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Slurry solutions for cattle

Efficient solutions for modern cattle farms


Efficient slurry solutions for modern cattle farms

Collecting run-of

警警Channel mixing in a loose housing system

警警Sandy slurry

Slurry, straw and feed remains fall into the channel underneath the slatted floor. The channel mixer is placed in a basin outside the barn and is managed by a timer.

Sand is often used as bedding in cow stalls. Slurry that contains sand often causes increased wear on pumps and mixers. Landia has developed a number of pumps and mixers produced using hard-wearing material, which increases their lifetime significantly when compared to other brands.

The mixer creates a powerful flood wave that flushes the channel, and over a few minutes it creates a homogenous liquid without any bottom sediment or floating layer. After mixing, a submersible pump moves the content of the basin to an external storage tank. If the slurry needs to be pumped over a long distance or ascending terrain, an extra pump can be added to increase the pressure.

In order to reduce the wear even more, Landia recommends automatic control by using a level sensor. If the slurry needs to be pumped over a long distance or ascending terrain, an extra pump can be added to increase pressure.

If necessary, the slurry in the channel can be diluted by automatically adding run-off water or reused wash water from the milking system.

Channel mixing in a loose housing system


Handling of sandy slurry

Channel mixing in a loose housing system Handling of sandy slurry

Mixing slurry in a storage tank

ff water

Back flush system

Rinsing the collection yard in a milking parlour

ĵĵCollecting run-off water

ĵĵMixing slurry in a storage tank

Clean rainwater and nutritious run-off water can be collected from silage areas, the farmyard, roads and roof surfaces and kept in underground tanks. The tank is equipped with a submersible pump that is controlled by a level sensor, which makes sure it starts up when necessary.

In order to achieve a complete emptying of a storage tank, it is necessary to first mix the content so as to mix the bottom sediment with the liquid part of the slurry.

The collected run-off water can be used to dilute slurry in the barns, or it can be pumped directly into the storage tank or the irrigation system on the fields.

The mixing can be carried out using a mobile mixer, but it is easier and more efficient to use a stationary mixer, especially if the tank is covered. Landia offers a wide range of mixers, fittings and hoists that fit all tank types and sizes, both with and without a cover.

ĵĵRinsing the collection yard in a milking parlour The wash water used to rinse the milking system is collected in a tank underneath the floor. The wash water from the tank is later used for rinsing the collection yard by using a submersible pump that is connected to jet nozzles in the floor. The wash water from the collection yard is collected and pumped to a storage tank.

Collecting run-off water

Mixing slurry in a storage tank

Rinsing the collection yard in a milking parlour


Slurry pump – Dry-installed Landia’s pumps, with a unique combination of fixed and rotating blades, are the optimal solution for chopping and pumping slurry with a high dry matter content. ĵĵThe blade system and the construction of the pump housing help to avoid any clogging during the intake. ĵĵWearing parts, such as the propeller and the pump housing, can be delivered in hardened materials so that the wear is reduced by 50% when pumping material such as sandy slurry. ĵĵCapacity up to 475 m³/t. In short Motor size from 0.75 to 30.0 kW Lifting height up to 50 metres Compact design

Slurry pump – Submersible Landia’s submersible pump DG is submerged in the slurry where it is used for mixing, chopping, back flushing and transfer in reception tanks, wells and storage tanks. There are several options in terms of sizes, fittings, hoisting gear, pipe layouts and couplings. ĵĵThe blade system and the construction of the pump housing help to avoid any clogging during the intake. ĵĵWearing parts, such as the propeller and the pump housing, can be delivered in hardened materials so that the wear is reduced by 50% when pumping material such as sandy slurry. ĵĵCapacity up to 475 m³/t. In short Motor size from 0.75 to 30.0 kW Lifting height up to 50 metres Frost-free installation


Underground well with dry-installed pump MPTK This precast pump well in polyethylene (PE) is used for vacuum systems. It can also be applied to increase the pressure when pumping slurry over long distances through ascending terrain. The well comes in different sizes, ready for use with the required pump and fitting valves, pipe connection and lid. The precast PE well is entirely closed and comes with a large bottom piece so that it remains in the ground in case the ground water rises. ĵĵ The reception tank becomes unnecessary as the slurry is pumped directly into the storage tank. ĵĵ Well-suited for increasing pressure when pumping slurry long distances. ĵĵ The pump increases the vacuum effect when emptying a slurry channel. ĵĵ Capacity up to 475 m³/t. In short Motor size from 7.5 to 30.0 kW Lifting height up to 50 metres Watertight pump installation

