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The NAACP and “Non-Economic Liberalism” By Dr. Ridgely A. Mu’min Muhammad “Non-economic liberalism” was the philosophy guiding the activities of the early NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People), which sought the social acceptance of Blacks instead of building our own business economy. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad warned Black people that Whites would never teach us “the science of business,” so “noneconomic liberalism” was a philosophy developed by the longtime white Jewish president of the NAACP, Joel Spingarn, for Black people’s social and political advancement without economic empowerment. This philosophy was in direct Volume 2, Issue 43 2011 contrast to the economic and political empowerment goals of the Niagara Movement, which was supplanted by the NAACP. When historians write about the NAACP, they make you think that it was the direct outgrowth of the Niagara Movement, which was secretly started by 29 Black men, who stated in their 1905 Declaration of Principles that they “especially complain against the denial of equal opportunities to us in economic life; in the rural districts of the South this amounts to peonage and virtual slavery; all over the South it tends to crush labor and small business enterprises…” These Black men demonstrated that Black people in the South strove toward The Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s brand of economic independence. In fact, by 1910 Black people had acquired over 16 million acres of land, mostly in the South, but Black landownership steadily declined after the advent of the NAACP, as this organization made the northern cities safer for Black people, thus facilitating the Great Migration(s) out of the South.

When W.E.B. Du Bois brought a white woman, Mary White Ovington, into the Niagara Movement, founding members like William Monroe Trotter broke away and set up the all-Black National Equal Rights League (NERL). Now this William Trotter was a brother who had received a bachelor’s degree in international banking from Harvard University, graduating Magna Cum Laude in 1895, and went on to earn his Masters from Harvard in 1896. However, he could never get a career started in the banking industry. Now, this same white woman, Mary White Ovington, a New York City news reporter, tracked Du Bois down in 1906, and later introduced him to 300 other white “liberals” in New York City, who then founded the NAACP in 1910. Du Bois was the only member of the original 29 founders of the Niagara Movement to join the white-dominated NAACP. These early white leaders of the NAACP included wealthy Jewish merchants, rabbis, economists, scholars and journalists and others, such as Jacob Schiff, Julius Rosenwald, Joel Spingarn, Rabbi Stephen Wise, all of whom hypocritically pushed “noneconomic liberalism.” For instance, one of these Jewish board members of the NAACP, Jacob Schiff, was a senior partner in the Wall Street banking house of Kuhn, Loeb and Company. Schiff also became the director of many other important corporations, including the National City Bank of New York, Equitable Life Assurance Society, Wells Fargo & Company, and the Union Pacific Railroad. He could have hired and mentored William Monroe Trotter, who had two degrees in international banking from Harvard, but, instead, Schiff watched over the shoulder of Du Bois as he edited the Crisis Magazine. Schiff decided not to help the man who could have led Black people to economic independence and power, but decided instead to

The NAACP and “Non-Economic Liberalism”

