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COVER EVERY ANGLE IN STYLE Take a lot of content! Why not you can always pick the best later. The 16GB memory will take hours of footage and thousands of images so make the most of the day. Also be sure to experiment with different settings on the N8 and see what you can achieve. Remember the photo isn’t finished once you have shot it so try adding different filters or tuning your picture to perfection!

READY FOR THE CLOSE UP If you want to get the best images, then get in the best position. The digital zoom is going to degrade the quality of the image, so get yourself in close if you can! It’s worth noting however that the video focuses best beyond 3 feet, so no need to get too personal with your subject!

LIGHT YOUR SUBJECT WELL The more light there is, the better the quality of your picture. In fact, you may even find it helps to use the flash even if you think the scene is bright enough. One thing to watch for however is bright lights in the corners of images. The brightest point of the picture should ideally be at the centre for the best outcome.

KEEP VERY STILL The steadier your camera can be, the clearer the image – especially if you are in low light. Quick tip, if you’re using a tripod or stand switch off the hand shake reduction on the N8, as it may cause wave like distortion on the final image.

ARRIVE IN STYLE With the N8 there is a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips. With applications for weather, travel, and news not only will you be informed but you will also be on time and prepared for anything!

HOW DO YOU LOOK? Get your community’s opinion – whether it’s a big do or just a night out get a second, third, and hundredth option by easily sharing photos with your friends across social networks.

INSPIRATION SHOTS With a 12MP camera in your pocket you can capture anything and everything that inspires you in a matter of seconds. Whether it’s the latest runway looks or a bit of street chic or maybe even a billboard or a flower. Whatever inspires you, shoot it and take it with you.

MIRROR MIRROR ON MY PHONE Turning the N8 onto selfportrait mode makes it into a compact mirror. You can fix your makeup, apply lipgloss or check your hair with ease. The N8 is the perfect companion – remember the camera never lies!

Nokia N8 Stylish Guide  
Nokia N8 Stylish Guide