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Earl Ofari Hutchinson’s ADL Shuffle Will Never Pay off revenues he has set the exploited former French colony firmly on By Tingba Muhammad the road to true independence, doing things that no European or (Final Call) With more than ten of every eleven inhabitants of American or Israeli could EVER claim for Africa. He has built the planet being “non-caucasian,” it has always been critical to schools, universities, hospitals, and infrastructure. He has raised the American leaders that they carefully control the ideas and attitudes literacy rate from 20% to 83%. He built one of the finest health of Black Americans, especially their perceptions of America’s wars care systems in that desperately abused region and raised the life and other acts of aggression toward the Black and Brown peoples expectancy from 44 to 75 years of age. All people have access to of the world. Almost every known natural resource needed to run doctors, hospitals, clinics and medicines—free of charge. Money the western industrial economy—such as uranium, gold, copper, from Libya’s oil revenue is deposited into the bank account of cobalt, coltan (for your cell phones, video games, laptops), every citizen. These are things that no American Black man or platinum, diamonds, bauxite, and especially oil)—is under the feet woman has ever seen from ANY political leader in United States of African people. Journalist Gerald Perreira, whose excellent article titled “In the Theatre of the Absurd, Libya Now Takes Centre history. Even its first “Black” president is far more responsive to Israeli interests than to any of the needs of the Blacks who put him Stage” was referenced by Minister Farrakhan, perceptively writes: in office. “The well-documented fact is that if Africa stopped the flow of all The list of accomplishments of Muammar Gadhafi is actually resources and raw materials to the Western nations for just one much longer, his vision for African unity profound, but if Black week, the United States and Europe would Americans knew this they would have a sharply negative reaction grind to a halt.” It is a powerful truth that to the U.S.-driven and NATO-managed attack on the Libyan drives ALL foreign policy—but it must be people. obscured by a deceptive and flowery This is why the negative propaganda campaign defaming language of “values” and “democracy” and Gadhafi hit the American people on the level of a veritable Shock“freedom” that appeals to a tragically false &-Awe surge. The Jewish-owned or -editorially managed media— American ideal. including ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox, NPR, New York Times, Al Under this threadbare ruse, America Volume 2, Issue 26 2011 Jazeera, BBC, and many, many web-based operations—jointly poses as the world’s reformer and claimed that “the tyrant” had “killed his own people” but offered compassionate policeman, with all “other” [read: “non-white”] nations ranked slightly above savage in need of no proof or verification of their charge. Youtube—a site for posting pet tricks and family vacation videos—overnight became the the tutelage of the master white race—just as the Jewish Talmud “respected” news source for all Libyan news. ALL of the major teaches. Far more often than not, America has aggressed against news media presented the same shaky, out-of-focus video loops of Brown, Black and Red nations to arrest development, to install 4 or 5 chanting “rebels,” but absolutely nothing to prove the repressive surrogate regimes, and to milk the nations dry of all their incredibly caustic charges that the man who has led Libya to 42 strategic value. U.S. Senator John James Ingalls stood on the floor years of peace and prosperity had suddenly turned into a monster. of the senate in 1890 and agreed with the yet-unborn Messenger of The media have insisted that he has “supported terrorism,” yet Allah, Elijah Muhammad: we have photographic evidence from “Mr. PRESIDENT, the race to which we 2009 showing Gadhafi in the warm belong is the most arrogant and rapacious, embrace of all of the big-time world the most exclusive and indomitable in leaders, including Obama, Sarkozy, history. It is the conquering and the Medvedev, Putin, Berlusconi and Tony unconquerable race, through which alone Blair. Gadhafi supported Al-Qaeda, they man has taken possession of the physical said, until a Pentagon report admitted that and moral world….All other races have he has been fighting Al-Qaeda long before been its enemies or its victims.” the Europeans saw them as a threat. His To say the least. As Minister Farrakhan Viagra-infused troops gang-raped a has plainly told them: “Your history is woman, they reported, but now that written in the blood of the darker peoples of charge has been quietly declared a hoax. the earth.” And even though no Africans are Even Amnesty International says this even talking about “stopping the flow” of incendiary charge is baseless. their resources, many independent African The fact is that none of these leaders have the radical idea of actually “maniacal” acts of a “blood drenched demanding a fair price for these strategic Hutchinson charged Minister tyrant” have EVER been raised by assets, and using the revenues for the Farrakhan with “railing” against ANYONE until Feb. 17 of this year, when benefit and development of Africans. It the “ALLEGED RACISM” of the the white world all of a sudden sounds simple, logical, and unquestionably U.S. government and European determined that an estimated 2% of just, but it is an outrageously threatening nations. That’s right, Hutchinson disaffected Libyan citizens had to be saved idea for the West, whose history of rape and from their leader by a hail of cluster robbery, murder and corruption has says “alleged racism.” bombs and missiles targeting the nation’s become the established rule. infrastructure. With nearly 50% of the Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi’s Euro-colonial population against President Obama in poll after poll, with several vision for Africa is exactly the opposite of what the Euro colonial states threatening secession, and with a record number of Teapowers have visited upon and are now planning for the continent. partiers arming themselves to “take back their nation,” it is a In fact, since he came to leadership in that oil-rich nation in 1969, wonder that some foreign nation has not come to their rescue by Col. Gadhafi has amassed a record of accomplishment for Black bombing Washington and taking over the oil, coal, and gas fields. Africa unmatched in modern history. Using his nation’s oil

