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ABOUT NONDC The New Orleans Neighborhood Development Collaborative (NONDC) is a non-profit community organizing, community planning and development organization focused on revitalizing the Central City neighborhood. Central to our work is our mission to make quality housing affordable. We accomplish this by leveraging community partnerships and private and public funding options. We believe by building capacity for homeownership among lowincome families in Central City, we are stimulating community wealth-building and empowerment. Our team’s cluster development activities in Central City are aimed at restoring desolate blocks into lively areas with new levels of commitment and investment. Our vision is to create a vibrant Central City by increasing homeownership to 40 percent over the next ten years. To date, NONDC, LLC has been a partner in the transformation of over 25 vacant and decaying properties into quality affordable housing accessible to existing residents of Central City. NONDC also served as Community Partner on the completion of Harmony Oaks, the 460-unit mixed income redevelopment of the former CJ Peete Public Housing Complex. The project was made possible by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development Hope VI Revitalization Grant awarded to the Housing Authority of New Orleans in March 2008. As Community Partner, NONDC is also responsible for developing 50 off-site, single-family homes in the neighborhood surrounding the complex under the Harmony Homes brand. NONDC’s comprehensive approach to revitalization also includes resident organizing, community asset building and small-scale commercial development.

About NONDC ●

The New Orleans Neighborhood Development Collaborative (NONDC) is a non-profit organization focused the comprehensive revitalization of Central City New Orleans through resident-led community planning and development.

NONDC has served as a community partner on large-scale rental projects; worked to identify and eradicate blighted properties and neglected lots; rehabbed historic homes; and leveraged resources to assist residents in securing response to community needs.

Much of NONDC’s work is completed through partnerships with for-profit and non-profit entities.

NONDC served as the community partner on the development of Harmony Oaks, the 460-unit revitalization of C. J. Peete Homes.

NONDC is responsible for developing and selling 50 high-quality, single-family homes surrounding the Harmony Oaks site. To date, we have completed 15 homes and have launched construction on six additional properties under the Harmony Homes brand.

NONDC works to build high-quality homes that are made affordable through subsidy. The organization has participated in the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s HOPE VI program and the NSP I program.

NONDC is currently participating in the NSP II program which, in addition to providing subsidies, also works to provide energy efficient features to low-income homeowners.

As a part of NONDC’s blight elimination efforts, it has acquired more than 60 properties which have been targeted for lot maintenance, rehabilitation when possible, and demolition preparation for new construction.

NONDC employs a resident-led approach to community engagement whereby neighbors in Central City identify the issues they feel to be of the most concern, and the organization leverages its resources to support efforts to bring about meaningful resolutions.

Curb Appeal Your Block program, a resident-led volunteer effort to clean up vacant lots in Central City, has maintained a total of six lots.

NONDC will work with heritage owners of businesses on the La Salle Corridor to explore a joint commercial development project utilizing New Market Tax Credits to bring much-needed revitalization to the area.

NONDC is working with residents in Central City to start two separate urban gardening projects: Harmony Gardens, a resident-led project in conjunction with Harmony Oaks apartments, and Magnolia Gardens located at the corner of Magnolia and Josephine Streets.

NONDC worked with residents and the Tulane City Center to complete a visioning document for a community-led strategy on improvements to A. L. Davis Park.

NONDC has worked with residents to launch two new resident organizations, Network Neighbors and Liberty Community Restoration.

1055 St. Charles Avenue, Suite 120 New Orleans, LA 70130 Twitter:@NONDC

Una Anderson Executive Director New Orleans Neighborhood Development Collaborative

Una Anderson has served as the Executive Director of New Orleans Neighborhood Development Collaborative (NONDC) since 2001. Under her direction, NONDC coordinates and facilitates residentled neighborhood planning and development, demonstrating and promoting innovative models and approaches to expanding affordable housing production in some of New Orleans’ most distressed neighborhoods. A Louisiana native and cum laude graduate of Harvard University, Una has extensive experience in business and real estate development and has been involved in the Central City community for 16 years. Una formerly served for five years as a legislative aide to the City Councilman whose district included Central City. Additionally, she served for eight years on the Orleans Parish School Board where she was an advocate of reform and a proponent of the charter school system. She has been active in numerous community organizations including the Louisiana Council for Economic Education; Myrtle Banks Mentoring Program; Kingsley House; New Orleans Council for Young Children; and the Young Leadership Council. She is an active participant in the Central City Partnership and formerly served as a member of the advisory board of Central City Renaissance Alliance.

