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3D view station Kisters The company has released the 2014.1 version of its 3DViewStation, known for its modern user-interface, high performance 3D-viewing and Digital MockUp, current and mature CAD-importers for Catia, NX, Creo, SolidWorks, JT, 3D-PDF, and STEP, plus a set of functional tools to view, analyze and communicate 3D-data, the company says. The new version ships with a fresh Office 2013 compliant user interface and provides functionality that can be leveraged by the user quite intuitively, the company says.

The focus of the latest developments has been on Catia 2D-drawings support, large format printing, and undo functionality. After many customer requests Catia 2D drawing


Proven design Efficient-Reaches 2350 Degrees Versatile Portable Many Models Available

support has been added to the 3DViewStation. More 2D file formats will be added. Drawings and 3D parts or assemblies can now be printed, even on large format printing devices, including

grid, markups and stamps, to add printing time or document name, if desired. The undo-function now allows undo selections, color changes, movements, dimensions, and more. Other additions include 3D-PDF export using templates, 3DVSXML read/ write, export of section curves as SVG, the highlighting of features, which are associated with a selected PMI, the ability to explode parts into its faces, more methods to create coordinate systems, a BREP based compare function for assemblies, and a single key full screen mode. Contact 916-723-1441

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NC Tool Company Inc 6133 Hunt Road Pleasant Garden, NC 27313 336/674-5654 September / October 2014 n O&MM Fabricator


Sept/Oct 2014 O&MM Fabricator  

September/October 2014 Ornamental & Miscellaneous Metal Fabricator, Vol. 55, No. 5.

Sept/Oct 2014 O&MM Fabricator  

September/October 2014 Ornamental & Miscellaneous Metal Fabricator, Vol. 55, No. 5.