed., Nov. 10: Barbecue pork, tri-tater, peas, carrots, fruit.

Community Memorial Hospital 631 N. 8th St. Missouri Valley, IA

FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Pastor Rev. J. Samuel Subramanian, Ph.D. 647-2304 647-2347 Sunday 8 a.m. - 9:00 a.m. Worship at 10:30 Tues., Thrift Shop 9 - 2, 5:30 7 p.m. Wed., 6 p.m. Prayer Group; 1 & 3 Thurs. 7 a.m. Weight Loss Group; 6:00 p.m. Tae Kwon Do. Ushers: The Vogel Family FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Disciples of Christ Pastor Bill Kanne 647-3078 647-2761 9:30 a.m. Sunday School, 10:45 a.m.Worship Service Worship leader: Rod Smith Elders:Roberta Smith & Cheryl Book Deacons: Jamie & Lynee Metzger, Leroy Burbridge, Brent & Michele Watkins. Deaconess:Kristi Pauley Song Leader: Rod Smith Greeters: Chuck & Melody Warner FIRST UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Pastor Steve Wiemeyer 46 Fifth St. Woodbine, IA Sun.: 10:30 a.m.,Worship. FOLLOWERS OF CHRIST 77 Fifth Street Woodbine, IA Church - 647-2006 Richard Tiffey, Jr. 644-3297 Sun., Early Worship 9:15

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Thee Woodbine Twiner Office Supply Headquarters Woodbine • 647-2821

Triplee C Roofing Commercial Roofing 800-234-5546 Woodbine • 647-2303

a.m. 9:30 Sunday School 10:30 Worship Service 6:30 class. Wed. 7:00 p.m. prayer service SACRED HEART PARISH CATHOLIC CHURCH Father Howard Fitzgerald 647-2931 643-5808 Masses: Saturday, 4 p.m. in Woodbine,Woodbine 2nd & 4th Sunday 8:30 a.m. Dunlap 1st, 3rd, 5th Sunday 8:30 a.m. Sacrament of Reconciliation: Saturdays: 3:15-3:45 p.m., or any time by request. COMMUNITY OF CHRIST Noel Sherer, Pastor 647-2014 647-2695 Wed.: Zion’s League. Sun.: 9:30 a.m., Sunday School; 10:15 a.m., worship; 10:30 a.m., worship. IMMANUEL LUTHERAN CHURCH Logan, IA Jerry Firby, Pastor 644-2384 642-2842 Sun: Worship; 9 a.m. Fellowship; 10 - 10:15 a.m., Sunday School 10:15 - 11:15 a.m. Adult Bible Study - 10:15 - 11 a.m. LIFELINE ASSEMBLY OF GOD CHURCH Pastor Ray Sorenson Assoc. Pastor Hank Gruver 1207 Harrison St., Dunlap, IA - 643-5475 Sun.: 9:30 a.m., Sunday School; 10:30 a.m., Morning Worship; Thurs.: 7 p.m., Intercessory Prayer. THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS

Harrison County Rural Electric Cooperative Serving the rural Woodbine Community

Woodbine • 647-2727

Farmers Trust & Savings Bank Woodbine • 647-3375 Earling • 747-2000 Member Harlan • 235-2000

Stephany - Coe “Insurance of all kinds since 1900”

Woodbine 647-2641

Logan, IA Vance Gardiner, Branch Pres. 644-3495 646-2310 Sun.: 10 a.m., Sacrament meeting; 11:15 a.m., Sunday School; 12:10 p.m., Priesthood and Relief Society. Wed.: 7:00 p.m., YM/YW Scouts ST. JOHN LUTHERAN CHURCH, E.L.C.A. Dunlap, IA Carla Johnsen, Pastor 643-5495 643-5575 9:15 a.m. Sunday School. 10:30 a.m.Worship Confirmation Sunday Worship 11:30 a.m. Fellowship Hour, BETHESDA LUTHERAN CHURCH, E.L.C.A. Moorhead, IA Carla Johnsen, Pastor 8:45 AM Rally, Sunday woirship and 3rd Gr. Bible Sun. 9:45 a.m. Fellowship/Coffee Time REMNANT CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS Missouri Valley, IA Ted Webb, Pastor Sun.: 9 a.m., Church School; 10 a.m.,Worship Service. THE BELIEVERS TRAINING CENTER Carmen Goodrich, Pastor 647-3233 647-2223 Wed.: 7:30 p.m., Bible Study and Youth. Sun.: 9:30 a.m., Worship; 7 p.m., Evening Service. MISSOURI VALLEY SUNRISE COMMUNITY Rev. David McGaffey Church of the Nazarene

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Eby’s Drug Store Three Generations of Pharmacists Woodbine • 647-2840

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2225 Hwy. 30, Missouri Valley, IA 712-642-3708 Sunday: 9:50-10:50 a.m. Sunday School; 10:50 a.m.noon, 6-7 p.m., Celebration Service. Wednesday: 7 p.m. - ?, Prayer Service. MOORHEAD CHRISTIAN CHURCH Pastor Ron Keith Sun., Worship 9 a.m., Coffee Hour 8 a.m. Sunday school 10:00 Elders: Darline Moorhead, Jerry Moore, Joyce Hinkel, Bev Andrews Deacons: Mary Cumming, Dave Nelson, Frank Archer, Joyce Harris Deaconess: Joyce Harris Greeters: Keith and Nancy Hinkel MONDAMIN BAPTIST CHURCH Pastor Harley Johnson Mondamin, IA Sunday school 9:30 a.m., Sunday Worship Service 10:30 a.m.; Sunday - Youth Group ‘Magnolia Fire Escape’ 7:30 p.m. at Magnolia Fire Hall Wednesday Family Nights 6:30 p.m. - 7:45 p.m. (during school year. FIRST UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Missouri Valley, IA Rev. Barbara Todd Sun.: 9:00 a.m.Adult Sunday School. 10:00 a.m., Worship; 11:15 a.m., Sunday School for all ages. Faithful Wednesday dinner 6:30 p.m.Youth 5:30-7:30.


NOVEMBER OUTPATIENT SPECIALTY CLINICS For Scheduling Appointments Call 712-642-9347

AUDIOLOGY Rhonda Ward, M.S., CCC-A......................Nov. 1, 15 & 29 CARDIAC Heart Consultants..........Every Wed. all day & Friday PM Cardio Vascular Services...............Mon. P.M. & Fri. P.M. CARDIAC/PULMONARY REHABILITATION Cindy Sproul, R.N.......Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday CARDIOVASCULAR NON-INVASIVE STUDIES..................................................Every Mon AM EAR, NOSE, THROAT Iris Moore, M.D.......................................Nov. 1, 15 & 29 GASTROENTEROLOGY John Ferry MD...........................................Nov. 9 & 23 GENERAL SURGERY Roalene J. Redland, M.D.......................Nov. 5, 12 & 19 Andrew Y. Reynolds, M.D....Every Thurs. A.M. and Wed. OB-GYN Jorge Sotolongo, M.D..........................................Nov. 10 ONCOLOGY Heartland Oncology & Hematology..........Every Thursday OPHTHALMOLOGY Michael Feilmeier, M.D........................................Nov. 16 ORTHOPEDICS Thomas Atteberry, M.D...............1st, 3rd, 5th Thurs A.M, 2nd & 4th Thurs. all day PODIATRY John Weremy, DPM......................................Nov. 11 Indergit Panesar, M.D....................................Nov. 4 & 18 UROLOGY Larry Siref, M.D.......................................Nov. 8, 22 & 29

Midwest Quality Water

MAMMOGRAPHY..............................Monday thru Friday

Woodbine 1-866-558 (PURE) 7873

MOBILE NUC MED...................................Nov. 1, 15 & 29 . PT/OT......................................Mon.-Fri........642-2179

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BEHAVIORAL HEALTH.............................642-2045 Judith Benson, Psych ARNP Nancy Cyr LISW, Rebecca Eilers, LISW

