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Minister Farrakhan welcomed in Saint Kitts

( - The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan was welcomed into Saint Kitts December 16, 2011, as part of his working trip to the Caribbean. His previous two stops were in Jamaica and Haiti. Minister Farrakhan, Wyclef Jean appear on Haiti TV, Radio (FCN, 12-16-2011) Minister Farrakhan lands in Haiti (FCN, 12-13-2011) Minister Farrakhan Speaks in Haiti (FCN, Dec. 11, 2011) A message for Jamaica, hope for Caribbean (FCN, 12-13-2011)

The Identity Invention of Jews and Negroes: Failing Grade for “Professor” Gingrich By Demetric Muhammad Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich recently was quoted as saying that the Palestinians are an “invented people.” Here is why professor and presidential candidate Gingrich gets a failing grade as a historian. Author Tariq Berry in Volume 3, Issue 1 2012 his book The Unknown Arabs writes: “…if the world knew that the Hebrews, who are the cousins of the Arabs, were a dark-skinned people, the European Jews would never have been able to claim Palestine as their own. If it were common knowledge that the Hebrews 

looked like those in the picture below, the European Jews would never have even imagined trying to claim that they were Hebrews and that Palestine was theirs.” That’s right, if there are people in modern Israel today who have an assumed or invented identity, it is not the Palestinians, who are members of the Earth’s original people, those referred to by The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad as the Asiatic Black Man. Even prominent and erudite Jewish scholars and rabbis now openly admit that the Jewish/Israeli people have assumed an invented identity.

“I was not raised as a Zionist, but like all other Israelis I took it for granted that the Jews were a people living in Judea and that they were exiled by the Romans in 70 AD. “But once I started looking at the evidence, I discovered that the kingdoms of David and Solomon were legends. “Similarly with the exile. In fact, you can’t explain Jewishness without exile. But when I started to look for history books describing the events of this  exile, I couldn’t find any. Not one.” —Prof. Shlomo Sand “The many Egyptian documents that we have make no mention of the Israelites’ presence in Egypt and are also silent about the events of the exodus….Generations of researchers tried to locate Mount Sinai and the stations of the tribes in the desert. Despite these intensive efforts, not even one site has been found that can match the biblical account.”  —Prof. Ze’ev Herzog

Professor of History, Tel Aviv University, Israel. Author of The Invention of The Jewish People (2009).

Professor of Archaeology, Tel Aviv University, Israel. Director of The Sonia and Marco Nadler Institute of Archaeology since 2005, and Archaeological Advisor to the Israel Nature and National Parks Protection Authority in the preservation and development of National Parks at Arad and Be’er Sheva.

“The truth is that virtually every modern archeologist who has investigated the story of the Exodus, with very few exceptions, agrees that the way the Bible describes the Exodus is not the way it happened, if it happened at all.” —Rabbi David Wolpe

Senior Rabbi, Sinai Temple, Los Angeles, CA. Named the “#1 Pulpit Rabbi in America” by Newsweek magazine.

          “The conclusion—that the Exodus did not happen at the time and in the manner described in the Bible—seems irrefutable when we examine the evidence at specific sites where the children of Israel were said to have camped for extended periods during their wandering in the desert (Numbers 33) and where some archaeological indication—if  present—would almost certainly be found.� —Prof. Israel Finkelstein Here is why all this matters to Black America. The Jewish experts cited above have disproved— through their unrefuted research—the basis for the Jewish claim that Jews are the chosen people of God. They have invalidated the Jewish claim to the land of the Palestinian people. They have in fact opened the door for the world of scholars and religious devotees to consider the teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad. On June 26, 2010, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan declared before the world from Atlanta, Georgia, that the Black people of America are in fact the chosen people of God. Minister Farrakhan’s pronouncement met with no refutation. This fact, which has been a staple of Nation of Islam teaching for more than 80 years, is extremely relevant when you consider that it is we the Black people of America who currently fit the Biblical description of a people in bondage in a strange land, afflicted 400 plus years. And since we are in fact the prophetic “Children of Israel,� then it is we who are entitled to a homeland and international aid and support. As the Minister thundered, “You think it is that Israel over there that if you bless them God will bless you, but it is the Black man and woman of America that if you bless, you will be blessed by God.� So this makes the traditional call for Black reparations actually inadequate. This makes the integration sought after by the Civil Rights leaders insufficient. That Blacks in America are the real Children of Israel means that what God promised to them as a blessing for their suffering is what is actually due us. This means land and territory. What America and the nations of the Earth have provided to the modern-day Israel in the way of resources and material support is actually what is owed to the Blacks of America. This means that the new strategy for Black progress in America must be a Black Independence Move-

