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wisata outbound malang hi gengs, have ya know where to go for vacation? Or want to visit what sights? If not, there is an unfortunate outbound that always ready your holiday content is more exciting and exciting, wisata outbound malang outbound Malang cheap you can follow with classmates or maybe just a partner work, who want to invite family can also kok. If you want to outbound low cost alone alone hhahaha.

Oh yes, except outbound there are also other things you can do in the city of Malang, and certainly the activity should be positive yaa. You can climb mountains, walk the beach, enjoy the beauty of waterfalls, test the adrenaline rush in the river water with the Stone Rafting, or merely enjoy the situation of calm and calm city dialun alunnya.

Previously took the decision to use your holiday where, a little bit of info about the poor city. This city is about 90km south side of Surabaya City, you can walk the road using vehicle probadi or general, who want to ride the train can also kok. Malang City has long since been known as a tourist city, generally the people of Indonesia know this city to be a cold city, because Malang is surrounded by many mountains and make the air cool but cool.

Unfortunate city is also popular with one of the typical foods that have been known by the people of Indonesia, yup especially if it is not poor meatball with clear gravy and celery leaf sprinkles and fried onions. Very enjoyable when enjoyed while in the poor with the cold air. Well now there is info about some places that you can visit while in Malang. outbound unfortunate cheap

Coban Pelangi

Coban rainbow or this rainbow rainfall is not far from the tourist site of Mount Bromo tengger Semeru. Coban is still a natural snagat, because not yet much in the jamah by humans, as well as by karenan it for you who come to rainbow coban strictly prohibited to cause damage or contaminate this place.

Traveling is wise with no waste of any kind, and does not cause damage or grab anything in the location that we singgahi, even though the location is wild. If you are lucky, there is a rainbow in the waterfall that you can see. The rainbow comes from the splashing waterfall that is in the sunlight, so you can only see it when the sun has started high.

Mount Bromo

Who sich who has not heard the name of Mount Bromo? Most of the people of Indonesia would have heard or read about Mount Bromo this. If there is a time sempatkanlah come to the mountain as one of this flagship tour of Indonesia. You can see the beauty of the sky that dark prefix is slowly yellowing and ultimately bright blue.

Matahri terbitnya not have to ask once again gengs like what is beautiful. As a by you can buy a bunch of eidelweis flowers are sold in this space. Relax, the flowers open from nature kok, the flowers are cultivated people around bromo. Well at this time you wait for it? Selekasnya just phone your fellow colleagues and take an appointment for a visit to the city of Malang is.

Previously began to explore the nature, you must visit the outbound Malang which will also melt the situation and familiarize you. Outbound in Malang will also not stingy for sharing any tour in Malang or Batu city worth your visit.

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