Earl Ofari Hutchinson’s ADL Shuffle Will Never Pay off The absurdity of the Security Council action against the Libyan people went unchallenged until The Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan came to the U.N. and issued a blistering rebuke to the West. In one hour Minister Farrakhan provided a point-by-point analysis of the actual state of events in Libya, revealing a history of African political struggle and the real strategic motives behind the West’s actions. This onslaught of wisdom and common sense hit so squarely on the propaganda machinery that has so deceived Black America that it caused alarm at the White House and at their masters’ quarters in Tel Aviv. Either by volunteerism or by force, Earl Ofari Hutchinson then did what Uncle Toms earn their stripes doing— attacking true voices of Black Justice and Freedom. Hutchinson charged The Minister with having been “bought off” by Muammar Gadhafi, and then kept going. The unity that The Minister created between the Libyan people and American Blacks was derided as Farrakhan’s “racial idolatry and hero worship.” Gadhafi did not help finance reconstructive projects in Black America, he “shelled out,” and “chipped in” and “bankrolled”—all words intended to belittle, mock, and deride his own Black people. Hutchinson charged Minister Farrakhan with “railing” against the “ALLEGED RACISM” of the U.S. government and European nations. That’s right, Hutchinson says “alleged racism.” Just as with his anti-Nation of Islam commentaries of last November (see the Final Call), the language Hutchinson used was textbook ADL (Anti-Defamation League) propaganda; one almost suspects that Hutchinson was physically threatened to append his own name to one of Abraham Foxman’s own dispatches. Indeed,


Hutchinson’s failure to infuse the text with ANY familiar Black political thought makes his article appear more like a hostage’s cry for help than a genuine commentary. In every conflict in which America has a strategic aim and motive, there are Hutchinsons who have but one purpose—to try to bludgeon Black people into accepting America’s white supremacist vision as their own. The Messenger said of these types: “She [America] offers them little favoritism to help her work against their own people—the Black people. But they, too, will suffer along with the enemy of justice of the poor so-called Negro….These kind[s] of leaders are Uncle Toms who are licking the boots of the white man for his pleasure and wealth regardless of what happens to you and me; for they care not.” Hutchinson’s attack on The Minister is really proof that his powerful United Nations message has hit home. Immediately after his press conference cracks appeared in the wall of propaganda, and Black Americans are beginning to see Libya as an unjustly attacked AFRICAN nation of brothers and sisters. Within a week the U.S. Congress has voted its displeasure, and we saw the reappearance of the aging Neo-Con warrior Paul Wolfowitz desperate to reinforce the crumbling dam of lies, disinformation and propaganda. And now China has agreed with our Minister that the problem in Libya cannot be solved militarily. Allah has given us not just a voice— but a true force of justice in the world. It is a force for which drones, bombs, cruise missiles, and the totality of all their militaries have neither an answer nor a defense. It is the voice of truth. It is the voice of Farrakhan. Tingba Muhammad is a citizen of the Nation of Islam.

The Hon. Minister

LOUIS FARRAKHAN Press conference, Wednesday, June 15, addressing the U.S.-sponsored, NATO-led bombing of Libya, U.N.-sanctioned military strikes and operations against the North African nation.