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SMALL CLAIMS • Merchants Credit Adjusters, Inc. vs Jay F. Mahoney, Logan • Phoenix Recovery Group Inc. vs Corey Mahoney, Honey Creek • Credit Management Services, Inc. vs Paul Aronson, Missouri Valley • James Kern vs Jason Conant, Amy Conant, Missouri Valley • Portfolio Recovery Asso., vs Amy Renee Rife, Logan • Agriland FS Inc. vs John Johnsen, Logan SPEEDING • Denice Arrowsmith, Missouri Valley • Kathryn Church, Logan • Mathew Powell, Missouri Valley • Kevin Grindle, Woodbine • Carly Clemons, Pisgah • Kelly Anderson, Moorhead • Brenda Kriley, Missouri Valley • Robert Deitering, Missouri Valley

VIOLATIONS • Jennifer Hinkel, Woodbine, failure to maintain control • Hugh Grimes, Missouri Valley, failure to maintain control • Nicole Hamilton, Dow City, financial liability coverage • Austin Quick, Woodbine, unsafe approach to certain stationary vehicle • Ryan McLaughlin, Missouri Valley, failure to comply with safety regulations/rules • Joshua Bogardus, Missouri Valley, operation without registration • Jeffrey Clark, Pisgah, failure to comply with safety regulations/rules • Aaron Pryor, Woodbine, fail to properly stop at railroad • Chad Henry, Shelby, excessive tow/bar length • James Woodard, Dunlap, operate without registration DISTRICT COURT • State of Iowa vs Brandon J. Wallis, pos-

session of marijuana. Nine days in jail, $315 fine that was suspended. Driver’s license revoked for 180 days. • State of Iowa vs Perry Allen Staley, possession of cocaine. Deferred judgment for one year. Civil penalty of $315. Ordered to undergo drug/alcohol evaluation. • State of Iowa vs Cynthia Reichart, arson in second degree. Ten years in prison and $1,000 fine. Fine suspended. Ordered to submit specimen for DNA profiling. • State of Iowa vs Alfred William Hale, Jr. Theft in third degree. Two years prison, $625 fine. Jail sentence and fine suspended. Placed on supervised probation for two years. • State of Iowa vs Cecily Grandmont, violation of probation. Ordered to reside at Women’s Residential Correctional Facility until maximum benefits are achieved.

Eagle Scout Court of Honor An Eagle Scout Court of Honor will take place at Nov. 6 at the United Methodist Church. Honorees include Chris Andersen, son of Jim and Lois

November 3, 2010

The Woodbine Twiner

Andersen, and Bill Jenkins, son of Jeff and Kathy Jenkins. More information will follow in later editions of The Twiner on the ceremony and the Scout’s projects.

By Sheriff Pat Sears Oct. 21 • Deputy Jensen is investigating a reported credit fraud case. The card was reported stolen after it was found to have been used to purchase items on line. Oct. 22 • Deputy Killpack is investigating an illegal dumping of roofing materials on Kelsey Avenue. Oct. 23 • Deputy Klutts responded to Modale to check on a suspicious vehicle behind the CStore. The vehicle was located and the driver was told to move on. • Deputy Klutts checked on a reported suspicious vehicle off Nixon Avenue. The area was checked but the vehicle had left. • Deputy Klutts and Deputy Clemens responded to Pisgah for a reported bar fight. John Garces of Pisgah was arrested and transported to jail. Garces was charged with display of dangerous weapon. Garces was later transported to the Missouri Valley Hospital for treatment and then returned to jail. David Smith of Pisgah was cited for simple assault and released. Oct. 24 • Deputy Clemens and Deputy Klutts responded to a reported

domestic situation on 315th Street. No assault had occurred but a male subject was found to be intoxicated and was yelling obscenities at family members. No charges were filed. • Deputy Clemens is investigating the theft of a lady’s wallet from her purse. The lady was in a bar in Pisgah when the wallet was found to be missing. • Deputy Doiel is investigating a burglary on 280th Street. • Deputy Doiel responded to a residence on Loomis Avenue after a report was received that a vehicle was being stolen. The owner had scared off the suspect who was last seen running into a wooded area. The area was searched but the suspect was not located. • Deputy Doiel is investigating the theft of a boat and trailer from a lot at Remington’s Landing. Oct. 25 • Deputy Doiel transported a subject from Mercy Hospital to court in Logan. The subject was released. • Deputy Doiel arrested Douglas Pryor of Council Bluffs on a contempt of court arrest warrant. Pryor was transported to jail. • Sheriff Sears assisted a subject from out of

state with a child custody dispute. • Deputy Doiel checked on a parking complaint in Mondamin. The subject was advised of the complaint and will move their car. Oct. 26 • Deputy Knickman is investigating a reported suspicious vehicle on 260th Street. The area will be patrolled. Oct. 27 • Deputy Cohrs transported an emergency committal from the Missouri Valley Hospital to Mercy Hospital. • Deputy Doiel responded to a residential alarm on Lima Trail. An open door was found but nothing was found to be out of place. The owners will check the property. • Deputy Klutts transported Jennifer Hall from the Pottawattamie County Jail to Harrison County on an outstanding arrest warrant. • Deputy Klutts assisted with an ongoing custody dispute. The subject was advised to seek legal counsel. • To report crimestopper information, call 1800-247-0592. • To report littering: 1888-665-4887. Any criminal charge is merely an accusation and the defendant is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty.

Woodbine’s Tae Kwon Do tournament Oct. 23 The fifth annual Woodbine Martial Arts Tae Kwon Do Tournament was held Oct. 23 at Woodbine High School, beginning at 10 a.m. The format was double elimination with light controlled contact. Winners of the event included: • Male Adult Intermediate: First, Travis Melby, Moorhead; Second, Kert Barnum, Woodbine; Third, Ryan McArtor, Logan; Fourth, Richard Mether, Moorhead. • Female Adult Intermediate: First, Becca Melby, Moorhead; Second, Amanda Barnum, Woodbine, Third, Rebekah Mether, Moorhead; Fourth, Elizabeth Mether, Moorhead; Fifth, Pat Cook, Logan. • Male Advanced Adult: First, Tom Cox, Omaha; Second, Glenn Beall, Logan; Third, Jason Curtis, Omaha; Fourth, Christopher Peterson, Harlan.

• Female Advanced Adult: First, Rachael Henry, Omaha; Second, Shelly Kuhlman, Woodbine; Third, Laura Holly, Logan/Samantha Sanjurjo, Omaha. • Male Advanced Junior: First, Sean Cox, Omaha; Second, Cory Sanjurjo, Omaha; Third, Blake Barnum, Woodbine; Fourth, Dylan Peterson, Omaha. • Age 11-13 Intermediate: First, Elizabeth Wiener, Logan; Second, Daniel Willis, Woodbine; Third, Trent Willis, Woodbine; Fourth, Connor Morris, Logan. • Age 9-12 Advanced: First, Brendan Sieck, Logan; Second, Joseph McHugh, Woodbine; Third, Jonathan Mether, Moorehead; Fourth, Christian Leonard, Logan. • Age 8-10 Advanced (1): First, Hope Sherer, Woodbine; Second, Colby Andersen, Woodbine; Third, Clay Kuhlman, Woodbine;

Fourth, Hunter Shanks, Woodbine. • Age 8-11 Intermediate: First, David Hendricks, Omaha; Second, Matt Sajurjo, Omaha; Third, Josh Peterson, Omaha; Fourth, Maxim Dolezal, Omaha, Evan Simonson, Omaha. • Age 7-9 Advanced/Intermediate: First, Keirstin Harkleroad; Second, Paige Lease, Logan; Third, Jacob Fiddelke, Logan; Fourth, Hudson Barnum, Woodbine; Fifth, Whitney Kuhlman, Woodbine. • Age 7-9 Intermediate: First, Kalob Reinert, Omaha; Second, Conrad Schafer, Woodbine; Third, Cami Schafer, Woodbine; Fourth, Zoe Fiddelke, Logan; Fifth, Carter Ross, Logan. • Age 7-8 Beginner: First, Hannah Mether, Moorehead; Second, Kody Hatcher, Woodbine; Third, Maren Evans, Mondamin;

Pictured here are Ryder Harkleroad of Logan, left, and Derek Sherer of Woodbine during the annual Woodbine Tae Kwon Do Tournament Oct. 23. Photo: Submitted Fourth, Hayley Johnston, Persia; Fifth, Kaleb Diggins, Mondamin. • Age 5-7 Advanced/Beginner : First, Dalton Frink, Logan; Second, Jerda

Simonson, Omaha; Third, Cole Reinert, Omaha; Fourth, Joshua Newton, Woodbine; Fifth, Sage Evans, Mondamin. • Age 5-7 Beginner:

First, Sinsear Zephier, Logan; Second, Mckinzie Dumbaugh, Dunlap; Third, Ryder Harkleroan, Logan; Fourth, Joslyn Sanjurjo, Omaha; Fifth, Derek Sherer, Woodbine.