Professor of Archaeology in the Department of Archaeology and Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations, Tel Aviv University and Co-Director of excavations at Megiddo in northern Israel. (From 1996 to 2003, Director, The Sonia and Marco Nadler Institute of Archaeology, Tel Aviv University). Co-author with Neil Asher Silberman of The Bible Unearthed (2002).

ment on the basis of the fulfillment of Biblical scripture! The above scholars detail the invention of a new identity for the Jewish people, but what is more nefarious where Blacks are concerned is that Jews and whites also invented an identity for us. Most Blacks in America self-identify as Christians. But the Christianity given to Blacks during slavery was designed to make out of the African a new creature—the Negro. “Negroâ€? is a term whose root origin is the Greek nekros or necr(o), which means dead or lifeless. This ugly racial slur could only be attached to the Africans and their descendants after they had been processed inside the peculiar institutions of the American slavocracy. The Christianity given to the slaves was designed to render the slave mentally dead to the ideas of freedom, independence and selfdetermination. In the book Slave Religion, professor of history Winthrop Jordan is quoted as saying: “These clergy men had been forced by the circumstance of racial slavery in America into propagating the Gospel by presenting it as an attractive device for slave control.â€? The book’s author, Albert Raboteau, previously states: “Instructions were sent out from the Crown to colonial governors, such as Culpeper of Virginia in 1682 and Dongan of New York in 1686, to do all within their power to ‘facilitate and encourage the Conversion of Negroes and Indians’ to Christianity‌.Missionaries appealed to the profit motive by pointing out that converted slaves ‘do better for their Masters profit than formerly, for they are taught to serve out of Christian Love and Duty.’â€? Thus, the religion given to the slaves on the plantation was the prime weapon in murdering the Black people’s legitimate and natural hunger for freedom, justice and equality. And as evil as this compensatory, otherworldly religious teaching was and is, it yet pos-

         sessed a core poisonous doctrine that permitted vioNot only is the Hamitic Curse a foundational doclence against Blacks to be perpetrated with religious trine of Christianity, but it is the very cornerstone of zeal and fervor. white supremacy. The research, however, into the The Hamitic Curse, as it is called, says that Blacks Curse of Ham myth reveals that this is yet another inare black because of a divine curse from God through vention of the Rabbis who penned the Talmud. But Noah. It maintains that Blacks are cursed to be “hew- you don’t have to take my word for it. ers of wood� and “drawers of water� for the noncursed whites.

“There is no denying that the [Jewish] Babylonian Talmud was the first source to read a Negrophobic content Historian and consultant to into the episode� of Noah’s curse on Canaan. —Dr. Har- the Simon Wiesenthal Center. old Brackman

“In contrast the approximately contemporaneous Talmudic and Midrashic sources contained such suggestions as that ‘Ham was smitten in his skin,’ that Noah told Ham ‘your seed will be ugly and dark-skinned,’ and that Ham was father ‘of Canaan who brought curses into the world, of Canaan who was cursed, of Canaan who darkened the faces of  mankind,’ of Canaan ‘the notorious worlddarkener.’� —Dr. Winthrop Jordan

Author, White Over Black: American Attitudes Toward the Negro, 1550-1812, for which he won four national prizes, including the Society of American Historians’ Parkman Prize, Columbia University’s Bancroft Prize, Phi Beta Kappa’s Ralph Waldo Emerson Award and the National Book Award for History and Biography. William F. Winter Professor of History and African-American Studies for more than 20 years at the University of Mississippi.

â€œâ€Śspecial conditions in Mesopotamia generated rabbinic stories associating Negroidness with excessive and aberrant sexuality and Noah’s curse.â€? —J. G. St. Clair Drake

Roosevelt University Professor, first permanent Director of Stanford University’s African and Afro-American Studies, Author of the acclaimed 1945 work Black Metropolis.

