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ccante Media Kit

M ssion Statement Target Aud ENCE To inspire people to think about what they eat, try out new foods, and new food eateries. Many people are unaware of the different kinds of delicious food and eateries around them (Ex.- Have you ever heard of Chantilly’s?), and our magazine could talk about those places. We’re all interested in cooking and experimenting with new culinary arts, so we’re interested in writing about it.


Our target audience would most likely be teenagers to people in their late twenties because since our magazine will have some recipes in it, they might not be simple enough for young children to do alone. Also, some of the places we’ll write about, although they may be known by people of all ages, may be interesting only to teenagers and adults since they are always looking for new places to “hang out” with their friends and family. Both men and women would equally like our magazine, just as long as they’re interested in eating food and/or making food. Our magazine will be accessible to high school students, meaning that our audience would have a limited budget.

Piccante Spring 2011


by Ima Photographer

advert sement Ideas Posters about our magazine- We could make posters advertising our magazine and then post them on the walls of the school. We could try and color/design them like fast food companies advertise themselves. Dress up in food- We could dress up in food (like Lady Gaga except not in meat....), which would definitely attract people’s attention and when they ask, we could talk about how our magazine is a food magazine and then encourage them to read it. Advertise in other people’s works- We could advertise about our magazine in the Liberator (the school newspaper) or other people’s magazines (If it is allowed). Make a song- Write up a song about our magazine and sing it in the hallways or classrooms (if Ms. Young and teachers of the classrooms will let us).

Cooking demonstration- We can make our own cooking demonstration of something simple (ex.- pasta) at school and tell people at the end to read our magazine for more delicious recipes and tips for cooking.

03 Piccante Spring 2011



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A picture of chilies. by Ima Photographer

Facebook and Gmail- Facebook, which is a very popular social site, allows a member to make a fanpage or a group, so we can make one of those for our magazine and recommend them to our friends via-email or through the site. Gmail also has a new application called “Buzz” which allows people to connect with their friends just like Facebook, except that people can follow each other and it updates regularly. We could post posts on Buzz which encourage our friends to read our magazine.

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A picture of chocolate covored chilies.

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Piccante Spring 2011


Ed torial Calendar Logo Chocolate and Bananas might go extinct!- This would be interesting because people would start paying attention to the environment to make sure their favorite treat won’t be around within 15 years. Farmers Markets are better than grocery stores- Health nuts would be attracted to this story like a moth to a flame. And people are always looking for great and healthy places to shop for groceries. One’s diet must include some kind of meat once a week- The vegetarian audience will understand the benefits of meat and that meat is a very important part of the diet. Health benefits of chocolate.- Everyone wants a good reason to eat this delicious treat. An interview with the employees at Amy’s Ice Cream factory- This would be a good article because everyone who loves ice cream will love to learn about a tour at Amy’s Ice Cream factory and what the employees think about where they work.

We used a chili pepper to replace the “I” in ‘Piccante’ (which is the name of our magazine), which means “spicy” in Italian. It represents our theme, food, because the word describes one of many possible tastes for food.

Secrets behind chefs’ recipes. (Mr. Scaccia and Ms. A)- Talking to people who know the actual secrets behind the delicious recipes we get. We’ll also demonstrate some of the chefs’ recipes where the students of LASA and our target audience will be able to taste the delicious Italian recipes. Brownie: Man’s best friend- Whether it is chocolate, vanilla, or some other sort, everyone has had the pleasure of trying this sweet delight. Anyone that is interested in learning the origin of brownies is welcome to read an article like this. Which pizza place is better?- We all love pizza places. From California Pizza Kitchen to East Side Pies, each pizza place has their own kind of twist to their pizzas. But which pizza place attracts the most people? Chantilly’s- This delicious sandwich place has never been heard of by many people who live in Austin, and their sandwiches are a must-eat. From sandwiches to salads to Italian ice cream, this Italian eatery is amazing. Anyone who loves to learn about delicious food eateries and Italian food would love to read about the contrast/compare of how this place started their business.

05 Piccante Spring 2011

Piccante Spring 2011


Style sheet plan Color scheme: Firenze. Light yellow- R- 255, G-240, B-165 Red- R-142, G-40, B-0 Blue-green- R-70, G-137, B-102 Dark yellow- R-255, G-176, B-59 Gray- R-53, G-67, B-67 Body copy: (Gray text) Footlight MT light, size 12.7. We chose Footlight MT light (which is a sans serif type of font because it has smooth curves with a elegant touch to it) because our theme of chilies and food matched with it and it looked like an Indian font. Logo: Eccentric, size 200 so it can stand out a lot and people can read it with ease. Captions: Footlight MT light, size 12. Folio: (Dark yellow number) Footlight MT light, size 10 Byline: Footlight MT light, size 12. End sign: We used a spoon as our end sign because it’s a cooking/eating utensil, and our topic is food. Pull quote: Footlight MT light, size 16-18. Section header: Eccentric, size 72 Art credit: The font we used for the art credit is Footlight MT light, size 12 that matches with a chili theme because of its dark red color. Drop cap: Footlight MT light, four lines down, and it’s red. 07 Piccante Spring 2011

Made by: Chaaru Deb, Shweta More, Vandana Garg, and Estefani Mejia. E-Zine, 7th/8th period

Media Kit of VECS GMMD  

This is our Media Kit! By VECS GMMD

Media Kit of VECS GMMD  

This is our Media Kit! By VECS GMMD