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CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION | Friday, April 23, 2010

2009 Crawford County Child Abuse Statistics

HyVee in Denison promoted the Purple Hands Pledge by having the pledge’s logo printed on grocery bags. Pictured above, from left, are Karin Leveke, counselor from Broadway Elementary; HyVee Store Director Jason Sheridan; and Tracy Beeck, counselor from Denison Elementary. Students at Denison Elementary and Broadway Elementary schools daily recite the Purple Hands Pledge, which states, “I will not use my hands or my words for hurting myself or others.” Photo by Bruce A. Binning

Purple Hands grocery bags promote awareness about child abuse prevention Spreading the message of violence prevention and character building is one of the primary objectives of the Character Committee at Denison and Broadway Elementary Schools. Last spring, during a brainstorm session, committee members explored the idea of having the Purple Hands logo printed

on plastic bags used at grocery stores. They were excited when staff from HyVee in Denison thought they could make it work. Ann Kelly is the founder of the Hands are not for Hurting Project established in Salem, Oregon. She developed the logo shown on the bags. Steve and Lisa

Mahlberg started the process last year with HyVee. HyVee Store Director Jason Sheridan was instrumental in coordinating the logo and the final printing process with HyVee. A total of 360,000 plastic bags were printed with the Purple Hands logo. It was decided that pro-

moting the bags during the month of March and April supported the Purple Hands education in March at the elementary schools and National Child Abuse Prevention in April. The bags have added another level of awareness and support in choosing a violence-free way of life.

The following 2009 child abuse statistics for Crawford County were provided by the Department of Human Services. Š 67 children were abused. Of these, 31 were ages 0 through 5 and 36 were ages 6 through 17. Of those children, some were found to be victims of more than one type of abuse. Š 93 referrals were accepted for child abuse assessment (these could each involve more than one child). Of those, 43 assessment were confirmed or founded for a 46.2% confirmation rate. The state average rate for confirmed or founded was 34.3%. The higher confirmation rate could be indicative of good cooperation from mandatory reporters and the general community, as well as the skill and experience of the Child Protective Workers serving Crawford County. Š Crawford County did not have any founded assessments for manufacturing methamphetamine in 2009. Š Crawford County had 4 founded cases of Presence of Illegal Drugs in a Child’s Body. The county ranked 47th in the state in that abuse category (the higher the ranking the better). Š Crawford County had 4 founded cases of sexual abuse, ranking 61st in the state. Š The county had 3 founded cases of co-habiting with a registered sex offender, ranking 20th in the state. Š Crawford County had 22 founded cases of physical abuse, ranking 11th in the state. There was a spike in the number of physical abuse cases in 2009, more than doubling from last year. Š The county had 67 founded cases of Denial of Critical Care, ranking 58th in the state. This is the category that includes supervision, including caring for children while under the influence of drugs, shelter, food, clothing, medical care, and mental health care. About 43% of the assessments founded for Denial of Critical Care involved illegal drug use, alcohol abuse or prescription drug abuse. This rate is similar to last year. Substance abuse remains a concern. The ranking is based on average rate per 1,000 child population in the county, not on total numbers. Crawford County was close to average in Presence of Illegal Drugs, Sexual Abuse and Denial of Critical Care, but above average in Co-habiting with a Registered Sex Offender and Physical Abuse, although the numbers are so small on Co-Habiting, it only takes one case to make a big difference in ranking. Based on 2009 data, a suggestion from Mary Jo Rehm, Social Work Supervisor, Carroll County, is some education on alternatives to physical discipline.

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CRAWFORD COUNTY CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION COUNCIL! “PROTECTING CHILDREN IS EVERYONE’S BUSINESS!” Members of the Crawford County Child Abuse Prevention Council, are pictured above, clockwise from left: Glen Barngrover, Juvenile Court Officer; Patty Ritchie, Domestic Sexual Assault Counselor; John Sondag, West Iowa Community Mental Health Director; Retta Mitchell, Daycare & Preschool Home Consultant; Jolene McDonald, Head Start Program Operation / Training Coordinator; Annette Koster, Empowerment Coordinator; Mark Segebart, Crawford County Supervisor; Mike Pardun, Denison Community School Superintendent; Laura Beeck, Crawford County Home Health, Hospice & Public Health Administrator; and Sonja Cambridge, DHS Liaison.