Long-shaft slurry pump Landia’s long-shaft pumps MPG (motor pump) and TPG (tractor pump) are installed on the side of a well or a tank so that the lower part of the pump housing is submerged in the slurry while the upper part, including the engine, is up in the open. The long-shaft pump can be delivered with a moveable bottom mixer. It comes in many sizes, fittings and different pipe layouts. ĵĵThe blade system in hardened steel for chopping dry matter content and an auger to ensure a homogenous intake, which helps to avoid any clogging of the pumping process. ĵĵCast pump housing results in a better quality than a welded pump housing. ĵĵLong durability, often up to 10–15 years of operation without any major costs. ĵĵCapacity up to 450 m³/h. In short Motor size from 5.5 to 30.0 kW, or as a tractor pump Lifting height up to 25 metres 4”, 5” or 6” pump pipes


Slurry mixer POP Landia’s slurry mixer POP 300 is an all-round, efficient and solid mixer. The propeller has a special design with three blades, and the low rotation speed makes it very suitable for mixing even very thick slurry. ĵĵThe construction of the propeller gives it an optimal mixing effect. Up to 4000 m3. ĵĵMany sizes, fittings and hoisting systems.

ĵĵEasy to install, also in a tank containing slurry.

ĵĵCan be moved around for usage in multiple tanks. In short Motor sizes from 3 to 30.0 kW Triple sealing system Mixing capacity up to 4000 m3

Slurry mixer POD Landia’s slurry mixer POD is a compact and flexible submersible mixer suited for smaller tanks and channels where the level of liquid is fairly low. ĵĵThe propeller is constructed in a way that makes it very useful; for instance, in a channel with a low level of liquid. ĵĵ The low weight makes it easy to move the mixer around and use it in several places. ĵĵThe mixer can be installed on a trailer to be moved around. In short Motor sizes from 1.1 to 11.0 kW Double mechanical sealing Compact with a low weight


Channel mixer AXP Landia’s channel mixer AXP 500 is made for circular flushing and for mixing slurry in the channels under a slatted floor. It ensures an efficient mixing so that the slurry is always homogeneous. ľľThe slurry is always homogenous, ready to pump to the storage tank without any difficulties such as clogged channels underneath the floor. ľľBy using a Landia control, the system runs automatically, and the time spent on handling the slurry is reduced to a minimum. ľľOutput up to 300 metres. In short Motor sizes from 5.5 to 18.5 kW Rotations: 400 rpm 400L Løftekrog


Faldlem med skydepl Rustfri Udv. mĂĽl (bxl) Indv 60 x 49 cm 40 x

Faldlem med hÌngsler Rustfri – Galv. Udv. mül Indv. mül 48 x 47 cm 40 x 40 cm

Langakslet gyllepumpe

Landia offers a wide range of original accessories for our pumps Landia gyllepumpe type TPG for traktor og type MPG for eldrift. and mixers that make daily routines faster, easier and safer. En driftssikker, robust pumpe med høj kapacitet til pumpning af gylle og andre vanskeligt See the entire selection at www.landia.co.uk/accessories pumpbare medier.



elgear. ed vink rdrift m Trakto ydelse: al umper Optim 4�/5� p umper. m. ved p 540 rp rpm. ved 6� 0 og 100

Special features:

t hÌrde stem i Knivsy ling af e d n fi stül til erbar egl for ed just n og sn halme fødning af veres m 40080 079/93 Kan le et r. r rt e 8/9340 pfo d sa s n n la re e r tilsto934007 re k bundb styr kan leve si e d . pump pning. Ekstrau g i lagertank ri pum 173C./. rin ningsf monte

. 93400.

on ksimal strukti ed ma lig kon hjul m iceven pumpe et serv • Meg umpehus og tp • Støb gsgrad ar. nkelge virknin med vi tordrift /C • Trak 164A/B


Scale: Sign.:


1 : 20 HL HEA 28-02-2017


MĂĽl for 110 mm PVC for 160 mm PVC

Skydeventil for PVC-rør til faststøbning Rustfri Mül for 110 mm PVC for 160 mm PVC for 200 mm PVC

lasstt eddttoo la ineeeerre EEnnggin


Kontakt Kontakt venligst: venligst:


Traktordrift med vinkelgear. Optimal ydelse 174B./.


416-./. . 76031.

