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Holiday Inn Tools: Revit


This is a design of twostoreies building with cafe on ground floor and holiday Inn on the first floor which located at beachside

In this project, it required to design our own furniture in the building showing how you design and fit into your building.


Library Tools: Revit, AutoCAD

Mapping Analyse around the site about the building use, Traffic and pedestrian flow and resting place, information for designing the library.

First design concept

Second design concept Main library space placed on the center of the whole building, the reading area around the library space, two entry access from the main traffic and the back lane for the people come from the carpark

Main library space Timber mullions are giving the sense of spirit and sacred, as books are the spirit of knowledge therefore library is the temple of knowledge, the skylight and the shadow casting by mullions were given the sense of spiritual feeling.

Final design Circulation Flow in library

Library Zone

Traffic and pedestrian flow According to the mappings doing in Exercise One, the large persentage of elderly in Matraville shown on Age group, disable facilies are dede signed in library, Traffic and pedestrian flow are determined the entry.

Building use

Age group




Children and Parents

The circulation flow of different kind of visiters are mainly on the main library space, therefore the main library space is placed on the center of the library, different kinds of visiters can easily reach to the library.

General Users

The journey of how you experience the space when you finding and reading your book, when you walking around the book shelves, the view of the level is rised, you can enjoy to look at the void(reading area), enjoy of finding your book and also enjoying the view at the same time.

Double house with gallery Tools: Revit , sketchup and AutoCAD


Double house with two artists and a gallery, the main entry part is one of the designer home and gallery space and the other designer’s home and studio was place at the back of the site,

the circulation of gallery is connected by ramp and located mainly on the undergound, the timber lining placed ramdomly therefore sunlight can penetrate from the top to the bottom


Model-Making Tools: Balsa Wood and Cement

Void By looking at one of the building in campus (Lowy building), and express the void in an abstract way by modelmaking.

Re- design one of my previous design (gallery) without brief restriction, create a difficult landscape using paper and generate a dynamiccirculation flow for the gallery.

Bath house

Tools: AutoCAD, Model making


Based on the precedent of Trenton Bath house by Louis Kahn. I developed into the formation of four pavilions around a courtyard for sun baking and light is used to emphasize the circulation.

The important things about designing bath house is to keep privacy but remain open in the space, especially got an exterior courtyard for people to enjoy the green during bathing.

The path has rainfall and water on ground walking though by stone steps for washing out the dirt before going into bathpool, Louver was used for the path between the changing room and the shower room, in order to have sun light and see the courtyard from inside to outsideby remain privacy from outside to inside.



Tools: AutoCAD, Modelmaking by Balsa Wood

Based on the precedent of swimming pool by Alvaro Siza. The use of ramp create a walking joutrney around the site by experiencing the landscape and views, Tall wall create a sense of private and secrete spaces inside the bakery.

Ramp is used to walk around the site according the precedent of Alvaro Siza, in order to experience the landscape of the site as a journey to the bakery house.

Kitchen utensile Furniture Tools: Vectorwork



The Bridge Tools: Sketchup, Crysis War



36 Textures Scalar




represend the design approach of the bridge based on the background of clients.

Being a politician, Angela Merkel has a great ambitious and confident, the staircase form like architecture representing her ambition to the top and her increasing of confident to the global.

The clients of two spaces are Helen Keller and Angela Merkel America Monument Valley has been used for the landscape of the two clients spaces.

the form is also showing her personality and priorities present to the earth, and standing at the top of the architecture is like she is standing on the stage to the citizen, for the citizen and by the citizen, representing the whole German to the global. For blind and deaf of Helen Keller’s point of view, feeling and smelling is very important to her, the form is designed to represent patient and persevering and independent, and good ventilation is very important for letting her feel the earth, the air and the smell.

NoirZhong portfolio for BlackMore Design Group  

NoirZhong portfolio for BlackMore Design Group