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118 W. 7th St. Logan, IA 51546 Ph: 712-644-2281 “See us for all your ‘Car Care’ needs” Fast. Accurate. Guaranteed, Auto Repairs

THE HOFFMAN AGENCY For all your Insurance Needs • Home • Auto • Commercial • Farm

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Contact Mark Brasel or Craig Malone THE HOFFMAN AGENCY 617 Iowa Ave.-Dunlap-712-643-5322

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Printers, cell phones, monitors, TVs, etc. Have old PCs or laptops in the closet? Don’t pay to dispose, bring them to CTI and Recycle (FOR FREE)


The Woodbine Twiner

November 3, 2010

Web site and benefit account established for Iowa football player A beneficiary account has been established for Iowa football player Christopher Norton. Norton was seriously injured at a Luther Football game on Oct. 16. During the game, Norton suffered a broken neck and initially was given a three percent chance to move again. Currently Norton is in care at the Mayo Clinic, in Rochester, Minn. The Christopher Norton Benefit Account provides an opportunity for family and friends to purchase $5 bracelets to honor Norton, as well as provide additional donations for those interested. All donations for the benefit account will help Chris with the overwhelming medical expenses related to the injury. For more information or to donate, log on to or donations can be mailed by check to: Christopher Norton Benefit Account, 502 Eighth, S.W. St., Box 309, Altoona, IA 50009.

Sports Middle School Lenz at State Championship

It’s been a while since the weather has decided to cooperate with Iowa’s State Cross Country Meet, but Oct. 30 did, allowing Woodbine’s lone runner, Ethan Lenz, near perfect weather to run the course in Fort Dodge. “I don’t remember too many beautiful days like that at the State Meet,” head coach Rod Smith said. Lenz tallied a 65th place finish with a time of 18:18 out of 128 runners from across the state. Probably not his best performance, Smith said, but an honor. “I think he was a little disappointed in his performance,” Smith said. “But being there alone – and with the quality of runners – he did pretty well. Ethan has accomplished

much in his career as a runner.” Smith pointed out his fourth place finish at State last year as part of a dominating cross country team and the fact he medaled at every meet this year, aside from the Atlantic and State meets. “And he was the only boy from Harrison County to qualify for State,” Smith said. “And one of only four boys from our conference to qualify for State.” It took more than luck for Lenz to make it that far. “His hard work has gotten him to this level, and, hopefully, the younger runners will realize that and follow his work ethic. His leadership will be missed next year,” Smith said. Ethan Lenz was the sole Woodbine competitor and lone Harrison County competitor to qualify for the State Cross Country meet Oct. 30. Lenz was one of only four in the district to qualify for the prestigious meet. He is pictured here on Sept. 28 at the Denison meet. Photo: Bill Maaske

Christmas Antique Walk

Megan Maaske was Woodbine Junior High’s only runner traveling to Saydel to compete in the Washburn Classic – the Middle Schools’ Championships – on Oct. 16. Out of 45 runners, Maaske finished 13th in class 1A, eighth grade girls, with a time of 15:19, bringing home a medal for the Woodbine Junior High. Out of the combined 1A/2A runners, she finished 23rd of 100. Photo: Submitted Megan Maaske heads for the finish line in Saydel at the StateW i d e Junior H i g h C r o s s Country Meet on Oct. 16. Photo: Submitted

Walnut, Iowa • “Iowa’s Antique City”

Always Thanksgiving Weekend Nov. 26 & 27 • Music • Food & Gifts • Wine Tasting • Additional Antique Vendors Come and enjoy an old fashioned Christmas!

I-80 exit 46 • Walnut, Iowa • 712-784-2100

Karaoke Nov. 6

9:00 p.m. - ??????

CORN PALACE 417 Walker



Alegent Health Community Memorial Hospital Now Offers Digital Mammography To Their Patients

OPEN HOUSE Saturday, November 13 • 9 a.m. - 11 a.m. • Tours of the newly remodeled Radiology Department and new Digital Mammography Suite • Get your questions answered • Refreshments

Emily Elvers, Jessica Lehan, Jim Pruden, Katie Erlbacher, Deb Landon

631 North 8th Street Missouri Valley, Iowa



November 3, 2010

The Woodbine Twiner

Hilde Bexten Benefit slated for Nov. 6 From BEXTEN Page 1 from that.” But Hilde refused to let the cancer beat her, fighting it with all she had. “I knew someday it will be gone. Just beginning in October, I was feeling like I was coming alive again. That’s when I knew I was healing. I had all kinds of ideas from the stuff that they tell you. I always chose to go back to positive thinking and my faith.” She had family, friends and church surrounding her, and supporting her, helping push her back to that positive thinking. “I give glory to God for all I’ve gone through in a manner that was not devastating to me,” she said. “I was not fearful of death. I was not depressed. I would have to battle those thoughts, but my church family has been so supportive. That’s where my

strength is. My victory is. There’s a lot of hope.” Her friend Sherrie Erlbacher was always there to catch her. And Sherrie’s daughter, Jessika, was there to help with the daycare. That was just about as hard on her as the cancer treatments. Not seeing “her kids.” “I miss the kids terribly and the parents,” Hilde said, a sad smile on her face. “I’m glad these guys were able to run the day care for me. They stayed the rest of the summer and did all of the work and I’d lay on the couch and just hold the babies.” But Hilde refused to see only shades of gray, simply stating the simple things that she has brought through the devastation and pain with her. “You see despair and pain and I don’t think you’ve ever seen that in me,” she said. “But I’ve

met so many people – even at the hospital – that are so caring. They’re so loving and kind. And I’m thinking, if I never was in this I would have never met all these wonderful people. Awesome, wonderful people.” It was those people, the people that appeared during and after the trying treatments, that still leave Hilde in awe. “It was physically and emotional harder after the treatment than during,” she admitted. “I just wanted to die.” Her heart broke as she told the age old joke of husbands always wanting their wives to be quiet or stop talking. All her husband wanted was to hear her voice, as there were months where she couldn’t talk. “It was heart wrenching seeing people being hurt and injured by what you are going through,” she said. “But giving up

and letting go would hurt them more. So I keep going. Then people I don’t know write me cards. Someone tells someone else or someone comes to the door with food. This community has really been so kind to me. Reaching out to me and some of the people I don’t really know. I’ve been overwhelmed by the cards and flowers and what they’ve done for me. It’s so hard to receive.” Things are looking up for Hilde, though. After the intense treatments and continued therapies, she was told by Dr. Lydiatt she was ahead of her recovery schedule. By almost three months. In her own words, the news was, “Awesome.” And though it’s hard for her to receive, Hilde will soon find herself on the receiving end once more on Nov. 6. The Hilde Bexten Benefit will include din-

ner and an auction Nov. 6 at Shadow Valley Golf Course, Woodbine. A free-will spaghetti dinner will begin at 5:30 p.m. and be followed by a dessert auction following at 6:45 p.m. A live auction will follow the desserts and raffle items will be given away all evening. Raffle items include gift certificates and smaller items, and some auction items include a John Deere tricycle, a garage door and opener, hockey tickets, themed gift baskets and more. A Samson, 42 inch, plasma, high definition TV will be raffled off with tickets costing $10 for one chance or $25 for three. Tickets are currently available. Event organizers are still seeking more items for the auction which may be dropped off at the Harrison County REC or the Hair Zone in Woodbine. Farmers Trust and

Savings Bank in Woodbine has an account set up for monetary donations and may be reached at 647-3375. Co-organizers, Sherrie Erlbacher, 6473375, and Rebecca Blum, 592-0548, are willing to pick up items or answer questions. And Hilde already has goals for after the benefit – aside from beating the cancer. They are goals she believes the community has already helped her achieve. “I’m going back to daycare. I have parents waiting for my services. I might be closed for the rest of the year, but maybe I need to relax and allow this to happen,” Hilde said. “But when a tragedy hits a small community like this, people get involved. They really care. And that’s where I feel overwhelmed. I’ve met all these wonderful people.”

