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ASYLUM FROM THE SICKNESS A Poem By Nolan Collins (inspired by titles of songs by the metal band Disturbed)

What is the MEANING OF LIFE? What do I WANT? The VOICES SHOUT 2000 ounces of FEAR into me. They STUPIFY and NUMB my soul. Even DROPPING PLATES on my broken body couldn’t make me feel the CONFLICT! THE GAME is over for me. I’m DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS; The sickness of a VIOLENCE FETISH. Violence is my MISTRESS, my INTOXICATION. I BREATHE and DEVOUR her DARKNESS. I don’t REMEMBER how I found her, but I’m BOUND to her. You BELIEVE you can LIBERATE me? AWAKEN! Stop dreaming! I will never RISE from the ashes despite your fervent PRAYER, Your SACRED LIE has left me STRICKEN, OVERBURDENED with false hopes of being FORGIVEN. I won’t DEIFY you, so JUST STOP! Your clarity is GUARDED by 5,000 soldiers with 10,000 FISTS So I’m stuck in this LAND OF CONFUSION Alongside the SONS OF PLUNDER who let AVARICE control their fate. Down here, I’M ALIVE, embracing my PAIN, REDEFINED as DECADENCE. I’ve had ENOUGH of this FACADE! THE CURSE of the DECEIVER has HAUNTED me for far too long. I’m no CRIMINAL. I don’t belong INSIDE THE FIRE. I’ve TORN myself from this PERFECT INSANITY, Now, help me cross the DIVIDE so I can escape into THE NIGHT And become INDESTRUCTIBLE. THE INFECTION is finally leaving; only REMNANTS remain. NEVER AGAIN will I seek ASYLUM in violence. I’ll find ANOTHER WAY TO DIE in life’s SERPENTINE paths, for I am a WARRIOR. I’ve CRUCIFIED the past. THE ANIMAL within was my SACRIFICE so INNOCENCE is now MY CHILD.

Asylum from the Sickness  

A poem that includes titles of 62 songs by the metal band DISTURBED