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No More Phone Tag Provides Live Medical Answering Services

No More Phone Tag was established in Westville Ohio in 1991, to provide live medical answering services. Unlike other phone answering services, the No More Phone Tag targets only healthcare providers like doctors, psychiatrists, clinics, medical practices and so on. Real people in a call center take care of all phone calls, respond to queries, take messages and schedule appointments for the medic. The medical answering service aims at freeing the doctor to perform their duties at helping patients without undue disturbance. Emergency calls and messages are relayed to the doctor at the most convenient and earliest possible moment. Talking about the medical answering service, the Customer Relations Manager said, “At No More Phone Tag, we understand the need for the doctor to concentrate on attending their patients without interruptions so they can give them all their attention. We came up with the answering service idea when we also realized the patient does not appreciate being attended to by a recorded voice especially if they are calling in an emergency. So, the solution we felt is to set up a call center dedicated to serving medics and their patients. No More Phone Tag, therefore, is a medical phone answering service, an answer for both doctors and patients.� Most phone answering services charge per minute making it impossible to estimate how much the practitioner will pay at each month end. Since there is no way to predict how many phone calls will come in or how many outgoing calls the clinic will make or the duration of such calls, the bills tend to vary with each month. The No More Phone Tag, however, offers a different med answering service cost, one that is constant every month. The charge is a standing $65 no matter the number of phone calls attended or messages handled.

The Customer Relations Manager continued to explain “Our billing method at No More Phone Tag is a standard $65 across the board. We have no hidden costs, and you can take a 14-day free trial period to see if we are compatible with your service. When we give this kind of service billing, it helps the healthcare provider to know how to budget for the service. Doctors also take comfort in knowing their patients are getting personal attention and their questions answered without them having to come to the practice.�

Medical practitioners seeking the best med answering services will find their questions answered by the No More Phone Tag medical answering service. The service is HIPPA compliant and still to curb any potential breaches of HIPPA compliance, No More Phone Tag service comes with an automated med answering services record keeping. It also keeps track of patients’ contact with the office or facility for easier reference. The system will automatically record all calls and the specific actions that callers took through the system. Knowing this, the staff at No More Phone Tag then take serious their work and treatment they give patients on the phone.

About No More Phone Tag The medical answering service provider is based in Westville, Ohio and was established in 1991. Their main aim is to provide affordable, convenient and comprehensive phone answering service specifically for healthcare providers. The service adds significant value to a medical practice that is seeking to improve quality and patient experience continually. No More Phone Tag can tailor the system to suit the service of a particular practice if they know why patients call in after hours and what they are seeking information on.

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No more phone tag provides live medical answering services  
No more phone tag provides live medical answering services  

No More Phone Tag was established in Westville Ohio in 1991, to provide live medical answering services.