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Chitkul -The last village

Himachal is Bikers capital of India and Asia . Bikers who never get tired of riding love these remote places beautiful small hamlets. Discovery Channel has rated this as one of the Deadliest Roads in the World , this adds just the right charm of adventure in the trip. The magical bike trip in India and its beauty is unmatched and incomparable Pine woodlands , Meadows, Mountains, Grasslands, Big rocks, River, trout fishing, Alpine Jungle and Apple orchards This place has everything! Before you plan your Trip hone your photography skills.

In winter Sangla and Chhitkul is completely covered in snow and remain cut-off for most of the time. Chhitkul Gaon, a lonely and sleepy village in the Baspa valley. This is famous last inhabited village before the Indo-Tibet border and the highest village in this region. The potatoes of this region are one of the best and costliest in the world. During summer this village is a mesmerizing scenery of greenery, flowers and snow-capped mountains. The powerful goddess of Chhitkul is the only non-Buddhist deity to

which respect must be paid by the Parikrama pilgrims. It is believed that the local Deity is related to the Deity of Gangotri and locals would carry the Deity to Gangotri on foot over high mountain passes This Expedition offers Kamru Fort and Misc. Trails & Meadows around Sangla: There are loads of trails in these apple orchards which can be hiked around while your stay in Baspa Valley. There are some lovely meadows too (one near Rakcham village) as well which can be visited or spent time to bask in the lap of pristine mother nature. Even Hike to Glacier point can be arranged if you fancy some snow play. Discover the dense cedar Forest from Batseri Gaon to Sangla Gaon walk of about 12 KMs with glorious view. There is a Trout Fishery Farm on the other side of Baspa River near Sangla Village , which is nice to visit. What better having a trout for yourself and later barbecue it over camp fire in the evening

Kotgarh, the apple bowl of India, is on the old Hindustan-Tibet road. Kotgarh is a quaint scenic place famous for its apples and acres of apple orchards. It offers marvellous walks through pine forests and Apple orchards. The picturesque terraced fields dotted with apple trees and bungalows is like an artist’s painted canvas.Hattu Temple and Peak offers a wonderful trek, on the way one can see many flora and fauna. Also can enjoy the mesmerizing Panaromic view of the Pir Panjal and the Dhauladhar ranges of Himalayas from the peak. Tanu Jubbar Taal encompasses famous Nag Devta temple built along the lake, but not open to outsiders..St Mary’s Church and Gorton Mission School Constructed in 1872, St Mary’s Church, the beautiful wooden church with its old graveyard stands as a reminder to a bygone era. Mailan Devta Temple (Chatur Mukh) is dedicated to the diety Deo or Deota. Constructed in Shikhar style, it has beautiful architecture. There are interesting accounts by bloggers about this Mandir.

Sarahan is a temple town at an altitude of about 6000 ft in the Satluj Valley and Gateway to Kinnaur. Gods must have been very generous and Jovial when they have gave Sarahan its settings. Located halfway up a high mountain side, the road to Sarahan winds past flowering Pine trees that give way to stately Oaks.

The fields and orchards that surround the small hamlets with their slate roofed houses, compose pictures of pastoral perfection. Experience the Optisim of many deodar trees rides the slopes and higher still, encircling the Bashal peak, are trees of smooth birch and variety of wild flowers and rare medicinal herbs. Sarahan is the base for numerous treks, a heaven for nature lovers. Deep down the alley flows the river Sutlej and across lies the snow-clad Shrikhand peak. Here is a place that offers extraordinary travel experience keep collecting them.

This sparsely populated tract is steeped in ancient legends and here is the famous Bhimakali Mandir regarded as one of the Fifty One sacred Shaktipeethhs. The mandir’s unusual architecture and wealth of carvings have made it a resplendent example of The indigenous form of architecture of Himachal Pradesh is known as the 'Kathkuni' style of architecture and specimens of which are prevalent in the

districts of Shimla, Kinnaur and Kullu. The tall tower like structure and unusual roof of the temple dominate the complex. The centuries old temple is now locked and in the newly built temple, the goddess Bhimakali is portrayed as a maiden and as a woman. This temple complex includes other temples such as Narsingh shrine of Bhairon and Lord Raghunath. and the temple complex attracts a variety of admirers. These are just few majestic places. Bikers should also take part in Leh Ladakh bike trips and Nepal Motorcycle Tours to explore more fascinating and never seen before beauty of mother nature.

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Chhitkul-The last village Bike Trips In India  

Himachal is Bikers capital of India and Asia . Bikers who never get tired of riding love these remote places beautiful small hamlets. Discov...

Chhitkul-The last village Bike Trips In India  

Himachal is Bikers capital of India and Asia . Bikers who never get tired of riding love these remote places beautiful small hamlets. Discov...