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----------------------------------------------------------------------AMARENA CHERRIES Small, dark, slightly sour cherries grown mostly in Bologna and Modena ----------------------------------------------------------------------AMARETTI A biscuit made of sugar, egg whites, and crushed apricot kernels or almonds ----------------------------------------------------------------------CASSATA A traditional sweet from Sicily usually with ricotta cheese and candied fruits and peel ----------------------------------------------------------------------POLENTA A yellow cornmeal (ground maize) ----------------------------------------------------------------------SEMIFREDDO Half cold, semi frozen dessert made usually from equally whipped cream and ice cream -----------------------------------------------------------------------

A note on our service charge policy Any service charge you leave is discretionary, all our team members are paid above minimum wage, tips are then fully distributed to the front and back of house team using a tronc system, Parties of 6 or more, a 10% service charge is added for voluntary payment.

Ingredients (v) vegetarian (n) may contain nuts (gf) gluten free option available

Although every care is taken to avoid contact, we cannot guarantee all dishes are nut free, weights are uncooked.

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