On Libya

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Earl Ofari Hutchinson and The “Friendly Media” Campaign Against Farrakhan By Demetric Muhammad Much of the Bureau’s propaganda efforts involved giving information or articles to “friendly” media sources who could be relied upon not to reveal the Bureau’s interests… the Division assembled a list of “friendly” news media sources—those who wrote pro-Bureau stories. Field offices also had “confidential sources” (unpaid Bureau informants) in the media, and were able to ensure their cooperation. The Bureau’s use of the news media took two different forms: placing unfavorable articles and documentaries about targeted groups, and leaking derogatory information intended to discredit individuals. —Church Committee Report III (Final Call) Why is Earl Ofari Hutchinson writing disparaging articles against Minister Louis Farrakhan? Is he on assignment? What is the real agenda? In fashion they call it retro, vintage or “throwback.” But Hutchinson, a former guest columnist in the Final Call newspaper, is opting to be used in the same way journalists and pundits of the past have been used to ridicule and make mockery of voices of dissent during times of war. What Hutchinson is doing to Minister Farrakhan is what the “scribes” did to Jesus. What Hutchinson is doing to Minister Farrakhan is what J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI did to the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, Martin Luther King Jr., Paul Robeson and Marcus Garvey. America claims to be a Judeo-Christian society and should know from the scriptures the fate of nations who crucify inspired warners who emerge from the oppressed. Black leaders walking in Jesus’ footsteps have often shared the same fate of Jesus. And this has especially been the case when these leaders lifted their voices to condemn foreign policies and unjust wars. Dr. King’s criticism of the Vietnam War and the Hon. Elijah Muhammad’s condemnation of World War II are legendary and both aroused the ire of the U.S. government and even many Negro leaders and writers. The unwritten rule is that Blacks are always to believe and take at face value the word of their former slave masters without any vetting or fact-checking. Minister Farrakhan, however, does not abide by the plantation rules of the past in this day and time. Instead of Hutchinson using his status and influence to lead a fact-finding mission to Libya (as did our former congresswoman Sister Cynthia McKinney) he allows himself to be used to write “friendly media” articles that unfairly attack The Minister. The Church Committee Report cited above notes that the FBI’s domestic surveillance operation it called COINTELPRO “formally” ended in 1971, yet it has been revealed that Homeland Security had been illegally spying on the Nation of Islam as recently as 2009—in the same way that COINTELPRO had done beginning at the end of World War II.

The FBI and its media propaganda against the NOI are unknown to many. But author Mattias Gardell confesses in his book In The Name of Elijah Muhammad: Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam that “much of the information on the Nation of Islam reaching the American public has been produced or channeled by the FBI.” Professor Gardell goes on to detail the large-scale media campaign in 1959 that the FBI waged against the NOI: “the FBI briefed selected journalists who willingly channeled the view of the bureau to the American public.” Leading magazines were utilized to vilify the NOI in the eyes of the public, namely, Time, U.S. News and World Report, Saturday Evening Post and local newspapers. In 1962 the FBI utilized the same strategy Hutchinson and his FBI employers are trying to use against Minister Farrakhan. The Bureau at that time used documentaries and other media to depict the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in a way to claim that he was guilty of having “fraudulent character” by airing in the public his dignified and high-level living conditions that included personal security, spacious accommodations and luxury automobiles. The goal was to communicate the idea that the Hon. Elijah Muhammad was not sincere in what he was teaching and that he was only after money. This is the exact strategy employed by Mr. Hutchinson when he claims that Minister Farrakhan’s support of Muammar Ghadafi is based not on principle but on money. At the root of Mr. Hutchinson’s criticism of Minister Farrakhan is the philosophy that American Blacks must never become geopolitically astute so that they become empowered to make strategic alliances with the international community of Blacks in the Diaspora. Libya is in Africa and our ancestors came to America from Africa to be enslaved. And for Africans to be made slaves it was deemed essential that they be disconnected in every meaningful way from Africa, where they were free, independent, cultured, educated, civilized and industrious. Blacks therefore have been denied and kept from having what may be considered a traditional immigrant experience inside America. The immigrant experience in America is one of small groups uniting to support one another to become economically and politically strong through entrepreneurship and an enlightened self-interest. Most immigrant communities maintain strong ties to the land of their origin and are able to, in many cases, send money home to those countries to support family who remain behind. Not so for Blacks in America. We are at every turn made to have hatred and embarrassment for our motherland—Africa. In 1978, National Security Council Memorandum-46 was created to outline the recommendations and objectives of the U.S. government towards BLACK AFRICA AND THE U.S. BLACK MOVEMENT. It is significant to note that 1978 was the year Minister Farrakhan began, in earnest, to rebuild the Nation of Islam after it suffered an apparent death blow because of COINTELPRO efforts in 1975. It has always been the stated and

4 public mission of the Nation of Islam to unite Blacks in America with Blacks around the world. The idea of the unity of Black America and Black Africa was etched into the minds of the millions of readers of the Nation of Islam’s national newspaper Muhammad Speaks by its masthead depicting the outstretched hands of the Black brother in America clasping across continents the outstretched hands of the Black brother in Africa. The Honorable Elijah Muhammad traveled abroad and made many friends in Africa and the Middle East for his people. Minister Farrakhan has traveled even more extensively abroad, made strategic alliances, and has served the Islamic world as a voice coming from the West to revive the spirit of speaking truth to power. In fact, to the degree that there is any legitimacy to the televised demonstrations among the masses in the Arab world, the legitimate dissent can certainly be traced to the inspiration of the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan. In Egypt, there was even a call for a Million Man March against Mubarak before he left office. Hutchinson’s meanderings pose as unbiased analysis, but they come straight from the COINTELPRO playbook for “friendly media.” His article shares the intent and goal of the infamous NSC Memorandum-46 that among other evils called for “Specific steps [to] be taken with the help of appropriate government agencies to inhibit coordinated activity of the Black Movement in the United States” with Black Africa. Under the heading RECOMMENDATIONS, Memo 46 recommends that “Special clandestine operations should be launched by the CIA to generate mistrust and hostility in American and world opinion against joint

