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Gas Wall Heaters Offer Good Value For Money Gas Wall Heater _____________________________________________________________________________________

By Rino Jaon -

Many people opt for gas wall heaters since these can be easily installed in any room and are simple to use. Such heaters run on gas and do not leave any residue after burning unlike wood used in fireplaces.

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A major advantage of wall heaters is that these offer great value for money because the fuel efficiency is optimum. The maximum percentage of the gas is used up for producing heat and there is very little wastage. The effort required to install and use such heaters is minimum. The only requirement for such heaters is that a constant supply of gas is required to keep the flame burning.

On the other hand, in case of fireplaces, the owner has to arrange for firewood and a chimney is required to provide an outlet for the smoke. Wood leaves behind a lot of residue which has to be cleaned. In case of gas wall heaters, the owner does not require a lot of effort to run the heater. The heater has to be routinely refilled with gas, and as and when required, the user can install the device in any room to provide heat. Certain tips should be followed to use such heaters effectively. It is important to provide appropriate insulation in the walls by making them thick so that the heat does not escape outside. There is the possibility that the heater may emit toxic gases like carbon monoxide since it provides heat by burning fuel. To take care of this problem, the owner should also invest in a toxic gas detector which can provide a warning if the level of carbon monoxide rises above the safety level.

Before purchasing gas wall heaters, the owner should find out in detail about how such heaters work and their advantages and disadvantages. These heaters do not draw air from outside for heating. The air inside the room is heated and circulated to keep the inside temperature warm. This problem can be taken care of by turning the heater on and off as and when required. Once the temperature inside the room has risen, the user can turn off the heater and turn it on once again when the temperature falls.

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Gas wall heater  

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