Time to ‘Fall’ into the Loess Hills WCS Veteran’s

Day program

The colors of the Loess Hills State Forest continue to change as the seasons prepare to change from fall to winter. The Loess Hills offer a variety of sight seeting and hiking opportunites. Photo: Mary Darling From HILLS Page 1 acres, is located north of Pisgah. It includes a small lake and an overlook of the scenic area. • The Pisgah Unit, 2,549 acres, is located east of Pisgah. This is where you will find the Loess Hills State Forest headquarters and visitor center, located two blocks west of State Highway 183 at 206 Polk St. For current hours at the visitors’ center call 712-456-2924. At the visitor center you will find a variety of interesting facts about the state forest, artwork from the Fragile Giants display, a hills diorama, a topographic display, a soil discovery display, tree identification wheel, a wildlife tracks display, forest management information, physical features of the hills, a bobcat dis-

play and a video about the Loess Hills. • The Mondamin Unit, 1,096 acres, is east of Mondamin, three miles on Highway 127. The forest is open to hunting except for areas within 200 yards of residences and the headquarters area. It is also a great place to hike, nature study and, in the winter, for cross-country skiing. The Loess Hills State Forest is managed by the Iowa Department of Natural Resources with area forester Brent Olson responsible for the administration and management of the area. Olson said the reasons bringing people out to the area vary widely. “Some have heard of the overlook in Preparation Park and want to go there. Some

want to go on the hiking trails and are coming out to learn more about the hills themselves and how they were formed,” Olson said. There are a couple designated hiking trails at the present time and they are working at adding some more, Olson said. “I had 30 through just yesterday and there were 60 over the weekend and that is just from 1 to 4 p.m.,” Olson sad. “In the last five years there has been an increase in motorcycle clubs coming out riding the scenic byways.” As far as where visitors are coming from, Olson said, “All over.” “I’ve had some from Delaware, Washington, Arizona, Texas, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska and Iowa,” he

said. “A couple of the guys from Michigan have been coming out for about the past 15 years. They got stuck one year and our guys helped them out and they have been coming back ever since. They just fell in love with the area.” He had a lady from eastern Iowa tell him she finally made the trip to see what all the “hubbub” was about. She started down south in Sidney and was working her way to Sioux City. Backpacking has really increased, too, Olson said. With about 100 so far taking advantage of the area. For more information and driving directions you can call the visitor center at 712-456-2924 or go to stry/loesshills.html.

HCHPH had active 2009 From HCHPH Page 1 state received a little more than 1.2 million doses for allocation to public health agencies. According to Carritt, the county began its response to the event early in 2009 with members of Harrison County Home and Public Health systems in Harrison County and Harrison County E m e r g e n c y Management monitoring events nationally, statewide and locally. “As local H1N1 activity began to increase, planning meetings were held to coordinate Harrison County’s response,” Carritt said. “The response to H1N1 was agency-wide and required cooperation from all staff to assist

with public meetings, staffing clinics or keeping the office open while the majority of the staff were manning mass public clinics. Overall, the H1N1 response in Harrison County was a success.” The department is gearing up again for flu season with 1,200 doses available for adults and 500 for children. Carritt told the board the Home Health program is the largest program in her department at the present time. In fiscal year 2010 the department completed 2,851 home care aide visits for a total of 2,691.75 hours. “A home health nurse is available 24 hours per day/seven days a week to meet the needs of the

current clientele and to accept referrals for new clients’.” Carritt said. There are currently 24 different programs run out of the Harrison County Public Health office including: home health skilled nursing services; family planning; maternal health; community education and outreach; blood pressure screenings; emergency planning and preparedness; Learning for Life; Bright Beginnings; child and adult immunizations; influenza immunizations; lead poisoning prevention; child passenger safety; tobacco prevention and control; child health; Hawk-I and hair follicle drug testing among others. Carritt said they are

presently working on a community health needs assessment for the county. According to Carritt after the needs are identified in the county, the next step is creating a health improvement plan. “This is where we determine what goals and activities we will focus on as a county to combat some of our identified health priorities,” Carritt said. “We will hold this stakeholder meeting later. The plan that is developed will look to addressing the health priorities over the next five years, all the while making adjustments as the programs or services change over that time period.”

From SCHOOL Page 1 school office as 647-2440 and supply their name, branch of service, rank, names of relatives currently enrolled at WCS and whether they plan on attending lunch. Veterans are asked to arrive at 9:45 a.m. to check in and be seated prior to the start of the program. Family members of current or former Woodbine residents currently deployed overseas will also be honored. Currently, Jon Shaffer, Gary Duysen, Nathan Johnson, Rob Shafer, Robert Neligh, Allen Rieb, Andrew Cohrs, Josh Malone, Matt Lowther, Mike Sutton, Meghan Hardy, Bryan Jablonski and Kyle Outhouse are serving their country. Jablonski is currently in Iraq and Outhouse is in England, scheduled to leave soon for Qatar. Shaffer, Duysen, Johsnson, Shafer, Neligh, Rieb, Cohrs, Malone, Lowther, Sutton and Hardy are slated to leave for Afghanistan soon. In order to honor the veterans and those currently enlisted and their families, Mary Jane Foutch and Woodmen of the World will be supplying each a two feet by three feet gift boxed American flag. During the program, each branch’s anthem will be sung and the veterans in their respective branches will be asked to stand. A video tribute to veterans, entitled, “Thank You Soldiers,” will be displayed while the student body sings songs that accompany the video. The program will conclude with Taps and the Retiring of the Colors. The public is invited and encouraged to attend the event and honor their local veterans. Contact Cindy Dickinson at 647-2440 with questions.

SHORT TAKES From SHORT TAKES Page 1 Red Hats to meet Red Hats will meet at noon Nov. 15 at Rose Court. Reservations needed by Nov. 10 by calling Mary Lou Brammer at 647-2229 or Vivian Ohl, 647-3404. Community Conversation How are we doing? Bring your ideas and opinions. Main Street Iowa will facilitate a Community Conversation for Woodbine Main Street! Where do we go from here? What do you think we should tackle next? Improvements? Ideas? Goal setting? Community needs? At 6 p.m. Nov. 9 at the Golden Age Center. Fun, interactive meeting where all voices will be heard. WCS Veteran’s Day program VETERANS: The Woodbine Community School will host a Veteran’s Day Program Nov. 11 in the old high school gym. The program begins at 10 a.m. followed by lunch for the veterans. If you plan to attend, please call the school at 647-2440 and provide your name, branch of service, rank and names of current students attending WCS that are your relatives (if applicable) and if you plan on attending lunch. All veterans and the public are invited to attend. P.E.O. to meet Nov. 8 P.E.O. Chapter FB will meet at 7 p.m. Nov. 8 at the home of Sandy Barry. The program will be given by Kim Thompson. Annual 4-H meeting Nov. 14 The Harrison County 4-H Annual Meeting will be held on Nov.14 at the Lo-Ma Community School. A family potluck begins at 5:30 p.m. Families should bring a dish to share. Drinks and table service will be furnished. The 4-H Annual Meeting will follow at 6:15 p.m. Recognition for the 2009-2010 program year and installations for the coming year will take place.