Montagevejledning for beslag til tryktransmitter

Stophane for PVC-bagskyllerør til püboltning i kanalenderne

Rustfri Stainless steel valve

Knivsystem i hĂŚrdet stĂĽl til findeling af

Transfer pipe for open storage tanks Engineered to last

7614000 7614001 7614004

Ret til Ìndringer af tekniske specifikationer forbeholdes. Den anførte tekst og tekniske data mü ikke helt eller delvist gengives uden tílladelse fra Landia A/S.

.. 77120

idue r indiv tilbyde

Kan leveres med justerbar bundblander.

Stophane for PVC-bagskyllerør til faststøbning i kanalenderne Rustfri Mül for 110 mm PVC for 160 mm PVC 173B./.


l featu



• Meget servicevenlig konstruktion • Støbt pumpehus og pumpehjul med maksimal virkningsgrad • Traktordrift med vinkelgear. 406R110 406FR110 406R160 406FR160 163A/B

kW – 30,0 de lser 5,5 rør tankdyb rstørre pe til 6 m • Moto eller 6� pum ke ind a gert n 5� la , � g 4 o r• 3/ slag 750205 isoleret res til fo de rør og be3 2 e • Leve /t 750206 ekabel forzink rm 450 m med va • Varm tet op til ca. ci a p 2 a • K 721201

Nedkastningslem me til grebning eller ren Galv. Udv. mĂĽl Indv 65 x 65 cm 58 x

Hose and stopcock

Motorstørrelser 5,5 – 30,0 kW 4�, 5� eller 6� pumperør Leveres til for- og lagertanke indtil 6 m tankdybde Varmforzinkede rør og beslag Kapacitet op til ca. 450 m3/t

Level sensor


1 : 10 HL



. eldrift ligt PG for vanske type M g andre ktor og gylle o a f a tr r g fo pnin pe TPG til pum mpe ty acitet gyllepu øj kap med h Landia e p m u p robust ssikker, r. ie En drift inger. re med a b p peløsn m pu lle pum

Scale: Sign.:

.S/A aidnaL morf noissimrep tuohtiw yaw rehto yna ni desu ro ytrap driht a ot nevig ,deipoc ,nwohs eb tonnac dna S/A aidnaL fo ytreporp eht si gniward sihT - THGIRYPOC

Insulated and heated transfer pipe

• • • • •


Faldlem for pĂĽboltning Rustfri Udv. mĂĽl 41,5 x 41,5 cm

Two-way tap, pipe connection and couplings

temer s y s e e p mp ilppuum ltle y e g l t e e d l srs l�gea�k� L�ain



Landia tilbyder individuelle pumpeløsninger.

Branch pipe

402L Løftekrog



400G40 400HR40

1 : 5 HL


Landia -BOEJB" Indust *OEVTUSJW %, DK-694 5FM  Tel.: 97 Fax: +45 Fax: 97 FNBJMJO e-mail www.lan





:regnirdnÆ :.inI :otaD

Varenr.: 7502061

Styret dokument (intern)

Overpumpningsrør, 6" m/justerbar beslag Monteret gennem dug

A/N :tgĂŚV :.ngiS :elacS

7102-20-82 KSK LH 03 : 1


"6 rørsgninpmuprevO gnirelosi go lebakemrav/m



:regnirdnÆ :.inI

ecnarelot nedu lĂĽm ellA 1 ameksdradnats retfe :etaD

Scale: Sign.:



Transfer pipe for covered storage tank

Scale: Sign.:

76031 76031 76031


1 : 10 HL KSK 28-02-2017




Landia slurry solutions - recommended by satisfied customers

 New constructions and optimizations

Landia’s mixers and pumps are popular at Torben Thomsen’s farm, Volsgård I/S.

pipes, and enables the system to start up smoothly the next time.

When constructing a new building, it was decided to make a cross channel with a scraper system, which could move sand and slurry to a large reception tank. The reception tank has a Landia mixer and pump with a level sensor installed.

The slurry is pumped to a buffer tank where the sand settles before it is pumped on to the storage tank. The last time the buffer tank was emptied, it contained 1.5 metres of deposited sand. The sand was mixed and sucked up by a slurry spreader and taken to the fields. The buffer tank contains 600 m³.

The level sensor is set so that once the slurry reaches a certain level, the mixer begins prior to the initiation of the pump. The mixing continues until the slurry reaches a low level, and the pump continues for a little while still. This makes sure that no sandy slurry remains in the pressure


- The system has been running smoothly since 2008, and we are very pleased with it. “The fact that the system runs automatically has proved very helpful to us,” says the owner Torben Thomsen.

back flush to  From circular flush At the Gyllingnæs Gods estate, Landia was asked to transform the old barn from back flush to circular flush, both where the cows and the young animals were. During the same process, there was a task to be solved in pumping to the run-off water and pumping from the calves’ barn to the channels by a circular flush. The 1,000-metre-long barn with four channels was equipped with a double basin with two channel mixers that could supplement each other. Next to this, a basin with a channel mixer for the slurry from the young animals was placed. Between the basins there is a sluice gate so that it is possible to add liquid slurry to the basin under the young stock. From the cattle shed, slurry is pumped 75 metres to the storage tanks using a 15 kW submersible pump.

