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No Locks Foundation are Helping Patients in Getting Rid of Psychological Dependency of Drugs and Alcohol New Delhi, 19th October, No Locks Foundation provides various drug rehabilitation programs to reach patients with new methods in a drug free environment. They view both alcoholism and drug addiction as mental diseases and try to give their patients an open and free atmosphere. A feeling of freedom is always encouraged at their facility. An alarming amount of people die of drug overdose and alcohol abuse every year. Most people don’t respect people with drug addiction as they would to any other patient with some other disease; majority don’t even consider these addictions as diseases, they rather think of them as mental disorders and taboo. That should not be the case if we want to give such patients any chance on a normal life in the society. The main idea should be to bring all the positivity among the patients suffering from drug addiction or have been a victim of alcohol abuse at some point in their lives. To see them as normal patients is most important; they should be given a free atmosphere so that they can examine themselves on their own rather than from a continuous forceful procedure. Due to some of the strict methods, these patients turn to rebellious ways and people think that the problem is with them and not the other way around. No Locks Foundation, which is located in New Delhi, is renowned for practicing with such free methods and providing their patients an open environment like their name suggests. Their primary motive is to cancel all the negativity of addiction from the minds of the patients and not force medicines on them.

They try to get rid of the psychological dependency of patients on drugs that can cause harm to their social and personal lives and could very well damage their relationships with their loved ones. They, unlike other Drug Rehabilitation Centers in Delhi, strive for a complete abstention of the drugs from the lives of their patients rather than moderation which can lead to relapse and further damaging their conditions.

For a complete rehabilitation of all patients they also act as an Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Delhi, providing them their multi-step programs and client centered approach and psychological counseling. Forcing any kind of therapy on patients won’t be fruitful if they themselves do not want to be treated, give them time and an open atmosphere so that they can examine their own lives and see how they distanced themselves from the ones who cared for them. No Locks Foundation is a facility that can provide the best environment for addicts of all substance. About The Company No Locks Foundation A renowned rehabilitation in Delhi who work solely for the purpose of giving drug addicts and alcoholics a new chance to be a part of the society. They believe in providing a free environment for their patients. With personal doctors and nutritionist available, they are among the top rehabilitation centers around. Company detailsAddress:

No Locks Foundation, 7/1, Zille Singh Farm, Park Lane, Church Road, New Delhi – 110070

Phone: E-mail:


No locks foundation are helping patients in getting rid of psychological dependency of drugs and alc  

No Locks Foundation provides various drug rehabilitation programs to reach patients with new methods in a drug free environment. They view b...

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