Crawford County cares about kids and we hope this information piece helps educate and inform people on the prevention of child abuse and neglect!

Simple ways to help prevent child abuse include: • Be a nurturing parent/adult in children’s lives • Get to know your neighbors • Get involved in a local school • Be an active community member • Learn how your community supports children & families • If you see a child being abused in public, do what you can to help!



APRIL 23, 2010

Crawford/Carroll County Domestic Sexual Assault Outreach Center makes children’s lives safer

Family STEPS helps parents provides a healthy start to child’s life Family STEPS (Support To Experience Parenting Success) is a family home visitation program offered in Crawford County for families expecting a child, or with a child/children ages 0-5. The Family STEPS program is funded by the Iowa Legislature through Community Empowerment, which was founded in 1998, with the belief that local communities and state government could work together to improve the well being of Iowa’s youngest children. The state level vision for all Community Empowerment is “Every child, beginning at birth, will be healthy and successful.”

Family STEPS offers home visits to parents to help provide a healthy start in life, and also to reduce the stress associated with the birth of a baby. The family support worker can help with parent education, encouragement, and the resources for parenting children. Family STEPS can help with the following things: Š Preparing for baby Š Prenatal support Š Caring for baby’s needs Š Caring for yourself (new parents) Š What to expect as the baby grows Š Building parenting skills Š Confidence as a parent Š Referrals to community resources Family STEPS also of-

Providing a full range of family practice services for patients of all ages. Four convenient locations Extended hours Request appointments online

Locations in Denison, Schleswig, Charter Oak and Manilla 712-263-3388

fers a Single Parent Support Group for single parents on the program’s caseload. The group meets monthly and topics are related to preventing child abuse. The Family STEPS program is a free service to any family that meets the appropriate criteria. Currently there are two Family Support workers in Crawford County offering services to a total of 50 families. For more information contact Crawford County Home Health, Hospice & Public Health office at 712-263-3303. The programs philosophy is that a child’s first and best teacher is his or her parents.

President Barack Obama declared April as National Child Abuse Prevention Month. He stated, “In the USA, an estimated 906,000 children are victims of abuse and neglect every year, making child abuse as common as it is shocking. Whether the abuse is physical, emotional, sexual, or neglect, the scars can be deep and long-lasting, often leading to future child abuse. The tragedy of child abuse may afflict children in different ways. Abuse may occur physically, sexually, and emotionally. Child neglect, another form of child maltreatment, may occur physically and emotionally as well. Understanding forms of child abuse is critical to preventing and responding to maltreatment.” Many physically abusive parents and caregivers insist that their actions are simply forms of discipline, ways to make children learn to behave. But there is a big difference between giving an unmanageable

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child abuse prevention spring 2010(Familymedicine)F

child a swat on the backside and twisting the child’s arm until it breaks. Physical abuse can include striking a child with the hand, fist, or foot or with an object; burning, shaking, pushing, or throwing a child; pinching or biting the child; pulling a child by the hair; or cutting off a child’s hair. Another form of child abuse involving babies is “shaken baby syndrome,” in which a frustrated caregiver shakes a baby roughly to make the baby stop crying, causing brain damage that often leads to severe neurological problems and even death. Child Advocates that are on staff with Domestic Sexual Assault Outreach Center in Carroll and Crawford Counties understand the seriousness of child abuse. The Child Advocates are trained to recognize the signs of abuse and work with children who not only have been abused themselves, but may live in situations where a parent or another

sibling is being abused. Child Advocates also believe that reducing the incidence of child abuse is a matter of intervention and education. The trained advocates specialize in programs presented in communities such as “Happy Bear,” Respecting Each Other/Bullying,” Violence Prevention Program,” Youth Relationships Program,” Self-Esteem Curriculum,” and “CHOICES” group. Domestic/Sexual Assault Outreach services are free and confidential. The toll free number is 1-888356-2006, and in Carroll the number is 712-7926722. Bilingual staff is available for Spanish speaking persons seeking assistance. Finally, President Obama stated that as citizens of the United States he encourages all of us to help prevent and respond to child abuse by strengthening families and contributing to all children’s physical, emotional and developmental needs.