1055 St. Charles Avenue, Suite 120 New Orleans, LA 70130 Twitter:@NONDC

ABOUT CENTRAL CITY A neighborhood rich in cultural history, Central City reflects both a storied history and a bright future. It is situated conveniently between the Central Business District to the East, the Historic Garden District to the South and the Uptown neighborhood to the West. The area provides easy access to the city’s public transportation routes. Additionally, the majority of homes in Central City were spared flood damage during Hurricane Katrina, making it a valuable place for continued investment. From its beginnings in the 19th century through the second lines and jazz bands of today, Central City has long been viewed as an epicenter of commercial, social, cultural and political life in New Orleans. Home to working families since the 1830s, Central City flourished with the construction of the New Basin Canal and grew through the 19 th and 20th centuries with numerous gasworks, sawmills and ironworks found within its borders. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Dryades Street bustled with shoppers flowing through commercial corridors and revelers enjoying local “watering holes” and jazz clubs. Jewish merchants established furniture and clothing shops along Dryades. Leidenheimer, a Germanowned bakery, was establish and still thrives today. The Dew Drop Inn, located on Lasalle Street, owned by the Pannia family, and served as a place where many famous AfricanAmerican musicians and singers performed and stayed during segregation. Efforts are currently underway to restore this cultural mainstay to its previous glory. During the Civil Rights Era, Central City played a prominent role in fostering leading organizations of the movement. The New Orleans chapter of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) was founded here by Oretha Castle Haley and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference. Dryades Street between Calliope Street and Jackson Avenue was later renamed Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard in her honor. Central City is currently in the midst of a renaissance, revitalized by the O.C. Haley Cultural Corridor featuring the Ashe Cultural Center and several art galleries. The Claiborne Economic Corridor anchors this renewal and will be a focus area in the White House’s Strong Cities, Strong Communities initiative. Central City is also home to major employers including Brown’s Velvet Diary and Home Depot. In light of the neighborhood’s important role in the fight for racial equality, nearly $21 million has been dedicated to build the Louisiana Civil Rights Museum in Central City.

BLIGHT ELIMINATION NONDC has a strong commitment to mitigating and eliminating blight in Central City. We currently employ a Six Block Acquisition and Blight Elimination Strategy, focusing our efforts in those areas adjacent to public and private investment. As a partner on the Harmony Oaks redevelopment project, we achieved an investment that has been able to revitalize a public housing project into a vibrant mixed-income community. As the partner for the scatter site development of individual homeownership units in the surrounding neighborhood, we recognize the need to continue that investment beyond the rental site itself and into the neighborhood. Beautification Since January 2010, NONDC alongside residents, local and national volunteers has planted over 50 trees in the Central City area. Our ongoing partnership with Hands On New Orleans will allow us to pair volunteers with residents in efforts at landscaping and neighborhood clean-up.

CONSTRUCTION NONDC believes that Central City residents deserved more than just affordable housing. They should have access to high-quality and energy efficient homes that preserve classic New Orleans architecture. Leveraging public and private funding and financing options, we have successfully brought quality housing to the area. Our offerings include:   

Market-rate, non-income restricted homes that are bank financed and do not limit the amount a potential buyer can earn Renovated homes with no restriction on buyers’ income Construction for homeownership subsidized through public financing options such as the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development’s HOPE VI/Choice Neighborhoods; Neighborhood Stabilization Programs 1 and 2; and HOME Investment Partnerships Program Construction for homeownership subsidized through Project Related Investment (PRI) to facilitate neighborhood development

All new units are constructed under the Harmony Homes brand. Through our involvement with the New Orleans Consortium (NOC), a partnership between 11 experienced non-profits, the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority (NORA) and green building consultant Green Coast Enterprises, NONDC received a portion of a $29.7 million Neighborhood Stabilization Program 2 award to conduct comprehensive redevelopment through the rehabilitation and new construction of homes throughout a variety of neighborhoods across the city. These funds will be utilized to build high-quality, energy-efficient homes that include:          

Construction to withstand hurricane-force winds of up to 130 MPH Energy Star electrical fixtures and appliances Double-paned low-efficiency windows High-density spray foam insulation (R13) and cellulose insulation within (R13) 9.5 seer or greater heat pump All duct work and air handlers attached with Mastic Low-flow faucets and shower heads (2.0 gallons per minute) Low VOC interior paint CRI Green Label carpet and bamboo flooring 3.3 kilowatt solar panel system which will decrease carbon dioxide production by 72 tons over 25 years

Currently, construction is underway on four units. Upon completion in October 2011, all units will meet the Builders Challenge scoring of 70 or lower.

