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Engineering an Empire: Why Jews Sold Blacks By Dr. Ridgely Abdul Mu’min Muhammad In Jews Selling Blacks, another book you must get and read, we learned that many slaves were not just field hands, as an 1857 estate auction sale advertisement shows. P.J. Porcher & Baya offer “Two hundred and ten NEGROES, in families, accustomed to the culture of rice, cotton, and provisions. AMONG WHICH ARE: Valuable CARPENTERS, Millwrights, Engineers, Coopers, Mill Hands, Blacksmiths, Boat Hands and House Servants.” What is a “cooper”? What is a “millwright”? And where did these Black engineers get their training? A cooper is someone who makes wooden barrels used for shipping commodities. A millwright is a craftsman engaged with the construction and maintenance of machinery. And I guess the slaves must have picked up engineering while swinging from the trees in Africa. This advertisement dispels the myth about Black people not being able to grasp mathematics and engineering, because they were bought and sold specifically to provide those functions in Volume 2, Issue 29 2011 the building of America. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us, “History is above all our studies. The most attractive and best qualified to reward our research.” Just these three words—millwright, cooper and engineer—led us to research the educational system of America before 1862 and the beginning of the Civil War. The research question was: If Blacks were being sold as engineers, then where did they get their training? Were they taught by their slave masters and if so, where did the slave masters get their engineering training? I knew the Land Grant Colleges, which teach engineering and agriculture, began in 1862, so we wondered what were the other colleges teaching before then. As it turns out, there was only one college in America that taught engineering and that was West Point Military Academy. West Point, or the United States Military Academy (USMA), was set up in 1802, with one of its major functions being to train engineers. For the first half century, USMA graduates were largely responsible for the construction of the bulk of the nation’s initial railway lines, bridges, harbors and roads. However, when we researched the founding of other major colleges, we found that most of them were set up to train missionaries in how to spread the Gospel. Harvard was set up in 1650 to train Puritan ministers. Yale was set up in 1701 in an effort to create an institution to train ministers and lay leadership for Connecticut. The University of Georgia was started in 1785 for the purpose of founding a “college or seminary of learning.” In 1818, Congress authorized the newly created Alabama Territory to set aside a township for the establishment of a “seminary of learning,” now called the University of Alabama. None of these new

colleges taught engineering or practical sciences. They were all dedicated to studying the Bible and classical literature. It was through the pushing of the English language and the Christian Bible that England developed her world empire. It was not through mechanical ingenuity and organizational skills that made her great. It was through the power of her navy and the power of her “tongue” that she dominated. Once you snatch a people’s culture and god from them, then you can structure their society to work for you to produce your products or to work for you to get the money to buy The Messenger of Allah your products. This technique goes back to ancient times when Greece, Persia and Rome swept through the lands of the sedentary civilized agriculturalists who had built economic systems based on productivity and trade. The Greeks, Romans and Persians would destroy the indigenous people’s temples, belief systems, educational systems and leadership, then replace them with leaders and priests that made the people submit to the foreigners and work for them. The educational system in many parts of the ancient world revolved around the family and extended family system. The women would teach the very young boys and girls the basics of what was needed to function in the society—the language, culture, and religion. After the boys and girls reached a certain age they would be separated into guilds, where they would learn the skills that they would need to be a productive member of the society. The women were taught about cooking, farming, sewing, rearing children and keeping the books. The men were taught various trades like carpentry, metal work, brick making, boat building and fishing. Each specialty was taught in a guild, into which the student was initiated and then given a mentor under whom he would serve as an apprentice until he qualified himself to be an artisan and then later a master himself. This system was broken by the savage white conquerors, who then claimed that the people they conquered were illiterate and backwards. A few years ago the History Channel did a series on “Engineering an Empire,” in which they documented the building of the Roman Empire. In this documentary they stated that when the Romans would conquer a country, they would bring the skilled artisans and engineers back to Rome and make them build for the Romans. Then after their work