shepherd another Black man toward being the most finally tame Du Bois and made him change “Jew” to “foreigner” and “immigrant” in the 1952 edition of his eloquent complainer about Black people’s condition. W.E.B. Du Bois was one of our great Black writers book, thus concealing the Jewish presence in the postwho travelled through the South and wrote The Souls of slavery Southern economy, a fact that they never wanted Black Folk in 1903. The book was very radical for the exposed. Du Bois was a writer who had a firsthand view of what the Jews were doing in the time and even pointed out the South, but now his pen had been great influx of European Jews into compromised, as the original voices the South, where they exploited of the Niagara Movement had been the Blacks through the system of marginalized. How, and through “sharecropping” cotton, while what means, they “pressured” him selling back to them cheap is a study in how a people with a manufactured goods from their plan and hidden agenda can cousins up North. According to manipulate unsuspecting and The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, trusting souls away from their best Volume 2 (TSRv2), Du Bois self-interests. made his way to Dougherty Why would financier Jacob County, Georgia, a farming Schiff and Rabbi Stephen Wise region and home to ten thousand spend so much time and effort to Blacks, who outnumbered whites sway the mind of one Black man, by five to one. However, Du Bois, while ignoring and according to the U.S. marginalizing another Black man, government’s report of the Trotter? Jacob Schiff was one of the Industrial Commission on most important men behind getting Immigration (1901), “Nine-tenths Pres. Woodrow Wilson elected in of the storekeepers in Dougherty 1912, and then he lobbied him to JOIN US LIVE! County are Jewish merchants— sign the legislation in 1913 that set EVERY SUNDAY MORNING some Russian and German Jews, up the Federal Reserve System. 10AM CENTRAL TIME but most of them Polish Jews.” Another prominent Jew and His observations and facts led NAACP board member Rabbi W.E.B. Du Bois to state, “The Jew Steven Wise, who founded the Links, Documents and More: is the heir of the slave-baron in Federation of American Zionists in Dougherty [County],” for Blacks 1897, became one of Wilson’s most The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews: all over the South fell victim to a trusted advisors. This is the same system of debt peonage called Wilson who initiated the wholesale “sharecropping,” which Southern firing of Blacks from government Sign the petition in support of TRUTH in history!: so-called Jews set up and used to positions, and established their advantage to make the segregation for those who remained, Follow us on Twitter!/BlacksandJews Blacks the poorest of the poor, continuing the employment of while at the same time making a Blacks only where whites did not Nation of Islam Historical Research Department class of Jewish cotton merchants find them “objectionable.” Document Repository: the richest of the rich. These Jews used “sharecropped” cotton to While Jewish board members of advance from peddler to store owner to banker to the NAACP were changing the economic destiny and international financiers. These Jews kept this economic banking system of Gentile America, TSRv2 exposed that blue print to obtain wealth to and for themselves, while they were also promoting and cheering the advancement they led Black people to a strategy of “non-economic of white supremacists who dedicated their lives to liberalism.” ensuring that Blacks would never rise in any capacity According to TSRv2, after the publication of Souls of above servant and menial labor. They supported Black Folk in 1903, NAACP board members Jacob Schiff newspapers in the South such as the Raleigh News and and Rabbi Stephen Wise hired Du Bois to be the editor of Observer, which became a “malicious and vindictive negrothe NAACP’s Crisis Magazine and later pressured him baiting organ” of white supremacy. While these Jewish to alter several passages of his book that referred to this NAACP board members courted white supremacists, they nefarious Jewish economic activity. It took fifty years of at the same time controlled the direction of Black people’s pressure at close quarters from these so-called Jews to struggle against these same white supremacists, carefully

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The NAACP and “Non-Economic Liberalism” steering Blacks away from economic development, which is a human right, toward some type of “social liberation.” Powerful Jewish forces used the NAACP to effectively change the social climate in the northern cities, which were opened up to the Blacks from the South, who in the “great migration” to the North left their farms behind to be the servants for the northern elite and their immigrant white factory workers from Europe. Southern white Jews had made their fortune off “sharecropped” cotton and a captured Black market in the South, and, having moved to the northern cities to set up their clothing factories, they brought their Black “virtual slaves” with them.

Therefore, “non-economic liberalism” was a product of white hypocrites and deceivers masquerading as friends to the Black man, who saw us coming down the intelligent road of economic development, but championed the enemies of our economic rise and herded us off into the wilderness and dead end of social liberation with their lower class of Whites. (Dr. Ridgely A. Mu’min Muhammad, Agricultural Economist, National Student Minister of Agriculture, Manager of Muhammad Farms. He can be reached at

How America Was Named Who is Amerigo Vespucci? Last month, we exposed the name of the continent of Africa as having originated among White Europeans. And this month, for all of you that rushed to change our name from Black to AfricanAmerican, we look at the origin of the name America. Amerigo Vespucci was an Italian associate of slave dealer Christopher Columbus. He started to explore the West shortly after Columbus made his “discoveries.” But Vespucci was not the first of the Europeans to visit or to explore the West, nor was his expedition particularly noteworthy – except that a mapmaker named Martin Waldseemüller, apparently unaware of the voyages of Columbus, made the following suggestion: “Today, these parts of the world [Europe, Africa, and Asia] are already completely explored, and a fourth continent discovered by Amerigo Vespucci. And as Europe and Asia have received feminine names, I see no reason why this new region should not be called Amerige, the land of Amerigo, or America, after the sagacious man who discovered it.”

