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5 Most Popular Commercial Floor Coverings Commercial flooring, a building material used in industrial and corporate environments such as shopping centers, office buildings and hospitals. It is designed to offer the blend of durability, cost efficiency, maintainability and visual appeal. It comes in variety of materials; some of the most common types of commercial flooring are ceramic tiling, concrete, rubber, laminates and vinyl, rubber and carpet. Buyers are always recommended to compare the costs, maintenance, aesthetic appeal and many other factors when choosing such kind of floors. ď ś

Man-made stone flooring: It is one of the most stunning commercial options comes with remarkable longevity. Though it is more expensive than other flooring options, it always offers long term costeffectiveness. Floor which is often used in clean service area glazed ceramic tile which is also known as quarry tile. It is renowned for its easy cleaning and maintenance. The other most common choices are unglazed ceramic tile, terrazzo, and Mexican Saltillo tiles.

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Concrete: It is largely used for construction and is extremely durable and affordable. It is often covered with other materials like vinyl or carpet and is gaining extreme popularity in retail stores.

Laminate and Vinyl flooring: They are the most popular types of commercial flooring. They are high durable and stain resistant. In addition, they are cost effective attractive as well. They are available in extensive array of colors and patters, can be easily designed to replicate the look of the hardwood at an affordable cost.

White Carpet: Considered as luxurious, white carpet is easily ruined by moisture and is very difficult to maintain. It is mainly found in hotels, offices and all the areas that need sound insulation. However, they can also prove to be practical alternative as they allow for spot specific replacement if damaged.

Rubber: They are usually chosen for sporting activities, industrial exercise along with hospitals and schools. They are easy to clean, stain-resistant and hygienic. High resilience makes them good flooring option for heavy impact or high traffic areas.

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5 Most Popular Commercial Floor Coverings  

People should choose the right commercial floor which provides the best variety to enhance the beauty and appeal of your floors. You can hav...