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Every Child Deserves a Happy Childhood! Every year, hundreds of thousands of children are mistreated through abuse or neglect. Often, emotional abuse is the hardest type of abuse to detect or control. We at Alegent Health, Dunlap Clinic, can help the needs of your child with our Behavioral Services. Call us today at 712-642-2045 to schedule an appointment

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Program provides school-based counseling services in county West Iowa Community Mental Health Center (WICMHC) provides school-based counseling services to Crawford County. School-based mental health services are a partnership between county, state and local agencies and schools, designed to help support students and families in our communities.

WICMHC believes that a quality school-based mental health program can most efficiently bring the resources of the community together in a focused effort to improve the lives of youth and families. To accomplish this, school-based services are a unique blend of functions from a variety of disciplines and expertise.

Many of these services are non-traditional in nature and are intended to bridge the gap between community providers, schools, parents, family members, and the community. The school-based program maintains a preventative orientation to help recognize problems early before costly and more restrictive interventions

are required. These services are provided primarily on site at the school and targeted toward issues such as relationship problems, conduct problems, anger problems, and more severe problems such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, depression, and anxiety. Children are seen individually and with their family by a trained

mental health expert. The trained professional is also available to the school to provide consultation and education regarding a wide variety of problems that may affect youth. For more information on this program or any service provided by WICMHC, call 712-2633172.

West Central Community Action Head Start offers classroom activities for prevention of child abuse April is recognized nationwide as Child Abuse Prevention Month, symbolized by a blue ribbon. The blue ribbon is a positive symbol of awareness of the need to prevent child abuse and neglect. West Central Community Action Head Start makes sure children, teachers and parents are well aware of the issues of child abuse as they host a week’s worth of events to educate all involved. “The teachers and their children have decorated their doors to increase the awareness of child abuse,” Early Childhood Education Coordinator Linda Heywood explained. Doors were decorated with signs saying ‘Kind words go a long way,’ ‘It shouldn’t hurt to be a child,’ and ‘There’s no excuse for child abuse.’ All of the children participated in decorating the doors with posters that their respective teachers helped them design. On one door, all of the children’s pictures were placed on the poster surrounded by a blue ribbon. The teachers have been also passing out ribbons to children, parents and volunteers for them to wear. Since 1989, millions of schools, business and organizations across the country have participated in the Blue Ribbon Campaign by wearing blue ribbons and organizing community activities that help keep kids safe and families strong. West Central Community Action Head Start Classrooms also participate in “Pinwheels for Prevention”. Pinwheels have become another symbol for child abuse prevention, and “pinwheel gardens” are planted in the grounds in front of the classroom and other business-

IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY University Extension Coletta Weeda County Program Coordinator Mary Wadsworth County Youth Coordinator Jean Halbur Office Manager


Tough Times 35 South Main Denison, Iowa 51442



Ph: 712-263-4697 Fax: 712-263-3366 7-CA(CHILD ABUSE-ISU EXTENSION)IL

es in the month of April to increase awareness about child abuse prevention. Pinwheels are provided through local Empowerment partnerships. During the month of April, Family Advocates will be providing education to families on child abuse prevention and awareness. Child Abuse and neglect affects children of all ages, races and income levels. According to the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System, in 2004, 872,000 children nationwide were victims of maltreatment. The statistic means that roughly every two seconds, a child is reported to be abused or neglected. The news designates it as an epidemic in itself. The physical maltreatment of children is staggering enough. But the likelihood of those abused children being affected for the rest of their lives in some way or another is downright scary. Abused and neglected children do poorly in school, are more likely to become teen parents and abuse alcohol and drugs. They are more likely to become criminals as adults and suffer chronic health problems. Most children who are abused are just as likely to have physiological scars as physical ones. West Central Community Action Head Start is always at the forefront of promoting safe behavior and protecting the children and holds events throughout the year to involve the community. For more information about Head Start or to enroll, call 800-698-5886.


