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Congratulations. You’re engaged to the love of your life. It’s finally official. All roads lead to you getting married, and it’s time to plan your wedding. Exciting times ahead. Very few life events come close to a wedding. It is the coming together of two families to celebrate a union of love and eternal devotion between two people. It therefore only makes sense that the entire day should feel as special as the magic it signifies - sweet love. What setting could be more perfect for this celebration than being in the very heart of mother nature and all her glory? Whether you’re an outdoorsy person, a nature lover or someone looking for something different, a bush wedding is perfect. Vast expanse of sky, warm sunlight and picturesque backdrops add an enchantment that cannot be replicated anywhere else. To plan your big day, the TARPO Events Division is here to assist you with the process from start to finish. Dream it, envision it, then give us a call. We will arrange an initial meeting where we get to know each other. This is the first step in the planning process. Here, we listen and understand the scope of your needs and desires, ascertain your budget and assess the logistical parameters of the wedding. Next, we’ll prepare a rough draft or detailed list of your ideas and aspirations. For example, would you like a venue that has the possibility of wildlife in the background for those perfect photos or will a backdrop of lush forest work? How long would you like the experience to be, and what theme do you fancy? Which month are you looking at? This information will help us see the wedding through your eyes. Once everything has been captured and we’ve come to an understanding, in comes the most crucial part: finding a bush location that fits your criteria. Once the ideal location has been matched to your needs, it’s time to choose an exact venue. A site visit recce is

paramount for this, especially if the area has never been explored before. Our team of creatives are able to vividly visualize the endless possibilities that the bush offers to bring your vision to life. Details such as layout or the time frame that would be adequate to have the site ready are determined at the visit. We become wellversed with the area. For instance, which areas are naturally shaded for pitching of tents or and where does the sun rise and set? The recce basically positions us all for the best outcome. The beauty of bush weddings is that with a mobile camp, you can convert the ceremony into a holiday getaway for everyone. You can create a small temporary community of family and friends with accommodation, party and dining areas set up to mimic a lodge experience. Possibilities in this arrangement could be sundowners while spotting wildlife in the distance or simply sitting around a bonfire sharing memories in anticipation of the big day. You also have the rare opportunity of arranging magical jungle themed dinners or cocktail parties in the ambiance of nature. Depending on the location, thrill seekers can engage in activities like game drives before or after the wedding. Our mobile camps cater to all budgets and we will make recommendations from our wide selection of glamping packages. We ensure that all our clients enjoy the benefits of camping in the bush with none of its discomforts and inconveniences. Our higher end Malaika and Maridadi ensuite tent packages offer fully furnished canvas tents, wedding-themed bedding and décor and lots of extra room. Depending on proximity, the tent rooms could include electricity. Essentially, our luxury packages are a luxury hotel room smack in the middle of the wild! For tighter budgets, the Manyatta package keeps things simple yet comfortable with smaller canvas domeshaped tents fitted with camping beds. All our accommodation packages are fully serviced. Our tents are primarily manufactured using the highest quality cotton or poly-cotton canvas material

designed specifically for that authentic outdoor experience. They are breathable and all have enough mesh vents to ensure proper ventilation and condensation. Once we’ve figured out what option works best for you, we’ll take care of the rest. At this stage, all hands are on deck geared towards transforming the venue; it’s setup time. If there’s an area that we excel in, it is certainly our mobile camping setup. We’ve been known to pull a Houdini by transforming what seems like nothing into a glamping lodge in a matter of days. We always aim to be at sites early and that extra time gives us the opportunity to do final checks to ensure everything is as per your expectations. The next time we would see you again is at the wedding. By this time, everything is executed. You walk in and the venue looks impeccable. The layout is better than you expected. The time, sweat and passion that went into planning has paid off wonderfully. We take in the views and celebrate the accomplishment— a perfect start to the ceremony. Your day is finally here. You’re excited, we’re excited for you, and your guests are mesmerized by this unique setting. Mission accomplished. We’ve both achieved our goals and now it’s time to celebrate this win. Our dedicated on-site coordinator and team are on site throughout to handle anything that crops up leaving you to focus on your big day. Following the end of a successful event, we pack up and get the bush back to normal ensuring that we leave no trace of our presence. Planning bush weddings is a gratifying process for us and hopefully this has given you a clear picture of how we work and what your experience might be like. We can’t wait to work with you or your wedding planner! Do not hesitate to give us a call...we’ll arrange for a coffee and chat. CONTACT +254 722 204 747,



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