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‘New Face’

What generally inspires you? Music and listening to interviews and texts about people I like. What does your colour palette consist of when making these decisions? I guess the colour palette depends on the fabric. It's all interconnected. Sometimes I don't decide and leave the colour palette to chance. I like not having control of my designs or letting randomness or accident alter my creations. Do you have any icons that influence you? The Little Prince from Antoine de Saint-ExupĂŠry's book of the same name is someone that I look up to. Rei Kawakubo is probably the most influential person to me that I can think of, I owe a lot to her. Where are your favourite places to go out? (hangouts, social whereabouts) The places I've never been to before are my most favourite. Who are your favourite musicians? Why? I really like John Cage at the moment, I listened to his song called 4'33", it is such a simple song and it affirmed the way that I look at the world and it changed the way I listen to music and sound. Who are your favourite designers? Rei Kawakubo, Walter van Bierendonck, Ma Yansong As you're in a fashion design course, what mood do your collections/designs give? I don't think I go for any particular mood.


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