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Local organization works to prevent abuse

Children’s Imagination Station focuses on greatest resource children

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, and Prevent Child Abuse Iowa along with the Crawford County Child Abuse Prevention Council are promoting the theme “Protecting Children is Everyone’s Business.” There were 93 referrals for abuse and neglect in Crawford County in 2009. Forty-three of these cases had confirmed abuse and neglect with 67 children abused. The solution to ending child abuse is up to all of us. Everyone in Crawford County can and should do all they can to prevent child abuse, because protecting children is everyone’s business. Communities statewide are recognizing that healthy childhood experiences are not just good for children, but good for their communities as well. The actions we take to promote healthy child development are the very actions that help to prevent child abuse and neglect, like parent-

Children's Imagination Station Daycare & Preschool’s mission is to provide quality care and education for the community's greatest resource - the children - during their first years of life, in a way that is responsive, staff respecting, developmentally appropriate and research based. Children's Imagination Station cares for children four weeks through 11 years of age. All staff has to meet Department of Human Services training requirements within the first six months of employment, which includes Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse and Neglect.

child interaction, reading and constructive play. At a time when we all care about the economy, it just makes “cents” to spend more time learning how stable, nurturing relationships influence a child’s developing brain and provide a foundation for all future development. Simple ways to help prevent child abuse include: being a nurturing parent/adult in children’s lives, get to know your neighbors, get involved in a local school, learn how your community supports children and families, and be an active community member, and if you see a child being abused in public do what you can to help. Š Speak to children with love and respect Š Make sure children know they are loved and special. Help them feel secure. Š Praise the good and communicate confidence and pride in children. Š Build positive relationships with all children in

your life, including your own. Š Take a class on positive parenting or child development. Š Seek support and accept help if you are stressed or isolated. Š People feel better, safer and less isolated, and problems seem less overwhelming, if support is nearby. Š Help a family under stress. Offer to babysit, help with chores or errands, or suggest community resources that might help. Š Start a neighborhood babysitting co-op to give families respite care. Š Join the parent-teacher organizations; attend school events, youth activities. Š Mentor a child. Š Promote programs at school that support families. Š Mentor parents in programs that match experienced, stable parents with parents at risk. Š Provide friendship, guidance and support to

parents and children who need help. Š Join your local child abuse prevention council. Š Contact elected officials and ask them to fund programs that support children and families. If you see a child being abused in public: Š Start a conversation with the adult. Offer sympathy. Š Talk to the child. Š Praise the parent or child. Š Offer assistance if the child is in danger. Š Avoid negative looks or comments. The Crawford County Child Abuse Prevention Council was formed in 2004 and is comprised of community members and service providers from various agencies including Crawford County Board of Supervisors; Crawford County Home Health, Hospice & Public Health; West Iowa Community Mental Health Center; County Schools; Domestic/Sexual Assault Out-

reach Center; Child Care Resource & Referral; Juvenile Court; Department of Human Services; Crawford County Decategorization and Community Partners for Protecting Children; and Community Empowerment. Prevention activities occurring in Crawford County include newspaper supplement, pinwheel/balloon bouquet in area healthcare entities and businesses, Single Parent Support group and Baby Boutique topic of the month, press releases, PSA’s on local radio, handouts at public health clinics, “Pinwheels for Prevention” labels on mailings in Crawford County and other school promotions. For more information about the Crawford County Child Abuse Prevention Council, contact Laura Beeck at Crawford County Home Health, Hospice & Public Health at 712-2633303 or any of the other organizations mentioned above.

