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elationships have their ups and downs. Couples who have successfully kept their relationship strong and relatively smooth-sailing are not exempt from problems, but they have figured out how to manage issues

that come their way. Tips on fixing a relationship Couples fight, become distant, or eventually split up for a variety of reasons. If you would like to fix your relationship, you should identify the issues that caused it to weaken in the first place and work from there. Here are common problem areas in relationships and how you can best address them. Ineffective communication - Between various distractions and a frantic work schedule, failing to keep in touch with your partner is always possible. To resolve this problem or to stop it from even taking place, plan to have time with each other. This is important even when you live in the same house. Also, some behaviors, like raising voices when talking and not actively listening, may cause communication to be unsuccessful. Don't interrupt until your lover is through speaking and try not to say phrases like “You always…” or “You never…” which generalize errors. You have to show that you are physically and mentally present during conversations. Listen actively and make use of body language to show that you areprocessing the message. Unmet sexual desires - Having sexual intercourse brings you closer and produces feel-good hormones. If both or one of you are not getting enough, discontentment with the relationship gradually builds up. To deal with this predicament, it is often helpful to make plans. By setting a date when you will have sex, you essentially build the excitement. Needless to say, you must give some room for spontaneity. Page 2

Moreover, nighttime is not the only time when you can be intimate with your significant other. If you’re like many people, you are already drained from work at that time. Give some thought to having sex at other times of the day, such as, in the afternoon or before you go to work. If the sex issues remain in spite of your best efforts, give some thought to going to a sex therapist. Conflict - Even visibly content couples experience occasional conflicts. To stop quarrels from significantly affecting your relationship, try to argue in a more civil fashion. Examine the reasons behind the issue and avoid forcing your perspective to your significant other. Maintaining an open mind will help you solve the conflict faster, too. In addition, you need to know how to differentiate between problems and personal differences. Do not try to change your significant other, rather, look for ways to ensure that your dissimilarities become relationship-building assets Read more tips on how to fix a relationship by clicking here.

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How To Fix Relationship Problems  

Relationships have their ups and downs. Couples with successful and long relationships are not exempt from problems, but they know how to ma...

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