November 3, 2010


The Woodbine Twiner

Community Woodbine Post Office announces holiday military mailing dates Ensuring care packages arrive in time for the holiday season is a priority for friends and family members of military personnel serving around the world. To help get packages on their way, the U.S. Postal Service offers a discount on its largest Priority Mail Flat Rate box. The recommended mailing date for the most economical postage to overseas military destinations, including Iraq and Afghanistan, is Nov. 12. Mail sent to overseas military addresses is charged only domestic mail prices. The domestic mail price for the Priority Mail Large Flat Rate is

$14.50, but for packages to APO/FPO addresses overseas the price is reduced to $12.50. Additional discounts are available for customers printing their Priority Mail postage labels online at Click-N-Ship at Environmentally friendly Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes are available at no cost at any post office, or can be ordered online at Postage, labels and customs forms can be printed online anytime using Click-N-Ship. The Postal Service continues to show support to those serving in the armed forces by offering

free Military Care Kits, designed specifically for military families sending packages overseas. The mailing kits can be ordered by phone by calling 800-610-8734 and asking for the Military Care Kit. Each kit includes two “America Supports You” large Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes, four mediumsized Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes, six Priority Mail labels, one roll of Priority Mail tape and six customs forms with envelopes. For online ordering of the large Priority Mail APO/FPO Flat Rate boxes featuring the “America Supports You” logo and information

about mailing letters and packages to military destinations, go to Mail addressed to military Post Offices overseas is subject to certain conditions or restrictions regarding content, preparation and handling. APO/FPO addresses generally require customs forms. “Shipping holiday

packages early helps ensure that they arrive in time for the holidays,” Woodbine Postmaster Mike Murphy said. “They are a great morale boost for those men and women serving their country in places far from home.” To ensure delivery of holiday cards and packages by Dec. 25 to military APO/FPO addresses

overseas, the Postal Service recommends mail for service members be sent no later than the mailing dates listed in the chart. The Postal Service receives no tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sale of postage, products and services to fund its operations.

HCDC receives 2010 Road portions closed at DeSoto DeSoto National conditions permit, DeSoto Annual permits, includ- Fish and Wildlife Service Best of Logan award Wildlife Refuge has tem- Lake will be open to ice ing the $15 DeSoto Refuge is working with others to Harrison County D e v e l o p m e n t Corporation has been selected for the 2010 Best of Logan Award in the Management Consulting Services category by the U.S. Commerce Association. The USCA “Best of Local Business” award program recognizes outstanding local businesses throughout the country. Each year, the USCA identifies companies they believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and community. Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2010 USCA Award Program

porarily closed a portion fishing on Jan. 2 through Pass, can be obtained at conserve, protect and of the refuge roads to pub- the end of February and the visitor center. enhance fish, wildlife, lic use during the fall and all public use roads will DeSoto National plants and their habitats spring waterfowl migra- be reopened. If you have Wildlife Refuge is located for the continuing benefit tion season. This includes questions, please call the 25 miles north of Omaha, of the American people. the south entrance gate, as DeSoto National Wildlife Neb. on U.S. Highway 30, We are both a leader and well as the south and east- Refuge at 712-642-4121. between Missouri Valley trusted partner in fish and side of the loop road. The An entrance permit is and Blair, Neb. The visitor wildlife conservation, road closure will be in required for all vehicles. center is open from 9 a.m. known for our scientific effect from Oct. 15 The daily entrance fee for to 4:30 p.m. daily, except excellence, stewardship of through April 14. The private vehicles is $3. federal holidays. For more lands and natural purpose is to reduce Permits may be obtained information contact 712- resources, dedicated propotential disturbance to at the pay stations near 642-4121 or look us up on fessionals and commitwaterfowl that use the entrances or at the the Web at http://mid- ment to public service. focuses on quality, not DeSoto Lake and refuge Visitor Center. The charge or For more information on quantity. Winners are wetlands as a stopover for commercial vans and email the refuge at deso- our work and the people determined based on the area during the fall and buses is $20, or $30 if 21 or who make it happen, visit information gathered spring migrations. If ice more people are aboard. The mission of the U.S. both internally by the USCA and data provided by third parties. Executive Director of the HCDC is Renea Anderson. Board of Iowa has yet to see influenza during the holidays and before the through age 18 who have no health directors includes: activity this year, however it is onset of the peak flu season in insurance coverage, have insurance President Dr. Jack being seen in some of our neighbor- Iowa. coverage that does not cover Gochenour; vice-presi- ing states; meaning it is only a matInfluenza is immunizations, are American dent Jason Sherer; secre- ter of time. If you haven’t received spread from perIndian or Alaska Native or are tary/treasurer Paul your flu shot this year, now is a son-to-person by enrolled in Medicaid are able to Wilderdyke; Robert great time to protect yourself and coughing or sneezing. receive the flu vaccine with out Smith; Sue Cogdill; Joy others. Symptoms usually consist of charge through the Vaccine Carson; and Kenny Harrison County Home & fever, head and body aches, for Children Program. Olsen. Public Health urges you to get your fatigue, cough and sore throat and Please call our

It’s not too late for flu shots

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flu shot before the holiday season to make sure you aren’t spreading or receiving more than just joy between your friends and family. It takes 10-14 days for a flu shot to be fully effective on your immune system, so getting one sooner, rather than later, will help protect yourself and your family

can last from seven days to some symptoms lasting longer than two weeks. Harrison County Home & Public Health is offering flu vaccine through their office for $25 per dose; if you are enrolled in Medicare please bring your Medicare card with you. Children

office at 7126 4 4 2220 for community clinic dates and times or to schedule an appointment in our office.

To place an order please call

Lori Dickinson at 647-3341 or Gary’s Ag at 647-2823. Delivering 8 a.m. to 10 a.m.

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Golden Age Center meal menu Wed. Nov. 3: Chicken dressing casserole with poultry gravy, spinach, orange juice cup, whole wheat roll/margarine, diced peaches. Thurs., Nov. 4: Meaty chili with kidney beans, over baked potato, sour

salad/dressing, Oroweat fiber bread/margarine, banana. Wed., Nov. 10: Deluxe hamburger, leaf lettuce and tomato, Oroweat sandwich thins, scalloped potatoes, vegetable pasta salad, cubed cantaloupe.

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Mon., Nov. 8: Sweet and sour chicken breast, over white rice, Japanese vegetables, orange juice cup, fortune cookies, apricot halves. Tues., Nov. 9: Macaroni and cheese, Oregon blend vegetables, spinach side


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cream/margarine, corn bread muffin/margarine, cubed honeydew melon. Fri., Nov. 5: Grilled chicken patty, Oroweat sandwich thins, leaf lettuce/ tomatoes, ranch whip potatoes, cowboy caviar, cake brownie.

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The Woodbine Twiner

November 3, 2010


Looking back into past issues of ‘The Twiner’ 1950 – 60 Years Ago Ray Zastrow, who has been a member of the firm of A. J. Coe & Co. Insurance Agency for the past two years, has been called back to active duty in the United States Navy at Great Lakes, Ill. Mr. Zastrow will be succeeded to the insurance firm by Howard Stephany. The new firm will be known as the Stephany & Coe Insurance Agency. This change became effective on Oct. 1, and Mr. Stephany will move from his present Siebels Department Store Co. position on Oct. 15. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Milks and two children of Arlington, Va. are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Benjamin, Mrs. Benjamin, son Bob and daughter Nora and Mr. and Mrs. Milks and children spent Monday evening with Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Benjamin in Woodbine. The ElDeen Club met Tuesday afternoon, October 3rd, at the home of Mrs. H. N. Anderson. Eleven members being present. The program was in charge of Mrs. Harold Deupree, who read an article entitled, “They Make Rain.” To close the enjoyable afternoon, lunch was served by the hostess. Highest honors won by Harrison County 4-H members was received by Geneva Swift of the Hawkeye Ramblers Club. Geneva exhibited a purple award Guernsey heifer and a blue award Guernsey heifer in the 1950 AkSar-Ben Livestock show. In the baby beef show Verne Finken, Logan Trooper 4-H member and Denny Stephany, Hawkeye Rambler member of Woodbine, both showed their angus county champions, and won blue ribbons. Red awards went to Geneva Swift, Lloyd Swift, Verne Finken and Terry Watts. White award to Shirley Loy, Dunlap. The beeves sold at auction on Friday and brought an average of 32 ½¢ per pound for the Harrison County girls and boys. Miss LaMoyne Messenger, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Messenger, has been accepted as a pledge to the Kappa Zeta Chi social sorority at Morningside College, Sioux City, Iowa. Last Saturday, October 31, Lois Boone and Shirley Powley, stu-