Engineering an Empire: Why Jews Sold Blacks


was done, they would kill them and claim their work for Americans, Africans, and her own warriors and working Rome. class. The Bible was her weapon of mind control and In 1954 George G.M. James produced a great work titled cultural domination. This is why seminaries were so important in the building of the American empire. In fact the Stolen Legacy, in which he documents that the Ancient South did not even want the North to train any engineers or Egyptians had libraries attached to their many temples, the agriculturalists. While the South was a part of the Union, her greatest of which was set up at Thebes by King Seti I. This library was built around 1070 BC and was looted by Persian representatives to Congress blocked legislation that would set up public universities to teach the useful arts of King Cambyses in 630 BC. Then when Alexander the Great took over Egypt from the Persians in 330 BC, his generals set mechanics, engineering and agriculture. Once the South seceded in 1862, the states remaining in the Union up the Royal Library in Alexandria, Egypt, to house the immediately passed the Morrill Act manuscripts taken from the other temples in that same year that donated in Egypt. federal lands in each state for the It was in this Royal Library of establishment of the Land Grant Alexandria that the Greeks had free access Institutions. to the literature and science of Egypt. By The South had skilled slaves and the way, Egypt is a part of Africa, although had no need to train whites to do the Smithsonian Museum had it a part of such work, and they did not want the Asia until I brought it to their attention in North to learn how to compete in 1989 (smile). So why would the Greeks set agriculture. Just a few words from up their main library in Africa instead of Greece? There is no history of a large Jews Selling Blacks have allowed us library in Athens, the so-called center of to turn history on its head and pull Ancient Greek culture. The Christians under out what the white world has hidden from PORCHER, BAYA and JACOB COHEN orders from the Holy Roman Empire burnt the public. We can truthfully say that the selling engineers and Black families the Royal Library of Alexandria in 391 AD. only thing that white folk brought to the So England did the same thing. She went to Africa and table of civilization was how to tell a good lie and how to captured her smartest and strongest, brought them to steal land, people, technology—and claim all for the “great America and put them to work building a heaven for white White race.” The Native Americans have a saying: “The only people. This is why America did not need to produce thing that the white man invented was the patent office.” engineers: she stole them and forced them to build for her, Dr. Ridgely Abdul Mu'min Muhammad, Agricultural then forced them to train the next Black apprentices that Economist, National Student Minister of Agriculture and Farm could be sold for an even greater profit. What America Manager of Muhammad Farms. needed was a tool to control the minds of the Native

The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad on Uncle Toms: The Fall of America, p. 201: “We want a home on this earth we can call our own. We do not want to be slaves anymore to white people. We do not want to be free ‘Uncle Toms’ for white people. We want to do something for self and go for self.”

The Fall of America, pp. 159-60: “They must be separated. America will not agree to see the Negro separated from her until she has suffered divine punishment, as Pharaoh suffered. The same thing that other evil nations suffered before them is now coming upon this people. “She seeks to keep her slaves robbed of opportunity and wealth. She envies success coming to American Negro free slaves. She charges them high prices to keep them down. She deceives them through a few of what we call “Uncle Toms” in the political circle, clergy class and all professional classes. “She offers them little favoritism to help her work against their own people—the Black people. But they, too, will suffer along with the enemy of justice of the poor so-called Negro.”

Our Saviour Has Arrived, p. 3: “We, the Black nation, today with the knowledge of the truth cannot accept leaders made and offered to us for our guidance. I warn each of you to no more accept the white man’s made or chosen leaders for you. This is what has kept us bound in the mental chains of slavery since the days of slavery. Our leaders are by their choice. These kind[s] of leaders are Uncle Toms who are licking the boots of the white man for his pleasure and wealth regardless of what happens to you and me; for they care not.”

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Engineering an Empire: Why Jews Sold Blacks by Dr. Ridgely Mu'min Muhammad  

The research question is: If Blacks were being sold as engineers, then where did they get their training? Were they taught by their slave ma...

Engineering an Empire: Why Jews Sold Blacks by Dr. Ridgely Mu'min Muhammad  

The research question is: If Blacks were being sold as engineers, then where did they get their training? Were they taught by their slave ma...

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