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408 Main Street Mineola, IA 51554 (712) 526-2078

Things to Share Combo Platter pick any 4 items to create your own combo platter 9.99 Garlic Mushrooms the mineola difference... whole button breaded mushrooms served with ranch dressing 5.99

Cauliflower lightly breaded, white cauliflower florets deepfried and served with ranch dressing 5.99

Onion Rings lots of tears go into our homemade, sweet onion rings... lightly breaded and deep-fried to a golden brown 6.99 Spinach dip a creamy spinach dip served with toasted french bread and veggies 7.99 Poppers breaded cream cheese filled jalapeno peppers served with salsa 5.99 Chicken Gizzards always a small town favorite... breaded chicken gizzards deep-fried golden brown 4.99 Chicken Livers breaded chicken livers deep-fried golden crisp... you won’t stop at one 4.99 Cheeseballs 100% Wisconsin cheddar cheese curds, breaded and deep-fried, served with ranch dressing 6.99 Chicken Strips strips of chicken coated in a peppered breading and served with BBQ sauce or ranch dressing 5.99 Hot Wings get yourself a beverage... you will need it to put out the fire of our spicy breaded or naked chicken wings. Served with ranch dressing. Make them Hot or BBQ 8.99 Jalapeno Munchers full flavored cheddar cheese and spicy diced jalapeno in a crispy potato breading 5.99 Mexi Fries crispy crinkle cut fries topped with seasoned beef, nacho cheese, lettuce, sour cream and shredded cheese, sided with salsa 4.99 Super Nachos nacho chips topped with seasoned beef or chicken, nacho cheese, lettuce, sour cream and shredded cheddar cheese, sided with salsa 6.99 Basket of Fries a basket of America’s favorite finger choice! 2.99

Soup & Salad Soup and Salad Bar fresh, crisp lettuce greens, a wide selection of prepared salads and homemade soup one trip (entire salad bar) 3.99 all-you-can-eat 5.99 Side Salad take one trip to the lettuce side of our salad bar 2.99

Soup ask your server what our kitchen has prepared today cup 1.50 bowl 2.50


half pound of fresh ground beef patties served with lettuce, onion, pickle slices and your choice of potato or a cup of soup Double Cheeseburger Hamburger loosen your belt buckle our burger is hand pattied for this one... over a full and grilled to perfection 4.99 pound of beef topped Add American cheese .50 with American cheese on Add bacon .50 a grilled bun 7.99 Atomic Burger this will set your mouth on fire! our grilled burger served with jalapenos and American cheese 5.99

Mushroom Swiss Burger grilled beef burger with melted Swiss and sauteed mushrooms 5.99

BBQ, Bacon & Cheese grilled beef burger topped with American cheese, bacon slices and bbq sauce 5.99


served with your potato choice. Try our mineola browns with your chicken selection for .99 add salad bar for 2.00 Gizzards or Livers breaded gizzards or livers 7.99 or try a half order of each 8.99 Fried Chicken plump chicken deep-fried golden 2pcs 6.99 4pcs 9.99 (all white or dark 1.00)

Chicken Strips all white meat strips coated in a peppered breading and fried 6.99 Chicken Breast eight ounce butterflied chicken breast grilled plain, lemon peppered, honey glazed or cajun style, served with rice pilaf 9.99

Chicken Fried Chicken crispy breaded fillet smothered with country gravy served with mashed potatoes and vegetables 9.99


served with your choice of potato or cup of soup Reuben corned beef topped with sauerkraut, Thousand Island dressing and melted Swiss Cheese served on Rye bread 5.99 Turkey Reuben (Rachel) turkey topped with sauerkraut, Thousand Island dressing and melted Swiss Cheese served on Rye bread 5.99 Double Decker BLT a classic served up twice as nice 4.99 Triple Decker Club turkey, ham, bacon, mayo, American and Swiss cheese, tomato on toasted white bread. 5.99