We’re building quality homes that complement the traditional architectural styles of New Orleans while transforming vacant and blighted lots into vibrant homeownership opportunities that will build wealth for generations to come. For many, the dream of owning a home is just that: a dream. However, imagine YOUR dream of having a comfortable, energy-efficient place to call your own becoming a reality for as little as your current rent payment. The New Orleans Neighborhood Development Collaborative (NONDC), a non-profit organization dedicated to providing quality, affordable homes in Central City, wants to help you open the door to homeownership.

A HOUSE YOU WILL BE PROUD TO CALL HOME NONDC works to ensure that your new home will not only be affordable but that it also includes quality features and amenities.     

Elevated foundations Energy efficient Spacious open kitchen/dining floor plan 9’ to 10’ Ceilings Recessed windows & abundant natural light

    

Fully equipped kitchens Hardwood flooring in central living areas Carpeted bedrooms Designer light fixtures & ceiling fans Pre-wired cable and telephone

BE A PART OF THE CENTRAL CITY RENAISSANCE NONDC focuses its efforts in the heart of New Orleans’ vibrant Central City neighborhood. Rich with tradition and history, this area is home to famous Mardi Gras Indian tribes, prestigious social clubs and civil rights and jazz music greats. Central City is currently in the midst of renewal, anchored by the revitalization of the Harmony Oaks community, Oretha Castle Haley Cultural District, the Ashe Cultural Center and the Claiborne Economic Corridor. Central City is also home to major employers including Brown’s Velvet Dairy, Leidenheimer Bakery and Home Depot.

We understand that buying a home can be an intimidating process. NONDC works with you every step of the way!

QUALIFYING You have to be buyer-ready, meaning you can contribute to the cost of buying home, through either savings or financing, and can afford to maintain the house, pay taxes, and insurance. There are subsidies available based on your household’s income.

COUNSELING If you do not qualify financially, we offer in-house counseling, financial literacy, and other educational workshops. Our counselors will help you coordinate your resources, improve your credit rating, and apply for third-party loans.

CLOSING Once a lot and design is chosen, you will sign a sales agreement and the closing process begins! When the home is finished and a certificate of occupancy is obtained, your family closes on the house and gets the keys to your new home.

NONDC offers:    

Free Credit Counseling Free Financial Fitness Homeownership Workshops Up to $65k in subsidy towards the purchase of your home (based on income) and up to an additional $20K on selected homes  Homes which qualify for the City of New Orleans Soft Second Mortgage Program

YOU can begin the journey towards homeownership. Contact us now. Residents interested in learning more about NONDC are encouraged to contact NONDC’s Community Outreach Representative Katherine Medina @ 504-302-8696

NONDC, 1055 St. Charles Ave., Suite 120, New Orleans, LA 70130 Phone: 504-302-UOWN

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT At NONDC, we know that there is more to community revitalization than building high-quality affordable homes. NONDC works with neighborhood residents on a variety of issue-based community improvement projects to ensure that our approach to neighborhood revitalization is comprehensive and resident-based. Beautification Since January 2010, NONDC alongside residents, local and national volunteers has planted over 50 trees in the Central City area. Our ongoing partnership with Hands On New Orleans will allow us to pair volunteers with residents in efforts at landscaping and neighborhood clean-up. Neighborhood Watches NONDC helps link residents to the resources they need. When neighbors identify safety as an issue, we work with them to connect with the NOPD and each other to organize community policing initiatives and other crime reduction strategies.

Property Campaigns As a part of our property campaigns, residents come together to eliminate blight in the neighborhood. Some projects include:   

Working with the city to push problem properties through the code enforcement process Working with owners of abandoned houses and lots to identify options for their properties Conducting an annual visual property condition survey to assess the state of the neighborhood

Community-Led Design Projects NONDC has connected residents to architects and student teams at the Tulane City Center to revise critical neighborhood assets

A. L. Davis Park Through a series of public meetings and focus groups, the design team came up with several design proposals for the park. The resident-led design process has resulted in a visioning document produced by the Tulane City Center.

Keller Square This year, community stakeholders convened with city representatives and TCC architects to discuss a redesign of the historic Keller Square formerly managed by the New Orleans Recreation Department (NORD).

Harmony Arts As community partner on the CJ Peete redevelopment, NONDC has made it a priority to integrate public art into the new Harmony Oaks site. Projects include:

“Spirit Oak� This youth mosaic and sculpture collaboration with YA/YA, Inc. (Young Aspirations/Young Artists) will create mosaic Live Oak leaves that will compose a walkway across the green space on S. Robertson Street near Louisiana Avenue at Harmony Oaks.

The Mardi Gras Indian Walk of Fame Chiefs from the Mardi Gras Indian Council have worked with local artists and NONDC to design mosaic squares along Washington Street commemorating the rich history of the Mardi Gras Indians in Central City.

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