All the basins are covered by grates. This means that the service engineer does not have to wait for the slatted floor to be removed. They provide a nice completion of the basin, which suits the building. A well for collecting run-off water is placed by the area around the silo. It is installed with a 2.2 kW submersible pump that is made to pump run-off water to the channel in the cattle shed. In the channel in the calves’ barn, a 7.5 kW submersible pump is installed. Once the slurry reaches a certain level, it is pumped from the calves’ barn to the channel in the cattle shed. Circular flush and transfer has been running smoothly, and only a few hours have been spent on maintenance.

flush around the  Circular milking robots At Erling Christensen’s farm “Søndergården” in Visby, Denmark, Landia was asked to make a circular flush around the milking robots. From there, the pumping should continue down to the middle of the barn and to a backflush in a cross channel.

the mixers and the pump. Once the slurry reaches a set level, the mixer runs for a pre-set period of time. After that the pump starts up. The pump and the mixer both stop automatically once a set level has been reached.

Here, sand and slurry is also scraped into the cross channel and runs into the reception tank between the two barns. From here, the pumping continues for more than 100 metres to a storage tank.

This helps to avoid any clogging of the pump line that could potentially make the next pumping difficult. Erling Christensen now separates the slurry, so he uses fibre instead of sand, but the use of Landia’s units is still the same.

To solve this task, Landia has delivered and installed three submersible pumps, two channel mixers and one mixer. Landia also installed a level sensor that controls

As a result, he now has a very reliable system that runs using a timer and PLC control with a pressure transmitter. This solution has proved very satisfying to the customer.


Landia is much more Landia produces pumps and mixers, and offers a wide range of solutions that are suited for different purposes within agriculture. Here are a few examples:

 Landia BioBuster Landia BioBuster ensures an efficient mixing of slurry. Landia BioBuster can be used for a more efficient mixing of slurry with a high dry matter content. Unique advantages: - The slurry is mixed more efficiently and becomes more homogeneous. - It is easier to handle thick and problematic slurry. - The pump flow is increased by up to 20%. - The risk of clogging is minimized. - The slurry that is pumped with Landia BioBuster has decreased viscosity, which reduces the pressure loss at pumping. - The energy expenses for pumping are reduced by up to 15% when compared to traditional propeller mixing.



 Landia GasMix – for biogas plants Landia GasMix is a special external mixing system for reactor tanks on biogas plants. Service and maintenance is made easy, and it has a positive effect on the biogas production


Service and maintenance Landia’s products are often used in aggressive environments under very abrasive operating conditions and with long operating times. Therefore, all Landia products are constructed from the following principles: • All components are dimensioned in a way that prevents them from becoming overloaded •  Wear parts (blades, bearings and sealing systems) are easy to replace. The need for service and maintenance is minimal. When the unit needs servicing, the work can usually be done directly on location, without any transportation to or from a service site. This significantly reduces the shutdown time.

Automated control of slurry solutions We deliver several different operating systems, from very simple ones with manual on/off switches to more advanced PLC control systems with temperature sensors, pressure sensors, frequency converter, log book and remote monitoring. Landia chooses the operating system based on an analysis of the actual needs and long-term goals of the customer.


Landia was founded in 1933 and is today a modern, successful manufacturer of a comprehensive range of chopper pumps, propeller mixers and aerators, offering customised solutions and systems for difficult to handle liquids with high dry matter content, liquid biomass and other organic waste. Our customers are involved in the conception and construction of biogas plants, municipal and industrial wastewater treatment, processing of by-products and waste from the food industry, agricultural slurry handling and much more. We support our customers through our subsidiaries and offices in the UK, Germany, Norway, the US and China – plus a worldwide network of professional distributors.

Landia Denmark Global Head Office

USA Germany China



Landia A/S (Headquarter) . Industrivej 2 . DK-6940 Lem St. . tel +45 97 34 12 44 . www.landia.dk


United Kingdom & Ireland

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Slurry Solutions - For Cattle & Dairy Farms...  

Slurry Solutions - For Cattle & Dairy Farms...