Keeping children safe is everybody's business in Crawford County The Community Partnerships for Protecting Children (CPPC) approach aims to keep children safe from abuse and neglect and to support families. This approach recognizes that keeping children safe is everybody’s business and that community members must be offered opportunities to help vulnerable families and shape the services and supports provided. In Crawford County, Community Partnership has brought together parents, youth, social service professionals, faith ministries, local business,

schools and caring neighbors to help design, govern and participate in programs that seek to create a continuum of care and support for children, youth and parents in their neighborhoods. One project available to the community through CPPC is family team meetings. Family Team Meetings have trained facilitators who work with families, neighbors, and local service providers to develop a tailor-made plan designed to support the family and ensure the safety and well being of the children in that

family. These plans identify the specific activities to be carried out by parents, friends, extended families, and other formal and informal supports. Neighborhood Network grants have been funded in Crawford County since 2007. The local grants promote the vision of strong families, safe children, and concerned, caring neighbors by funding projects in neighborhoods to improve safety and develop a more childand family-friendly environment. The projects bring neighbors together to make lasting improve-

ments to the community. For more information on Neighborhood Network grant opportunities call Crawford/Sac Decategorization at 712-792-4391 Ext. 239. Community Partnership is not a program - rather, it is a way of working with families that helps services to be more inviting, needsbased, accessible, and relevant. It's an opportunity for community members to get involved in helping families in need, and in shaping the types of services and supports needed by these families.

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End the Chain of Child Abuse

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BVCS Empowerment helps families with children 0-5 BVCS Empowerment encompasses and serves Buena Vista, Crawford and Sac counties and retains flexibility in regards to children living or attending school outside these counties that are not served by a bordering Empowerment Area. BVCS Empowerments target population is birth through five and their families. Vision: Every child, beginning at birth, will be healthy and successful. Mission: To improve the quality of life for children and families by strongly supporting safe environments, lifelong learning and facilitating a coordinated system for community services. Guiding principles Š Develop partnerships to improve communication, cooperation and collaboration Š Provide opportunities that are innovative and creative Š Be culturally sensitive Š Utilize best practices to enhance quality Š Be future oriented The priorities for the BVCS Community plan are to support and enhance programs that are beneficial in meeting the needs of families with children zero through five in the three county area. They include, but are not limited to: Š Families participating in home visitation and parent education programs Š Allowing preschool age children access to quality preschool programs Š Nurturing home and center early child care environments, Š Health prevention measures Š Encouraging early literacy therefore preparing children to the best of our ability so they are ready to succeed in school. Collaborative guidance for the community empowerment area is provided by one board and three advisory councils comprised of a wide variety of citizens, public and private school administrators and personnel, area education agencies, community action agencies, Head Start programs, substance abuse treatment providers, Child Care Resource And Referral, Department of Human Services, juvenile court services, and other local providers of services to the families and children of our area. With a structure comprised of three individual county advisory councils, all overseen by a three-county empowerment board, the unique needs of the entire area are addressed both individually and collectively. The structure has provided increased communication and cooperation not only for the direct empowerment activities, but also for additional collaboration between participating community partners. Agencies that serve the counties and community members of Buena Vista, Crawford and Sac counties are invited to attend local advisory councils. The councils meet monthly on regularly scheduled days. Crawford County is scheduled to meet on the third Tuesday at 1 p.m. with the main location ISU Extension in Denison. The advisory meetings consist of a speaker that gives information about services or events happening in their coun-

