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Experience Hope and Strength in Your Fight Against Drug Addiction New Delhi, 13th January, No Locks Foundation is a Delhi-based de-addiction center which is known for treating alcoholism, drug addiction as well as other psychological problems that can come up with various addictive habits. They also provide an open environment for the clients during the treatment so that they can work their way on their own pace. Alcoholism and Drug Addictions are diseases and are recognised as such by the Indian medcial sector. Addiction has reached into every social, economic, and geographical corner of the country. And rehab centers like No Locks Foundation offers the only realistic chance of healing and curing addiction to a substance, drug or abusive and compulsive ideologies. For a large population of addicts, rehabilitation and recovery is only possible if they are treated professionally by proper therapeutic support, medical assistance and most importantly, in an open and non-judgemental environment. No Locks Foundation was started many years ago with one simple goal: to offer independent, impartial, and practical advice and support to the clients and their supportive families. The center works with some of the most dedicated and trained doctors in the field of de-addiction and makes the patients undergo safest detoxification methods and rehabilitation programmes. No Locks Foundation includes specialists in every form of addiction and compulsive behavior that comes up with such issues. Alcoholism and drug addiction are extremely serious problems and are known to be destructive in nature for the confidence, health, and mental structure of the patient. This is why No Locks Foundation highly advises to bring the patients in as soon as possible so that they can get on the path of recovery in an open and loving environment.

As the top Drug De Addiction & Rehabilitation Centre in Delhi, No Locks Foundation puts forward a holistic approach for their patients where they are treated physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually so that a wholesome recovery can be achieved.

No Locks Foundation is managed and run by a team of dedicated and trained addiction counselors, therapists, and medical doctors who have been in the medical and mental health field for a very long time. Rated as the best Nasha Mukti Kendra In Delhi NCR, No Locks feel that it is its responsibility for coming up with excellent medical and psychological support services for the patients and keep a track of their recovery – by providing an ideal place and atmosphere for recovery. About the Company No Locks Foundation It is a de-addiction center which is situated in the heart of the capital and is responsible for providing highly result-oriented and patient-centric de-addiction service for patients suffering from alcoholism, drug addiction, and substance abuse. Company Details Address: 7/1, Zille Singh Farm, Park Lane, Church Road, New Delhi – 110070 Phone: 9911665888 E-Mail:

Experience hope and strength in your fight against drug addiction  

No Locks Foundation is a Delhi-based de-addiction center which is known for treating alcoholism, drug addiction as well as other psychologic...

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