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outbound di batu malang As a tourist city, it is appropriate for Malang to complete the tourist rides like outbound di batu Malang. especially during the holiday season, poor city is always filled with tourists both from within and outside the island of Java. Ease of access, and the location of the nearby recreation area makes this city always interesting to visit. Especially after the many coverage of this city, making more and more interesting information to visit.

For outbound Malang itself can be followed by all ages, both children aged students to adults who have advanced age. For those interested in following outbound in Malang can choose their own ground outbound location. Although from the provider team provides some recommendations where the place used as an outbound location.

But if it is steady to choose another place that suits your needs, then outbound provider also gladly accept your offer. usually outbound is already included in the package entrance tourist attractions, lunch, snacks, and others. For those interested in other tours, here are some list of places of interest you can visit. Wonosari Tea Garden Located at the foot of Mount Arjuno you can enjoy the view from the tea plantation, but you not only can only see the green trees from tea alone. But also can do other activities, such as riding, paintball, flying fox, and others.

You can also bring supplies at home and enjoy them while enjoying the view from the hills of tea gardens. After that you can buy some tea pack that has been in production around the tea garden. Cangar Hot Water Baths Located in Kota Wisata Batu and is a bathing pool with natural hot springs and is located in a mountainous area with views of the hills and gardens of residents. The source of the water comes from Welirang Mountain, besides enjoying the hot tub you can also swim in the cold water pool that is next to it.

While resting you can eat black rice sold around the pond, you can also visit the cave of japan relics located on the hill. To achieve this, you can start tracking first before reaching the cave location. Coban Nirvana Located in the vicinity of southern Malang is famous for its many beach tourism, making this coban nirwana slightly less hits from the coast around the poor south. This waterfall has several layers, around there are also some hills that are not too high so you can easily tracking and reaching the interesting spot that suits you. You can also mireleks an body with a bath or just playing water in the stream that is under the waterfall. Because it is still a new tourist spot, then at this location is still not found counters and guards waterfall area. So there is no operational hours, too, free to come any morning. But it must still keep myself also environmentally yes. So for those of you who are still confused want a vacation where and where, can just go to the unfortunate city, there are many interesting places that can be for you to visit with friends and family. It's a shame if you spend your vacation time wasted because you have not found a suitable vacation location. Besides traveling you also should not forget the outbound Malang to enter the list of your holiday list in the poor city

Sebagai kota wisata  
Sebagai kota wisata