1950 1990 dents on the French horn, were selected to play in the all state high school band, to be held at Des Moines, November 25. The vocalists going from Woodbine to sing in the all-state chorus are Helen Rollos, Marlys Poe, Pat Rock and Bill Hutchinson. Something different is in store for the patrons and friends of the Woodbine community for the night of November 14. School will be dismissed at noon on that date and classes will be held in the evening from 7:00 until 9:00. This will enable all patrons and friends to visit the various classes. A special invitation to fathers is given. 1960 – 50 Years Ago The public is invited to the presentation of “The Happy Scarecrow” on Friday, November 11 at 7:30 p.m. in the high school auditorium. The operetta will be presented by grades kindergarten through third and the cast is as follows: Scarecrow, David McElwain; Dolly, Valorie Lowrey; Fairy, Peggy Meyer; Molly, Elaine Johnson; Farmer Grump, Terry Sorey; Mrs. Farmer, Judy Grady; Farmers, third grade boys; Flowers, third grade girls: Crows, second grade; Scarecrows, first grade; rhythm band and sons, kindergarten. Can You Imagine? Mr. Hummel as a Democrat? Mrs. Boustead with long, blonde hair? Mrs. Mether with Mr. Hummel’s voice? Wayne Nelson as a “loudmouth”? Bill Custer with laryngitis? Barbara Johnson without “that Jone’s boy”? The halls being quiet

when students are passing to and from classes? Mr. Ruby in Bermudas and knee socks? Judy Blackman going to basketball practice without receiving some sprain, bruise, or such? Mark Smith unpopular with the girls? Mary Ann Robinson without her “green” hair. Wally Welander without his “toad”? WHS without teachers for a day? Mr. Roed dressed in overalls? The eight members of the Woodbine Rescue Unit squad have finished their advanced course in Red Cross first aid training, under the instruction of Harlan Hansen. Members of the Rescue Unit Squad are Bill Harris, Fred Points, Doris Sauvain, Ray Sauvain, squad captain Ed Poe, Jim Hickey, Dorothy Poe and Elwin Vest. There were 14 2-row corn pickers in the fields at the Frank Davis home Tuesday morning to pick his corn. Mr. Davis is recuperating from a recent operation. The following men and women helped with the work: Earl Kelley, Bob Heistand, Orville Wright, Robert Powley, Stanley Powly, Kenneth Austin, Lloyd Leonard, Donald Clark, John Powley, Elmer Ellison, Leslie Barry, Guy Clark, Freeman Vandemark, Ralph Casperson, Virgil Mahan, Dewey Cleveland, Bud Beening, Jim Carmichael, Newt McKinney, Jim Alvis, L. L. Deupreee, Harold Watkins, Wm. Adams, Kenneth Alvis, Wm. H. Gerratt, Harold Brown, Lawrence Heistand, Bill Mullenix, LaVerne Gerratt, Don Cleveland, Tom Cox, Charles Adams, Donald Burress, Dow Woodard, Willard

Burress, John Stroeher, Floyd Alvis, Adison Myer, Lawrence Shaffer, Lloyd DeForest, James P. Davis, Rev. Gouchnour, Harvey Nicholson, James Fouts, Glenn Robinson, Tom Kelley, Arnold Park, Don Pitt, Harold Collins, Wm. Collins and two hired men, Don Kelley, Hazel Cooney, Mary Alvis, Hazel Lee, Ida Royer, Carrie Burress, Luella Kelley, Bernice Pitt, Wilma Park, Janice Kelley, Edna Benning, Kate Powley, Ethel Powley, Evelyn Adams, Eldred Brown and Dorothy Myer. 1970 – 40 Years Ago Mrs. Wm. Mullenix entertained at a birthday party on Saturday, afternoon, October 24, in honor of her son Mike, who was 5 on October 25. Those in attendance were Jennifer Smith, Gail Hummel, Lois Guyett, David, Rylene and Rhonda Barry, Penny Hawkins, Julie O’Banion, and Kerry Mullenix, also several mothers. Newly elected members to the National Honor Society were announced this week. Those elected to membership included seniors Jan Reardon, Fred Ehlert and Tim Black, and juniors Vicki O’Banion, Patricia Hein, Roberta Kenkel, Debbie Maaske, Roy Skarin and Tony M o n t a g . Congratulations. The Woodbine Tigers placed three players on the 1970 Boyer Valley All-Conference football first team, three on the second team and had three named to honorable mention. First team choices were Greg Green, offensive end; Gale Johnsen, defensive lineman, and Rick Waite,

LEGALS SPECIAL MEETING OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES WOODBINE MUNICIPAL LIGHT & POWER OCTOBER 25, 2010 The Woodbine Municipal Light & Power Board of Trustees met in special session October 25, 2010 at 12:00 noon in the conference room. Present were board chairman Donald Kenkel, board trustee Duane Mann, board trustee Chuck Warner and superintendent Chris Waite. Board secretary Theresa Corrin was absent. Motion by Warner, seconded by Mann with all in favor to approve the agenda. The base salary of Electric and Water Superintendent was dis-

cussed and a motion was made by Mann, seconded by Warner to approve a $10,000.00 increase in the base salary of this position from $47,000.00 to $57,000.00. Said increase to take place in two increments starting with a $5,000.00 increase November 1, 2010 with the second increase to take place July 1, 2011. All were in favor. There being no further business, a motion was made by Warner and seconded by Mann with all in favor to adjourn at 12:12 p.m. Donald Kenkel, Chairman ATTEST Theresa Corrin, Secretary 45-1


(SMALL ESTATE) Probate No. 14223 IN THE DISTRICT COURT IN AND FOR HARRISON COUNTY, IOWA BY THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF NORMA JEAN HEISTAND, Deceased. To All Persons Interested in the Estate of Norma Jean Heistand, Deceased, who died on or about September 2, 2010. You are hereby notified that on the 19 day of October, 2010, the undersigned was appointed administrator of the estate. Notice is hereby given that all persons indebted to the estate are requested to make immediate payment to the undersigned, and creditors having claims against the estate shall file them with the clerk

of the above named district court, as provided by law, duly authenticated, for allowance, and unless so filed by the later to occur four months from the second publication of this notice or one month from the date of the mailing of this notice (unless otherwise allowed or paid) a claim is thereafter forever barred. Dated this 19th day October, 2010. Diane White, Administrator of the Estate Address: 214 Third Street Neola, IA 51559 Scott J. Rogers of Peters Law Firm PC Attorney for Executor Date of second publication 10 day of November, 2010. 45-2

defensive halfback. On the second team were Rick Waite, offensive halfback; Dennis Book, offensive tackle; and Dennis Book, defensive lineman. Honorable mention went to Dave Alvis end; Kevin Kenkel, guard; and Bob Golden, back. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Donn and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Watkins and family of Ankeny were guest of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Watkins and Christine near Dunlap Sunday. A special guest of honor was John David Watkins, who had recently returned from Spain where he had been on an Air Force tour. Neighbors and friends of the Donald Lowrey family gathered at their farm home on Wednesday and Thursday of last week, bringing picker-shellers and other equipment necessary to harvest the Lowrey’s corn crop. Men assisting in various ways included Russell and Robert Bolton, Ernie Renz, Loren Renz, Myron Renz, Don Talbott, Murlyn Ronk, Melvin Ronk, Lawrence Shaffer, Ray Lyman, Bill Probasco, Orville Hicks, Gene Probasco, George Lowrey, Bob Probasco, Jack Lowrey, Howard Lightwine, Virgil Johnson, Glen Ronk, Elwain Ronk, Ray Kline and son, Leonard Walker, Lester Walker, Gerald Speake and Kenneth Leytham. Preparing and serving the dinner were Mesdames Ray Lyman, Murlyn Ronk, Elwain Ronk, Howard Lightwine and Don Talbot. Food was also furnished by several other ladies. 1980 – 30 Years Ago The Woodbine Mill was built in the spring and summer of 1855. Known as the Butler Grist Mill, it was owned by Lorenzo D. Butler. Mrs. Ann Butler named the town of Woodbine when it was platted in 1866. Francis Harper, Jr. explained that, “My great grandmother, Mary Ann McKenzie, an immigrant from England, went to work for the Butlers at the age of 16, in 1860. “According to the family

