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BAGWORMS Bagworms have become our most common landscape insect over the past few years. These unsightly bugs hang down from the branches of your evergreens, especially Junipers and Arborvitaes. Struyk Turf can control bagworms with our tree and shrub insect control. The optimal time to spray is the last 2 weeks of June and the first week of July.

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MIMOSA WEBWORMS Mimosa Webworms lie in honey locusts and cause extensive damage to growth at the end of the branches leaving an unsightly web.

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FALL WEBWORMS Fall Webworms spin their webs in many of your deciduous trees such as Walnut and Maple trees. Our tree spraying will also control biting, piercing and sucking insects with Struyk Turf’s control spray.

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JAPANESE BEETLES Japanese Beetles were first noticed in Southwest Iowa in 2008 and have become a major problem because they can storm a tree, bush or flower and completely defoliate it in a couple of days. This is only a rescue treatment. Control is gained through soil injected insect control.

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