Pork Tenderloin tenderized pork loin, grilled or breaded then deep-fried, with lettuce and onion 5.99 Chicken Club eight ounce grilled chicken breast topped with bacon, mayo, American and Swiss cheese served on a bun 6.99 Ham & Cheese hot sliced ham, American and Swiss cheese on grilled white bread 4.29 Grilled Cheese this is truly a tradition... two slices of melted American cheese on grilled with bread 3.99

Fish two breaded, flaky cod fillets topped with American cheese, served on grilled hoagie 5.99 Slick’s Tenderloin start with our hand cut, tenderized center cut pork loin, then breaded and deep-friend, topped with bacon, sauteed onions and american cheese, served on a grilled bun 6.99 Turkey and Swiss thin sliced turkey piled high and topped with Swiss cheese served on a hoagie bun 5.99


served with your potato choice. Try our mineola browns with your seafood selection for .99 add salad bar for 2.00 Shrimp Tilapia jumbo gulf shrimp, firm white fish, lightly butterflied and lightly seasoned and covered with a breaded then deep-fried, lemon butter sauce, served served with cocktail sauce with rice 10.99 and lemon 12.99 Fish & Chips Catfish delicious beer battered a breaded whole catfish flaky cod fillets served with homemade chips 7.99 deep-fried golden served with tartar sauce and lemon 11.99

House SpeciaLties Served with your potato choice. Try our mineola browns with your meal for .99 Add salad bar for 2.00

Pork Chops two center cut boneless pork chops seasoned and grilled to perfection 11.99 BBQ Ribs a rack of baby back ribs basted with bbq sauce Half 11.99 Full 20.99

Liver and Onions tender beef liver with grilled onions 9.99 Chicken Fried Steak a hand breaded steak cutlet, smothered in country gravy served with mashed potatoes 9.99

Prime Rib (Friday and Saturday evenings only) hand seasoned and then slow roasted, served with au jus. sm 13.99 med 15.99 Lg 19.99 mineola king 24.99 Prime Rib Sandwich 7.99


Served with your potato choice. Try our mineola browns with your steak for .99 add salad bar for 2.00 Blackened steaks available upon request. Add grilled onions or mushrooms for .99 Add shrimp for 3.99

Tobey Jack’s Special U.S.D.A choice, hand cut top sirloin grilled to your liking 8oz 11.99 10oz 13.99 Filet Mignon the most tender of all steaks...our hand cut, six ounce filet is bacon wrapped then grilled 14.99

Ribeye fourteen ounce choice hand cut steak grilled to perfection 16.99 New York Strip the pride of the midwest... this twelve ounce choice cut strip is grilled to your liking 15.99

Mexican Fiesta only on Thursday

Tacos our beef filled tacos, your choice of either soft flour tortilla or hard corn shell tortilla 1.50 Six Tacos and a pitcher of pop 13.50 Six Tacos and a pitcher of beer 15.00 Six Tacos and a pitcher of Margaritas 18.00 Enchilada Plate two beef or chicken enchiladas smothered in sauce served with refried beans and Mexi rice 7.99 Margaritas 3.00


every evening except for Thursday

Build Your Own Creation 12�cheese pizza 7.29 all meat 9.99 supreme 10.99 all veggie 9.99

each additional topping .99 available toppings: hamburger - italian sausage - pepperoni - onions - green peppers - mushrooms extra cheese

Kids Please 10 and under only... served with smiley fries or french fries mineola steakhouse where kids are king!!! Includes drink 3.99 2 Fried Chicken Legs 2 Mini Hamburger or Cheeseburgers Chicken Strips

Beverages Fresh Brewed Iced Tea (free refills) 1.50 Fresh Brewed Coffee (free refills) 1.25 Fountain Pop (free refills) 1.50 pepsi, dt. pepsi, sierra mist, dr. pepper, mtn. dew, dt. mtn. dew, root beer Lemonade (free refills) 1.50 White, Strawberry or Chocolate Milk small .75 large 1.25 Hot Tea 1.29 Hot Chocolate (seasonal) 1.29

Tobey Jack's Menu  

Tobey Jack's Mineola Steak House Menu