ty. Following the speaker, a planned meeting is conducted. The meetings consist of a review of previous minutes, updates from the three-county board and time for community sharing. Agenda items may include assistance with surveys, assistance with community plan, trainings or conferences being offered, recommendations for programming, problem identified in the community, brainstorming of resources available in the community. BVCS Empowerment is working to promote communication between agencies with similar goals. The advisory council makes recommendations to the three-county empowerment board by coming to a consensus. The recommendation is then brought to the three-county board for a final decision. Programs funded by BVCS Empowerment also provide a major component for community collaboration. Currently funded programs include Family STEPS home visitation, child care home consultant, preschool tuition scholarships, child care nurse consultants, oral health and provider development. The Family STEPS program is located in all three local county public health agencies, supporting both the health and social service needs to families. Family STEPS in the community plan is to provide inhome visitation and parent support to the child and families with the Buena Vista, Crawford and Sac counties Community Empowerment Area. Family STEPS is modeled after the Healthy Families America home visitor program. Family STEPS provides comprehensive, consistent, and coordinated services to the families expecting a child or with children 0-5. Child care home consultant: One full time child care consultant through Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) provide services to any home provider, child care center, or preschool in our area. Consultants work with providers to increase their skills and quality, encourage home providers to participate in registration. Preschool tuition scholarships: The BVCS program has certain requirements, such as children participating in a preschool setting for one year prior to kindergarten. The preschools that participate in the scholarship program will verify and send documentation they are working toward a quality preschool program. Child care nurse consultants: A position located within the Child Health program in Maternal Child Health agencies or contracted out from Maternal Child Health agencies. The purpose of the child care nurse consultant is to provide expertise on health, childcare and child safety for child care providers so they can provide the safest and healthiest environment as possible for the children in their care. The child care nurse consultants project supports quality services for children 0-5 by providing guidance and technical assistance regarding the health and safety of children in care. Activities will lead to improved health, safety and development for in-and out-of home child care environments. Oral health is provided in each county through various agencies. The oral health projects work with preschool, cen-

ters and child care homes to provide dental screenings, referral for dental care, education and fluoride varnishes to children. Early identification and prevention of dental disease is important to the success of this program. Through education of proper tooth brushing and flossing techniques and the application of fluoride varnish, the program hopes to prevent cavities and ensure that at-risk children have access to dental care. The purpose of the program coordinator is to provide community collaboration and service coordination for the Buena Vista, Crawford & Sac Counties Community Empowerment Board in order to provide early education services and report outcome performance data. The outcomes of the Buena Vista, Crawford & Sac Counties Community Empowerment Area include Healthy Children, Children Ready to Succeed in School, Safe and Supportive Communities, Secure and Nurturing Families, and Secure and Nurturing Child Care. For more information or to become involved in the BVCS Empowerment contact Annette Koster, program coordinator at 712-662-3880 or

Symbol of child abuse prevention Laura Beeck and Glenn Barngrover, representing the Crawford County Child Abuse Prevention Council, present a pinwheel balloon bouquet to Tracy Beeck, guidance counselor at Denison Elementary School. The Child Abuse Prevention Council presented 65 pinwheel balloon bouquets to organizations, businesses, schools and health care providers in the community in observance of April as Prevent Child Abuse Month. Photo submitted

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Dr AlTo says, “Healthy choices make healthy kids” Crawford County’s Drug/ Alcohol/Tobacco (Dr AlTo) Coalition was established in 2005 after a random community survey showed drug, alcohol and tobacco use and abuse to be the second highest concern among those who responded. Child abuse and domestic violence ranked first in the survey, which could also be a result of drug and alcohol use and abuse. Every year April is desig-

nated as Child Abuse Prevention month. The solution to ending child abuse is up to all of us. Everyone in Crawford County can and should do all they can to prevent child abuse, because protecting children is everyone’s business. Dr AlTo’s mission is to help reduce the use of drugs, alcohol and tobacco through public education and awareness initiatives. Situations involving child abuse and

domestic violence often have drug and alcohol abuse associated with them. In Crawford County in 2009 43 percent of the assessments founded for Denial of Critical Care involved illegal drug use, alcohol abuse or prescription drug abuse. Crawford County had four founded cases of Presence of Illegal Drugs in a Child’s Body. Communities statewide are recognizing that healthy

childhood experiences are not just good for children, but good for their communities as well. Dr AlTo provides information for health fairs and other community events in efforts to help with public education and awareness regarding drugs, alcohol, tobacco, violence and gangs. Providing regular press releases on these topics is another way the Coalition is attempting to provide this

education and awareness to the community. Dr AlTo’s goal is to coordinate and collaborate with community partners to educate the youth in Crawford County. Dr AlTo hopes to bring people and resources together to better serve the community. Helping to create awareness to the problems associated with the use and/or abuse of drugs, alcohol, tobacco as well as issues lead-

ing to child abuse and/or domestic violence can provide the power to help our youth lead a healthier, safer and more productive life. For more information on using any of the resources available or to become a member of Dr AlTo Coalition, call Crawford County Home Health, Hospice & Public Health at 712-2633303, or stop by the office at 105 North Main Street in Denison.

