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NONA Foundation is a Dutch / Belgium non-profit organization that has been active since 2005. We help under aged girls who are a victim of sexual abuse in Sri Lanka. Our team consists of volunteers who are making an effort to help these victims. Victims of sexual abuse in Sri Lanka have a long way to go. They need help in basic needs and special assistance. Many of these children are accommodated in shelters. The NONA Foundation gives victims of sexual abuse a chance of a better future. We do this by providing shelter, medical- and psychic care, education and reintegration. NONA Foundation works together with the Sri Lankan Good Shepherd Sisters of Negombo.

Shelter Raped girls are often seen as a disgrace to their families and social environment (even though the perpetrator can be one of them). These young girls are immediately rejected by their families and society. The NONA Foundation provides these girls with shelter and protection in the Good Shepherd Nisaladiya Home. Care These girls are traumatized and often suffer from psychological complaints. For these they receive professional help and guidance. Because relaxation is very important to them they are offered, among others, singing lessons, drama and handicraft. Education It is very important for the girls to obtain a better position in society. This makes education essential. In the school the girls are educated by professional teachers. They also learn to work with computers, make their own clothes and cook. After completion of the course it is also possible to continue studying at the University. Reintegration At a given time, the girls have to return into the society again. Finding a job can be a very difficult thing for them, which has its cause in their background situation. Finding a partner can also be a struggle in their lives. Therefore, it is a necessity that they become self-supporting.

Drs. J.P. Wouterse RA Drs. C.J.M Free Drs. W.N. Vulto Drs. H.J. Essen Drs. I. van den Linden Drs. G.C.M. Mol ` Drs. B.J.G. Menken

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