 Blacks must ACCEPT their identity as the Real Children of Israel to ACCEPT its rewards. They also must know their new job description if they want the salary. The GOOD NEWS is that we are NOT cursed, but indeed blessed. Buddying up with the impostor is a bad policy and a sure way to destruction. Jesus made this clear in John 8. So the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan has informed us of our true identity—we just have to believe it. We’ve been following too many muddle-minded Gingrich-thinkers. Let them have their Gingriches and their fairy tale histories. Demetric Muhammad is in the student ministry class of Muhammad Mosque 55 in Memphis, Tennessee. He is also the author of In the Light of Scripture and A Complete Dictionary of the Supreme Wisdom Lessons.



Functional illiteracy in the United States is growing at a rate of over 2 million new inductees per year into its ranks. U.S. statistics show: • functional illiterates constitute 70% of the prisoners in state and federal prisons • 85% of juvenile offenders are classified as functionally or marginally illiterate • 43% of those with the lowest literacy skills live in poverty

• • •

Over 42 million American adults can’t read 50 million read at fourth or fifth grade levels the total number of functionally illiterate adults increases by about 2.25 million persons every year • 20% of all graduating high school students are functionally illiterate. While public education funding has doubled in the last fifteen years, testing indicates the percentage of American children who read well has not improved for the last 25 years.

        mentality, and generation after generation of white people been poisoned with the doctrine of white supremacy.   have However, the presence of truth condemns both mindsets.    The time of white supremacy and black inferiority is over. This is why it appears that an organized effort is underway  to destroy black youth. Youth are more readily inhaling the by THE HON. MINISTER ideas and truths that can free the mind from the former LOUIS FARRAKHAN controlling forces of white supremacy and black inferiority. [Excerpt from Torchlight for Their hearts and minds are inclining toward interest in selfAmerica, 1993] knowledge. As a result, there are those who fear that our youth are no longer afraid to resist white supremacy and Without an advocate for the reject its efforts. poor, without a new state of mind Notice how the police and the judicial system do not in America, the country lies on the treat our youth as children. Our 14-year-olds and 18-yearbrink of anarchy. Anarchy is the olds are killed in police stations, and the police offer lies to complete absence of government. It’s a condition of political explain their deaths, such as they hanged themselves with disorder, violence and lawlessness in the society. We saw their own shoestrings and other such foolishness. All too signs of it in Los Angeles after the Rodney King verdict. often, the Justice Department of the U.S. government is Anarchy may await America due weak in pursuing the truth about what the to the daily injustices suffered by the black community believes are wrongful

    people. There really can be no peace deaths at the hands of law enforcement.  without justice. There can be no They fear our youth. They fear the gangs justice without truth. And there can be because prior to the gangs, the police were no truth, unless someone rises up to the only gang in town. Often the police are tell you the truth. running or compromising with the dope The Nation of Islam can be of business, the prostitution business and the assistance. We desire to reason with criminal element in the society. Many the political and economic leadership, officials do not desire to see young blacks with the hope of formulating a organized, fearing that they may join cooperative effort for the benefit of us together and one day do unto law all. We want a new relationship in enforcement what the law enforcement which we can work together for the officers have been doing unto us. good of the whole. This is not to say that all police are  However, the desire of the wicked corrupt. But when we see so many  is to harm me and to destroy the idea incidences of police corruption, such as the that I carry so that black people and Rodney King case and others, then the   all who would listen cannot and will entire law enforcement system loses our      " not make the type of progress that trust.     time demands. This is no different from the desire of the wicked to The youth have the basic qualities of     destroy Martin Luther King, Jr., what it takes for seeking liberation. The    Malcolm X, Elijah Muhammad, leader has to have helpers to fulfill the Marcus Garvey, Frederick Douglas,    ! vision. The helpers cannot be afraid of the Sojourner Truth, Harriet Tubman, enemy. God rides in on our faith in Him.  Denmark Vesey, and all who have This is why when Moses was leading the # stood on behalf of the poor and people into the Promised Land, the older rejected. people were left to wander in the It appears that there is a genocidal wilderness until they died out, and their plan against black people. The desire of many of those in children were taken into the Promised Land. This was done power is the maintenance of white supremacy. Whites and because their children did not have the fear of Pharaoh or their institutions have created inferior-minded black people the love for Egypt’s wealth, nor did they have the fear of the with a slave mentality. There are those who do not wish to giants that inhabited the land that Allah (God) had see us as equals in the society. So generation after promised them. generation of black people have been corrupted with a slave

Failing Grade for “Professor” Gingrich  
Failing Grade for “Professor” Gingrich  

The Identity Invention of Jews and Negroes: Failing Grade for “Professor” Gingrich Min. Farrakhan: America on the Brink of Anarchy Stats on...