So, on April 25, 1507, when these words are published in Waldseemüller’s book Cosmographiæ Introductio, the New World becomes known as America. Apparently, this is a good enough reason for White folks to call themselves Americans, but what about you, Black man and woman? Let’s look at what Vespucci did while on his expeditions. In 1498, his crew started to complain that the ships were becoming dangerous to navigate and that they wished to return to their homes in Castile. As Vespucci himself wrote: “Since the men were worn out from having been nearly a year at sea and were rationed down to six ounces of bread a day to eat and three small measures of water to drink, and the ships were becoming dangerously unseaworthy, the crew cried out that they wished to return to Castile to their homes and that they no longer desired to tempt fortune. Therefore we agreed to seize shiploads of the inhabitants as

slaves and to load the ships with them and turn toward Spain....The people were without clothing, timid and ignorant, and we did whatever we wished to do with them....After a long battle, having killed many, we put them to flight, and pursued them to a village, taking about two hundred and fifty prisoners. We burned the village, and returned victorious to the ships with our prisoners, leaving many killed and wounded on their side, while on ours not more than one died, and only twenty-two were wounded.” They set sail for Spain and arrived on the fifteenth day of October, 1498, “where we were well received, and found a market for our slaves.” Thirty-two of our Indian brothers and sisters were murdered at sea and the profits from the slave sale were divided between the fiftyfive “Christian men” who took part in the pillage. One author says that these 200 slaves were the lucky ones as the rest were subjected to the most brutal and heinous treatment ever seen in that hemisphere. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said that we are Black. We need not assign names that divide or mis-identify us. If you agree with naming yourself after people that murdered your people, then you are an AfricanAmerican. But you will find no Jew named Hitler, and you will find no Muslim named for slavedealing murderers.

The Early Days of Muhammad Speaks the Blackman to take the offensive and carry the fight for justice and freedom to THE AMERICAN NEGRO the enemy. stands at the door of a fretFor no people, oppressed, ful future—a future which exploited and discriminated may surely not be free of against can win a place in the want, oppression, violence sun on the defensive! To and prescription. The lash achieve this end, we must of color hatred has already have a United Front of Blackcut him deeply, savagely. men of America. The so-called Negro has We must advocate the been treated too long as a use of the American Nepariah, despised, neglected gro’s purchasing power as a and left to despair, in a weapon. country whose soil his Briefly: I believe that blood, tears and sweat have the American Negroes will nurtured. discover themselves, eleToday, the so-called vate their distinguished men American Negro stands at and women to exalted posione of those great crosstions, give outlets to their roads in history. His choice talented youth and assume is simple, if only he will the contours of a nation, look in the right direction. once given opportunities for Muhammad Speaks Newspaper actually started in the early For the old policies, and old 1950s as a column, titled “Mr. Muhammad Speaks,” in self-expression beyond the so-called leaders, are banknewspapers such as the Herald Dispatch and the Pittsburgh white world. rupt. Courier. Just before Muhammad Speaks appeared, Therefore, the main and The “Elite” Negroes have it was this little 24-page magazine titled basic responsibility for efshown no interest in the lib“MUHAMMAD SPEAKS TO THE BLACKMAN.” fecting a solution of the eration of the so-called Blackman’s problems rests Negros except as it affected upon American Negroes themselves. their own status of acceptance by the white They should supply the money and pay the community. price, make the sacrifice, and endure the suffering The viewed with scorn the Garvey Movement to realize full manhood as Blackmen! with its nationalistic aims.

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They have shown practically no interest in the Negro revival. They want to forget the Negro’s past, and they have attempted to conform to the behavior and values of the white community in the most minute detail. Because they want to gain the acceptance of whites, they have failed to play the role of responsible leaders in the Negro community, and are suffering from nothingness. THE SOLUTION to the American so-called Negro’s dilemma, is for

The NAACP & Non-Economic Liberalism  

The NAACP and “Non-Economic Liberalism” The Early Days of Muhammad Speaks How America Was Named