Stork’s Nest Baby Boutique supports and promotes healthy births, happy babies The Stork’s Nest Baby Boutique is an incentive program for pregnant women and their children through the age of one. The Boutique was opened because of a need for more prenatal care and well baby check-ups as noted through Crawford County’s need assessment. The program is funded through grants and donations of time as well as store items. The Boutique is a program designed to support and promote healthy births and happy babies and families in Crawford County by encouraging medical and dental care as well as provide educational opportunities that enhance parenting. The participants earn points by going to the doctor and getting much needed prenatal care as well as examinations and immunizations for their baby. With the points earned, the participants can “purchase” new baby items that are needed on a

Children from St. Rose of Lima School donated gifts at Christmas. Photo submitted

daily basis such as, cribs, car seats, diaper, wipes and much more. Part of the experience is attending the educational opportunities that are available each month during store hours. The topics covered during these educational times include CPR, child abuse warning signs and how to prevent it, SIDS information, literacy importance, fire safety, family activities and

discipline in a positive way. The classes give the participants knowledge and skills needed to be a better parent. The store and class is offered once a month, usually the third Monday of the month. The store opens at 3 p.m. and the class is from 3 to 4:30 p.m. An interpreter is utilized for those who are not proficient in English.

Participants attend a fire prevention class. Photo submitted

The information participants receive from things as simple as watching staff interact with their children to all of the educational classes helps to decrease child abuse in the population that the Boutique serves. The Boutique does not turn away anyone based on race, income, sex or ethnic background. The classes are offered in Spanish and English.

Interaction between participants is great because they get to know others who are in the same situation and are able to develop a support network. The Boutique connects participants to various services around the area to help with issues or concerns that their family may be experiencing. Baby Boutique is staffed by two RN’s, a special ed-

ucation AEA teacher and bilingual volunteers who help in the classroom and in the store. Volunteers are always needed to assist with day care. Due to limits in grants that can be obtained, this year the program had to cut services. In the past, from when a woman became pregnant, until a child turned two, the family could participate in the program but now participation can only occur until the child is one year old. Donations are needed to support the continuation of this community service program as well. Various area churches and schools have assisted Baby Boutique. St Rose of Lima School yearly at Christmas donates to the program. Call Crawford County Home Health, Hospice & Public Health at 712-2633303 for any questions related to Baby Boutique or to volunteer to assist with this community service.

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APRIL 23, 2010

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Crawford County Home Health, Hospice & Public Health

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Our Services Include: • Home Health • Hospice • Home Health Aide • Homemaker • HCBS Waivers Provider • Family Planning • Breast & Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program and Wise Woman • Immunizations

• Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapies • Communicable Disease Follow-up • Community Equipment Loan Program • Emergency Preparedness Activities • Other Health Promotion Activities • Spanish Interpreters on Staff

• Dental Hygienist • One Time Mom & Baby Visits • Family STEPS Home Visitation • Child Health • Lead Screening • Child Care Nurse Consultant • hawk-i Insurance Outreach • Free Blood Pressure Clinics • Maternal Health Checks • Flu Vaccinations

Help Put A Smile On The Face Of A Child You Know Or Love During Child Abuse Awareness Month

hawk-i (Healthy and Well Kids in Iowa) Free or low-cost health care coverage for kids.

* Eligibility will not be affected by race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex, except where it is required by law.

For more information call 1-800-257-8563 or 712-263-3303

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Child Abuse Prevention  

CRAWFORD COUNTY CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION COUNCIL - information to prevent child abuse.

Child Abuse Prevention  

CRAWFORD COUNTY CHILD ABUSE PREVENTION COUNCIL - information to prevent child abuse.