activity of the two forces, and to cause division among Black African radical national groups and their leaders.” Under the heading THE RANGE OF POLICY OPTIONS, Memo 46 depicts a shocking train of thought. Strategies mentioned include: “to perpetuate division in the Black movement and neutralize the most active groups… to inhibit the emergence from within the Black leadership of a person capable of exerting nationwide appeal… to impede durable ties between U.S Black organizations and radical groups in African states…” Minister Louis Farrakhan’s success has to a large degree foiled these policy options particularly because of his strategic alliance with Muammar Ghadafi. He borrowed money from a Black African nation to promote economic development and entrepreneurship in the Black community. Minister Farrakhan also has emerged as the Black leader with nationwide appeal, a fact borne witness to by the 1994 Time magazine poll where nearly 70% of those polled had a favorable view of “The Minister.” He also has not allowed himself or his movement to become neutralized. On the contrary, Professor Gardell admits, “Black Islamic nationalism has become widely popular among Black urban youth, and Farrakhan exerts an influence with these youths that far exceeds the actual membership of his organization.” I appeal to Mr. Hutchinson not to be on the wrong side of history by opposing the only man that we can truly point to that is the inheritor of the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr as America’s moral conscience. Avoid the trap that has been set uniquely for influential Blacks in all professions that calls for so-called “good” Blacks to condemn the so-called “bad” Blacks. Think for your self.

THE BLOOD SHEDDER by The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad According to the word of Allah (God) and the history of the world, since the grafting of the Caucasian race 6,000 years ago, they have caused more bloodshed than any people known to the black nation. Born murderers, their very nature is to murder. The Bible and Holy Qur-an Sharrieff are full of teachings of this bloody race of devils. They shed the life blood of all life, even their own, and are scientists at deceiving the black people. They deceived the very people of Paradise (Gen. 3:13). They killed their own brother (Gen. 4:8). The innocent earth’s blood (Gen. 4:10) revealed it to its Maker (thy brother’s blood cryeth unto me from the ground).

The very earth, the soil of America, soaked with the innocent blood of the so-called Negroes shed by this race of devils, now crieth out to its Maker for her burden of carrying the innocent blood of the righteous slain upon her. Let us take a look at the devil’s creation from the teaching of the Holy Qur-an. “And when your Lord said to the angels, I am going to place in the earth one who shall rule, the angels said: What will Thou place in it such as shall make mischief in it and shed blood, we celebrate Thy praise and extol Thy holiness” (Holy Qur-an 2:30). This devil race has and still is doing just that—making mischief and shedding blood of the black nation whom they were grafted from. Your Lord said to the angels, “Surely I am going to create a mortal of the essence of black mud fashioned in shape” (Holy Qur-an, 15:28). The essence of black mud (the black nation) mentioned is only symbolic, which

actually means the sperm of the black nation, and they refused to recognize the black nation as their equal though they were made from and by a black scientist (named Yakub). They can never see their way in submitting to Allah and the religion Islam and His prophets. The slave-masters’ every cry is to beat– beat–kill–kill–the so-called Negroes. Maybe the day has arrived that Allah will return to the devils— that which they have been so anxious to pour on the poor innocent so-called Negroes. Allah will give you your own blood to drink like water and your arms and allies will not help you against him (Rev.16:6). The heads and bodies of the so-called Negroes are used to test the clubs and guns of the devils, and yet the poor, foolish, so-called Negroes admire the devils regardless to how they are treated. America is now under Divine Plagues. One will come after the other until she is destroyed. Allah has said it.

Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews

“This book is the companion to Message To The Blackman.”

What do the Scholars Say? Jackie Muhammad

Cedric Muhammad

“A mesmerizing masterpiece”

“A Monumental work!”

Ashahed Muhammad

Ava Muhammad

“a paradigm shift in the way that the history of Black people will be studied from here on.”

“Reasoning supports Revelation, and [this book] helps the brain rebuild its lost ability to reason.”

Demetric Muhammad

Ridgely Muhammad

“A bombshell of epic proportions. Not only are the imposters dethroned but the detail of their mischief is laid bare.”

“This book solves the mystery of Jewish success and exposes the architecture of white supremacy.”

Earl Ofari Hutchinson's ADL Shuffle Will Never Pay Off  

Either by volunteerism or by force, Earl Ofari Hutchinson then did what Uncle Toms earn their stripes doing—attacking true voices of Black J...

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