records, the grist mill had associated with it a saw mill and also a woolen mill. “The mill was located nearly straight east of the present pump house of Woodbine. It was burned on November 11, 1918, by some who were celebrating the end of World War 1.” A number of additional vocalists from the county joined those who previously have been in rehearsal for an upcoming presentation of the Messiah in Woodbine. Handel’s great composition will be heard on December 28 in the Woodbine RLDS Church. Accompanists will be Margaret Cotton, Roseanne Mitchell, Loie McElwain, Mary Kay Eby and Mike Cotton. Accompaniment will be by both piano and organ. Soloists have been chosen for the performance. They include: Tenors, Bill White and Max Poe; Bass, Gary Ehlert; Altos, Margaret Heistand, Rita Scichilone, Jane Weis, Lisa Hansen, Lou Waite; Sopranos, Barb Dasenbrock, Vicky Davison and Bev Dietering. 1990 – 20 Years Ago Seven county 4-H leaders were honored at the annual meeting Sunday. They were Rozanne King, 15 years with the Lucky Clovers; Durelle Zacharias, 5 years with the Persia Satellites; Dee Colwell, 5 years with the Lucky Stars; Lucy Kinney, 5 years with the Merry Makers and Pam Gochenour, 5 years with the Lucky Clovers and Art Rieber and Randy Zacharias, both 5 years with the Persia Satellites. Four piano students of Loie McElwain will play in the District Iowa Music Teachers Audition, Saturday, December 1, at Lewis Central High School in Council Bluffs. Participating in Level A will be Hilary and Graham Harper, children of Mr. and Mrs. Marc Harper. Cam Botos will perform in Level D. She is the daughter of Marilyn Gardner. Lauren Seaman will play in level E. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Seaman. Each pianist performs three solos by memory, plays a keyboard proficiency test and takes a written theory test. Nine students were inducted into the Woodbine Chapter of the National Honor Society on Monday, November 19. The ideals of the National Honor Society include scholarship, service, leadership and character. The new members are: Scott Mohn, Jodi Sullivan, Joe Dolan, Lauren Seaman, Michelle Surber, Heather Wiese, Jeff Grimsley, Chris Haner and Sally Bantam.

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Save and share your photos today! Picture This, Photo & Music Preservation Lyn Moores, owner • 712-592-1627

November 3, 2010


The Woodbine Twiner

Classifieds LOST & FOUND Dana FOUND: Mixed, smaller breed dog, possibly a puppy, found by the Dairy Sweet on Oct. 30. Found with collar. Brown and white. Please call 6472446 and leave a message, including description to claim.

HELP WANTED HELP WANTED: Dietary Aide. Performs food prep, service and daily cleaning for meals served to residents and at other special events. Part time with varied shifts during week and every other weekend. Westmont Care Center, 314 South Elm, Logan, IA 51546. Apply in person, mail original copy of resume or fax to Cecil 712644-3509 or Call 712-644-2922 or email EOE HELP WANTED: Hospital Equipment, service representative. Service of equipment, some overnight, long hours, heavy lifting. Mechanical aptitude important, people skills mandatory. Farm or military experience a plus. Fax resume to 866744-6679. HELP

F. Cole & Company, LLP, one of the oldest and largest professional accounting firms in the state, is seeking a full time Accountant in our Chadron office. Accounting degree and experience preferred. This position involves working on income, payroll and sales tax returns and with financial statements. Must be proficient in Excel and experience with Quick Books a plus. We offer competitive salaries, limited travel, medical and disability insurance, a 401 (k) and Section 125 plan. Send resume to: Dana F. Cole & Company, LLP, 244 E. Third, PO Box 648, Chadron, NE 69337 or Equal Opportunity Employer.

For Rent FOR RENT: House, 2 bedroom, 2 bath, 1260 sq. ft., 1 car detached garage, w i t h 2005/washer/dryer. $600 per month. Deposit and Reference Required, no pets. Call Mindy @ 712-592-1127. FOR RENT: In Logan, 2 bedroom apt., references, deposit required. Call 642-2007 or 712-4202252.


NOTICE Gas leaks, Day: 647-2550 Evening & wkends 647-2345

FOR RENT: 2 bedroom, upstairs apt. at 404 N. 4th Ave., Logan. Very nice. All new 4 years ago. For details call Gene at 712-374-2781. If no

FOR RENT: Apartment, Logan, 2 bed ground floor, utilties included, heat and cooling, water, electric, mowing, and snow removal, off street parking, no pets $550 per month, call 402-639-6106.

NOTICE NOTICE: Iowa Permit to Carry Class Nov. 15th in Council Bluffs $50. For more info, email Class meets requirements of new “shall issue” Iowa law. Conducted by OWL

FOR SALE FOR SALE: High Efficiency Classic Outdoor wood furnace from Central Boiler, dual fuel ready models and 25 year warranty available. Call RDC Truck Repair Inc. Today 712-647-2407. FOR SALE: 5 bdrm, 3 bth house 2 car detached garage, fenced yd for rent near pool in Logan, IA $1,350 mth. Available Dec. 1 206310-8474 OWL

Card of Thanks CARD OF THANKS: The family of Jim Hanks would like to express our sincere appreciation for the kind expressions of sympathy shown to our family after the passing of our husband, father, grand-

father and greatgrandfather. Special thanks to Pastor Ray Smith for his words of comfort, H e n n e s s ey - A m a n Funeral Home for their fine service and the Little Sioux American Legion Auxiliary for serving the lunch at Neely Hall. CARD OF THANKS: Thank you for the thoughts, prayers, cards, flowers and food during our time of sorrow. Special thanks to Fire Department and Hospice and the Rose Vista Staff. Thanks to the Christian Church Ladies and Pastor Bill and to Fouts Funeral Home. Arlene Barnum, Jan and Carl Behm, Eddie Barnum Jr. and Patti, Cathy and Rich Cline, Terry and Sharon Barnum, Jim and Deb DeLozier, Mark Barnum, Lyle and Tribly Shepard and grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Statewides BUSINESS FOR SALE!! Established for 3 years. Will Train. Nets 100K. Can operate from anywhere. $4400 down. Call Jerry 1-800-4188250 (INCN) ENTERTAINMENT AND EVENTS Iowa’s Largest Arts & Crafts Show: November 19-21, Varied Industries Building, Iowa State Fairgrounds, Des Moines, Iowa Fri. 5-9,

Part Time RN or LPN

Now Accepting Applications For: 1 bedroom apartment at Boyer View Apts., Logan, IA. Quiet complex, stove & refrigerator furnished. Rent based on income. 62 years or older or persons with disabilities of any age. Call 1-712-647-2113 or 1-800-762-7209. Boyer View is an equal opportunity provider and employer. 110 W. Pine Pisgah, IA 420 E. Erie Missouri Valley, IA 712-642-4099 712-642-4199 fax Lary Clark, Broker/Owner Rod Foutch, Associate Broker/ Auctioneer Byron Menke, Associate Broker/Auctioneer Jennifer Neill, Sales Associate Sue Maiwald, Sales Associate Chris Johnson, Sales Associate

anaswer call 417334-8736.


