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Durable Pumping and Mixing Solutions


Landia, first and last in biogas plants Powerful mixers and pumps with a unique cutter system ensure excellent chopping and mixing in the pre-treatment tank. A homogeneous substrate is crucial to a fast anaerobic process and maximum gas production. For pasteurisation, Landia offers a patented, stand alone and fully automated unit for treatment of Category 3 by-products. Landia offers three different types of equipment for anaerobic digester and post digester mixing. Great emphasis is placed on mixing systems that can be maintained from the outside without costly, complicated and risky procedures of having to open or even empty the digester. Mixer selection for storage tanks is always based on intermittent, quick and powerful mixing prior to emptying the tanks with a minimum of energy consumption and mixer wear. The extensive range of different types and sizes of chopper pumps permits Landia to offer solutions to all major pumping applications on a biogas plant. A range of high pressure pumps allows pumping to and from tanks, pumping through heat exchangers and pumping over long distances – at times up to several kilometres – even in the case of considerable head-loss. For extreme abrasive conditions, pump components in hardened materials can be offered.

ly p m i S t! n e i effic  Storage tank

 Pump lift station

 Reception and pre-treatment


 Anaerobic digester

 Post digester

 Reception and pre-mixing tank In this tank, different liquids e.g. slurry, sewage sludge or manure are mixed with biomass or organic waste such as corn or grass silage, organic food waste, fats, etc. Often, dry biomass is mixed into the liquid. This requires chopping of the biomass and powerful mixing of the dry material into the liquid part. A homogeneous substrate without any harsh or large pieces of dry matter is of crucial importance to the subsequent anaerobic digestion process. Landia offers highly efficient propeller mixers and chopper pumps for this application.

 Anaerobic digester and post digester Anaerobic digester mixing has to be reliable and energy efficient. Landia’s patent pending mixing system GasMix™ meets these demands. No rotating equipment inside the tank, easy maintenance without the need to open the tank cover or enter the tank and without expensive loss of gas production. In very large tanks, side entry mixers (type PowerMix™) can be installed.

 Storage tank Landia’s submersible mixers are specifically engineered for mixing of all kinds of slurries and sludges with a high content of dry matter. Applications can be digestate, slurry, sludge from waste water treatment plants and a number of industries. They are well suited to put settled or floating solids back into suspension. Low propeller rotation ensures high efficiency. The propeller design permits clog-free mixing even in liquids containing large amounts of stringy material or rags. Unique triple shaft sealing system for gear and motor protection against the surrounding liquid.

Advantages of using Landia Chopper Pumps in biogas plants Landia Chopper Pumps are well suited for all major pumping applications in biogas plants. Built for heavy duty applications where foreign objects often create a severe pumping environment for other pumps, the unique cutter system and open impellers bring a number of advantages:  Smaller foreign objects such as grit, sand, small pieces of broken glass can pass through the pump without damaging it and with only minimal wear.  Sudden blockage because of larger foreign objects will normally not damage the pump.  No need for expensive pre-grinders and macerators.  No pressure pulsation in the pipe system.


Anaerobic Digester Mixing System GasMix™ GasMix™ systems are ideally applied for homogenizing anaerobic digester contents. Significant advantages compared to conventional digester mixing systems:

 No rotating equipment inside the tank.  Easy maintenance and service without need of emptying the tank or opening tank covers.  No costly loss of gas production during pump maintenance.  Significantly improved health and safety conditions due to external installation.  Reduced capital cost: no access walkways, platforms or hoists required.  Enhanced cell break down resulting in increased biogas production.  Unique 3-dimensional mixing pattern reduces formation of scum layers.  Powerful mixing is achieved by a chopper pump and one or more top gas/sludge ejector nozzles and a bottom mixing nozzle.

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Demo video on: www.landia.co.uk/mixers/gasmix

Chopper Pumps – The unique concept

Landia Pumps with chopping system – the answer to all pumping applications in biogas plants. The chopping system is clearly separated from the pump casing and the impeller. This prevents blocking of the pump and its subsequent piping as all chopping is completed before it enters the pump housing. The pump casing, impeller and sealing system will not be worn or damaged in connection with the chopping process.

Back plate and front plate with guide traces

The hard wearing chopping system is made of hardened steel; long lasting and easy to replace.

Open Impeller

Large selection of materials and options All Landia chopper pumps are equipped with a chopping system consisting of two rotating and one or three fixed cutters. The pumps are manufactured in cast iron or 316 stainless steel.

Rotating and fixed knives

For abrasive conditions, hardened knives, impellers and pump front and back-plate in special materials can be offered. 2-component painting is optional. Installation equipment is available in several qualities of stainless steel or galvanized mild steel. Motors are available in different explosion proof versions.

Submersible Chopper Pump Model: DG-I

Motor sizes: 0.55-30.0 kW. Vertical or horizontal installation on support foot or base elbow.

Long shaft Chopper Pump for wet well installation Model: MPG-I

Motor sizes: : 5.5-30.0 kW.

Chopper Pump for dry installation Model: MPTK-I

Motor sizes: 0.55-30.0 kW. Vertical or horizontal installation directly into the piping system.


Propeller Mixers The Landia mixing systems for biogas plants are based on many years of experience in mixing and homogenizing slurries and sludges. An extensive range of mixers with large blades and low propeller rotations ensure energy efficient long lasting solutions in liquids with high solids/dry matter content. Landia propeller mixers are equipped with a unique triple shaft sealing system as a dependable protection of gearbox and motor in liquids with high solids/dry matter content. A special outer seal against the surrounding liquid ensures that stringy and long fibrous materials from grass, straw or corn will not damage the mechanical seals in the interior part of the sealing system. Large selection of materials and options Submersible mixers are available with cast iron or stainless steel motor casings. 2-component painting of propeller, gear and motor casing are optional. Installation equipment is available in several qualities of stainless steel or galvanized mild steel. Motors are available in different explosion proof versions.

Submersible Mixer

Side entry Mixer PowerMix™

Motor sizes: 1.1-30.0 kW.

Motor sizes: 5.5-18.5 kW.

Mixer with submersible motor and gear, 300 rpm.

Mixer with dry installed motor, wetted parts propeller and gear, 300 rpm.

Model: POP-I


Model: POPTR-I



– Hygienisation unit for Category 3 by-products Treating by-products with the Landia BioChop® hygienisation unit makes it possible to pump each treated batch directly into the anaerobic digester. The system is characterized by its simple design with reliable high quality components and a unique multipurpose application of one Landia chopper pump for chopping, mixing and emptying the unit. Main components of the BioChop® compact unit:

 Insulated stainless steel tank with heat jacket.  Landia chopper pump for chopping, mixing and emptying.  Necessary valves in stainless steel.  Level control.  Complete control with data logger. The unit is available in several standard sizes, with volumes from 2.5 to 25.0 m3.

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Landia was founded in 1933 and is today a modern, successful manufacturer of a comprehensive range of chopper pumps, propeller mixers and aerators, offering customised solutions and systems for difficult to handle liquids with high dry matter content, liquid biomass and other organic waste. Our customers are involved in the conception and construction of biogas plants, municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, processing of by-products and waste from the food industry, agricultural slurry handling and much more. We support our customers through our subsidiaries and offices in the UK, Germany, Norway, the US and China – plus a worldwide network of professional distributors.

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Durable Pumping and Mixing Solutions

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Durable Pumping and Mixing Solutions