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Mayhem ain’t dead! It May be here!!! Gone are the days of rain and thunder … well, the rain, anyway… thunder, no problem, we make that ourselves… oh, I HATE when you roll out, all filled with gasoline and anticipation , your face in the smiling sun and caressing wind, and thenpebbles. Few and far between at first, angrier and more and more fierce, you pull up your bandana, wait for the next red light to close the zipper of your jacket .. your glasses creating a kaleidoscope of psychedelic lights- red, white, orange - dancing erratically and you drive , slowly, slowly, following a feeling, a hunch, rather than clear view of anything, peeking over the rim of your glasses until your eyeballs hurt from the steady pummeling of steady, pouncing raindrops onto your retina… that’s when your glasses fog up because your breath gets caught under your bandana that protects you from Mother Nature’s assertive, forceful exfoliation, and the warmth of it, your breath, sneaks up from under the bandana, past your nostrils under the glasses and causes the condensation to collect on the inside of your protective goggles and blind you. Great…By now the cool rainwater has dripped off your helmet and into your collar, trickling down your steamy back, leaving a grueling, cruelly chilling trail down the middle of your back, down your spine, creeping shamelessly all the way into the back of and down into your pants… you think you can balance and juggle and keep it from going anywhere else- but no. The floodgates are open, the cool tropical rain gushes down into your collar and, finally, finds its way, over your shoulders, down your neck, your throat, your chest – eeeeeek…. Yup… dripping, trickling, running all the way down your screeching tummy, right into your pants andgasp- yup, down there. Too late. Nothing you can do. No escape , no stopping it now. Your knees are providing a wonderful slide for the floods down your shins, perfectly into your boots, until your socks and feet are soaked in the delicious torrent and pruning sets in. By now you’re creeping at 5 mph, staring at – if you’re lucky – your brother’s rear end in the psychedelic kaleidoscope red fragments of his taillight, while the rain is whipping you like the head master after discovering that you had been sneaking into the kitchen pantry. Not that that EVER happened to me. And THAT’s, usually the time you get the urgent signal to go to the bathroom. Right there, in traffic, in the middle of a raging thunderstorm, on I-95. Not, that that ever happened to me. Is it the cold, the sound of the rain or just the gods amusing themselves by adding another obstacle for you to solve? We may never know. All I know is , that bridges and overpasses make fabulous shelters and shields, so do pillars and the concrete guard rails. You can stand, hide behind them, lean on and watch the passing waves of traffic in the pounding torrent, and discover – while hugging and draping yourself over them - that they hold the heat of the day nicely , warming your drenched ,cold body while you safely have a smoke, maybe a saddlebag brew, while chatting and laughing it up with your brothers and feeling sorry for the poor soaked saps passing you by. Aaaah the delights of April. It’s the month for plants, not people.

Even though we had reason to celebrate- like “life’, in general , Club Annuals, remembering brother Pauly , birthdays, impromptu and premeditated runs and rides, Leesburg, benefits everywhere and anywhere we could fit them in. Taco Tuesdays at the Cove in Ft Lauderdale Beach. Every Thursday, there’s Dinner at the States clubhouse, with Fatman cooking up a tasty storm for ‘the family” . Every Friday there’s Open House at the USMV MC clubhouse in Dania with great grub, a full bar, the prettiest girls and brotherhood. Mickey’s in Pompano, as you know, has a Sunday Service under the Pompadome , ever since brother Dave had his terrible accident last year and, still , has to wake up – Jerry Goodner founded the “Saints Motorcycle Ministry” and spreads the good word there among friends, family, palms and iron horses – religiously, every Sunday. May, however, is the month of our annual Love-In at Greynold’s Park…. a ‘must’ in my book. For those who DON’T know - The Greynolds Park Love-In is a celebration of the 1960s with music, vintage clothing and memorabilia. Yeah, man. AND, highlight for me, they have a vintage car and motorcycle show every year. Now we also have SOUTH FLORIDA'S VERY OWN BIKE WEEKEND, called “THE MAYHEM MOTORCYCLE RALLY” on May 3rd, 4th & 5th 2013. Please, go to the website for the event details THE MAYHEM MOTORCYCLE RALLY in May this year was not designed to be ‘just another bike event”. It was created to also show off our South Florida... we have more to see, do ,enjoy and explore than most anywhere else in the world – from the Everglades to the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico, race tracks, fishing trips, the local bar and party scene to our beautiful beaches – and the people, don’t forget all the wonderful people – we simply have it all. Sometimes we forget what we have over fretting what we want. This event is supporting the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation and other Charities, I hear. THIS COULD HAVE HAPPENED : In 2007 a proposed ordinance in Delray Beach, Florida, would ban ALL motorcycles from a fiveblock section of Atlantic Avenue, between Swinton Avenue and U.S. 1, between the hours of 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. ABATE lawyers stopped them this time. But “Evil is always and everywhere” - it can rear its ugly head again in other places. ABATE, Enforcers, Black Pistons, Big Twin Riders, Six Point Riders and all the others that showed up at the City Commission meeting to help support the effort to stop this injustice which also made a large impression. This is one good example why we ALL need to support ABATE Everybody needs to join if you’re not a member already, to help protect our freedoms – you can join online at, or find them at the events and join in person. The more

members, the more power , the less those haters can mess up for us. Old wisdom. Just DO it. It’s only $20 a year or $100 for a lifetime membership, brotherhood , a lot of perks – money very well spent, fabulous people joined. Riding a motorcycle anytime is a test of real patience and restraint. This fact underlines the need for constant practice, training, and focus, and as a single rider even more important in group riding. Without proper training, planning and execution, group riding can be very dangerous. Proper formation, distance, and ability to react quickly with control can be the difference between life and death. So, when in a group riding situation be alert and watch your fellow riders’ front, back and side to side. Don’t “show your ass”, or you’ll lose it and cause others to get hurt, as well. Not cool, man. Communicate your intentions, avoid any confusion, and arrive safely. Arriving safely, either solo or in a group, is your best reward. Oh geez, I feel a story coming on about a ride to the West coast, with weekend warriors joining in that had never ridden that far – or, with us before – oh, what excitement that was! Has to wait till next time, though – I never seem to have enough space. See you in the Wind, be safe, enjoy, love life and each other- random acts of kindness never go out of style. And do ride it like you stole it. I love you, man. Uli

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