$45,000 Coming January 2011! Odd Fellows Building ALL NEW! Apartments for Lease: 6 Apartments - 2 bedrooms, 2 baths 1 Work/ Live Studio - $300.00 All appliances, including Washer & Dryer. Refinished Wood floors with 12 ft. Ceilings Attached Garage Space Available. Call NOW to see floor layouts! Ranging from $550.00 - $600.00 per month

• Evening shift (3-11:30 p.m.) • Fast paced work environment • Excellent shift differential • Wage based on experience • Apply in person Longview Home 1010 Longview Rd Missouri Valley, IA 51555 EOE RD’s or RN’s No Weekends - No Holidays If you like working with women, infants and children you’ll love this job. WCCA seeks an RN or Registered Dietitian to provide education to WIC Clients in SW IA. 40 hrs./wk Red Oak or Harlan-based position. Benefits include IPERS. Ad closes noon, 11/12. Mail, fax or e-mail letter of application with salary requirements to: Dennis Lawson West Central Community Action Box 709 Harlan, IA 51537 Fax: 712/755/3235 E-mail: Website: EOE


Call Mindy at 712-592-1127 Or E-mail

HELP WANTEDSALES Don’t find a sales job, find a sales career. Sales industry leader is looking for quality individuals to join its sales force. We provide training, a training completion bonus, comprehensive benefits and leads for your local market. For more information contact John Montagne @ 319-830-4066 or Ray Galindo @ 319-3302435 EOE M/F/D/V (INCN) Don’t find a sales job, find a sales career. Combined Insurance is looking for quality individuals to join its sales force. We provide training, a training completion bonus, comprehensive benefits and leads for your local market. For more information contact Cristy Travis @ 816550-8487 EOE M/F/D/V (INCN ***Home for the Holidays*** OTR Drivers APU Equipped Pre-Pass EZ-pass Every 60k mile raises. 2007 and newer equipment. Passenger/Pet Policy 100% NO touch. 1-800-5287825 (INCN) Drivers/Owner Operators/Lease Purchase: Run The Midwest, Off Each

Weekend, Paid Fuel, 3 5 3 2 ; Drop And Hook, Dry w w w. p s s j m s . c o m Van, Miles and (INCN) Money. 1-800-434-

Home Health RN Wel-Home Health Logan is seeking compassionate, reliable, and experienced RNs to provide skilled Home Care. Requires Home Health experience, current RN license, CPR cert., driver’s license in good standing, reliable transportation. Able to develop rapport and good communication with patient & family. Skills required include decision making, critical thinking, coordination, assessment and documentation. Part-time position avaiiable. Come work in the satisfying and rewarding field of home health nursing. WEL-Home Health Logan 314 South Elm, Logan, IA 51546 Apply in person, mail original copy of resume or fax to Stacy 712-644-3907 or call 712-644-3529 or e-mail EOE

FARM EQUIPMENT AUCTION Sat., November 13, 2010 11 a.m. Estimated Selling Time is one Hour Sale Location: 1632 Spokane, Ave., Woodbine, IA Directions: 3 miles NE of (John Deere Store) Woodbine, IA, watch for sale signs on U.S. Hwy 30. Auctioneers Note: Please be prompt at 11 a.m., estimated selling time is only 1 hour Combines: IH 1460 w/JD 643 corn head & adaptor plate, sold separate; IH 1440 combine (parts only); IH 820 13’ platform. Tractors: IH 1086 Cab, air, duals, wts; IH 1066 w/cab & duals; Farmall F-20 (salvage) Trucks: Ford F600 farm truck w/16’ box & hoist. Equipment: Westendorf WL42 loader (IH mts).; JD 7000 6-row planter w/coulters; Kewanee 20’ 1020 disc w/harrow; JD 230 20’ disc; 3 gravity flow wagons, small truck auger w/gas motor; Alloway 50’ auger; Koyker Super 85C 52’ auger; small boat trailer, sweep auger; implement tires; several ton of old iron & salvage vehicles; Pulan 300 riding mower(parts) Shop Tools: Miller 225 welder; large end wrenches; Lincoln power grease gun (new); battery chargers; tractor chains; Craftsman sockets & tools; Sanborn portable air comp.; 24v impact; grinders & drills; floor jack; Lincoln welder; small torch; alum. jack, chain saw, air tanks.


Randy Pryor Broker & Auctioneer Cell: (712) 644-7610 Office: (712) 647-2741 428 Walker St., • Woodbine, IA 51579


273 acres, Sections 1 & 3, Little Sioux Twp., Harrison Co. Thursday, November 4, 2010 • 11am Sale Site: Mondamin Community Building Farm Location: 3 miles SW of Little Sioux or 4 miles N of Mondamin. • TRACT 1: 78.46 acres Cropland: 75.4 acres. Corn Base: 38 acres. Corn Yield: 157 bushels. Soybean Base: 35.5 acres. Soybean Yield: 47 bushels. CSR: 71.4. Possession: 3-1-11 • TRACT 2: 195.08 acres Cropland: 109.4 acres. Corn Base: 49.1 acres. Corn Yield: 157 bushels. Soybean Base: 45.8 acres. Soybean Yield: 47 bushels. CSR: 53.4. Possession: 3-1-11

SHERRI K. COFFELT TRUST 161.25 acres, Sections 10 & 15, Magnolia Twp., Harrison Co. Sale Site: Shadow Valley Golf Course, Woodbine , IA Farm Location: 6 miles West of Woodbine Cropland: 134.3 acres. Corn Base: 64.4 acres. Corn Yield: 152 bushels. Soybean Base: 64.9 acres. Soybean Yield: 44 bushels. CSR: 51.3. Possession: 3-1-11

HELEN EHLERT 367.31 acres, Sections 13 & 14, Magnolia Twp., Harrison Co. Saturday, November 13, 2010 • 11am Sale Site: Dunlap Livestock Auction Farm Location: 4 miles West of Woodbine Cropland: 290.8 acres. Corn Base: 186.5 acres. Corn Yield: 95 bushels. CSR: 44.6 Possession: 3-1-11

301 Lincolnway-Woodbine Beautiful 2 story home w/contemporary flair. 3-4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 2 car garage............................$99,900 909 Park St. - Woodbine, 2 Bdrm, 1 car garage, Many

Updates! Neat as a pin...........................................$56,900 55-6th St. 2 bedroom ranch, attached garage. 3 season room, finished basement, main floor laundry.................................$118,500 904 Normal Street: Updated! Open floor plan! CALL TODAY.................................................. .. $91,500

508 Ely - Woodbine -Three bedroom, 2 bath home,....$89,000 205 Weare St., Woodbine 3 Bd, 1 Ba..............................$65,000

6 Office Space for Lease Including: Shared Conference Room Kitchenette, Lobby Area $200.00 per month

Sat. 9-5, Sun. 10-4 Adm. just $6. Free Parking Over 300 talented Exhibitors. A Fantastic Shopping Event. (INCN)

7.3 ACRES - Easton Trail & Rawlins Ave.,................$125,000

LAND FOR SALE: 20 Acres, 7.7 crop acre, ..................$86,000 LOT FOR SALE: 60’x180’ Normal St...., ..................$16,000

Marilyn Boustead, Broker/C.G.A. 712-647-2442 or 1-800-789-3330 Lauren Roden, Sales 712-310-1860 Ashley Burbridge, Sales 712-592-1305

510 Walker St.- Woodbine

Schaben Real Estate, LLC, is proud to offer these fine Western Iowa farms at Public Auction Are You Considering... the sale of farmland, residential, commercial or personal items? Please give us a call for a free confidential assessment of your property. If you would like to be included on our extensive mailing list, please call or email our office. For complete details on these or any of our upcoming auctions, please visit our website Also, please look for our private listings of residential and commerical properties.

Schaben Real Estate, LLC Jay Schaben, Jim Schaben, Alan Fara

Check out our new website

Susie Sohm, Ron Steinhoff, Justin Schaben


701 Hwy 30 W, Dunlap, Iowa 51529 • 712-643-5761


The Woodbine Twiner

November 3, 2010

Halloween Trick-or-treat on Woodbine’s streets

Woodbine Twiner 11-3-2010  

Remember to move your clock back one hour. Roger Barry, Asso. Broker 647-2323 Leroy Burbridge, Asso.Broker 592-0085 Cindy Pryor 647-2741 Bil...

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