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Business: Life Activity In Universal Order (Part I) by CEDRIC MUHAMMAD

activity—and would know the origin, purpose, perfect manifestation and application of it. He would know the For he hath put all things under his feet. But when he science of business. saith, all things are put under (him, it is) manifest that he is A detailed, scientific study of the Honorable Elijah excepted, which did put all things under him. Muhammad’s objectives, teaching, training, and guidance —1st Corinthians 15:27 on economics would provide overwhelming evidence of this Business schools are tapping into their ‘soft’ side. This fall, fact. students at Columbia Business School will be invited to learn Many of us have grown comfortable simply stating that the art of meditation…It’s all part of a continuing push by by 1975 the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of business schools to teach ‘soft skills’—such as accepting Islam had an “$80 million empire” or that he taught that we feedback with grace and speaking respectfully to should “Do For Self.” But what does that really mean? And subordinates—that companies say are most important in what value does that have, say, to hundreds of thousands of molding future business leaders. Although business schools young unemployed Black teenagers who will be looking for have traditionally excelled at teaching ‘hard skills’ like jobs this Summer throughout America? According to the finance and accounting, those skills become less relevant as Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics in March of an employee ascends the corporate ladder and moves away 2011, the unemployment rate for from crunching numbers to overseeing employees, Black teenagers (16 to 19) was companies and experts say. 42.1 percent. —“On the Lesson Plan: Feelings,” Wall Street Journal, Have we reduced a profound May 5, 2011 principle and science to mere *** rhetoric in our hearts and minds? The Honorable Elijah All of us learn through some Muhammad taught that the Nation combination of conversation, of Islam’s Temples/Mosques in observation, reading, experience, each city should be the revelation and intuition. All of us, “employment center” of that therefore, have learned something about community. The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan’s study business, trade and commerce. Volume 2, Issue 21 2011 guides are called “Self-Improvement: The Basis For Community Development.” Is there a connection between But have we learned the origin, purpose, perfect the economic program of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad manifestation and application of it? and the proper application of these study guides from The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said he not only met Minister Farrakhan? the Divine Supreme Being but that he was taught by Him. Yes! And it can be found in part in this statement from He said (and wrote) that this Divine the Honorable Elijah Muhammad: “… on Supreme Being taught him the root of the matters of economics there is entirely too Bro. Cedric will be on universe, human nature and all of life. much distrust among us. We, therefore, Sis. Ava Muhammad’s If every act can be measured and all life have to build or produce trust in ourselves and existence is graded, then, of all human radio show in June. in order to do something for self and kind.” beings, there is One who, relatively I do not know any human being who speaking, knows more than others. When has attempted to do this—build or produce discussed in terms of natural law and trust in ourselves—more thoroughly than universal order this is not really that hard Minister Farrakhan, whom I have referred for anyone to accept. In Message To The to as a spiritual economist Blackman, the Honorable Elijah ( Muhammad wrote, “The conception of a r-farrakhan-spiritual-economist/). Divine Supreme Being is accepted by all Very beautifully, in a section of the intelligent human beings—even savages Third Edition of Volume I of the book This recognize a power that is supreme.” Is The One called “The Meaning Of This Of the Human Being whom he said Book’s Cover,” Brother Jabril Muhammad taught him, the Honorable Elijah describes how Minister Farrakhan speaks as Muhammad wrote, in 1957, that His the voice of the Honorable Elijah Teacher, Master Fard Muhammad, “could Tune in to Muhammad and comes out of the heart of recite by heart the histories of the world as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Elevated Places far back as 150,000 years and knew the How then could Minister Farrakhan’s beginning and end of all things.” Every Thursday act of publishing The Secret Relationship Anyone with this power would have Between Blacks and Jews—a profound 8 – 9 PM EST mastered the principles of trade, commerce, economic history—not be in harmony with economics, and all forms of business

the aims and objectives of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad? How could it not be connected to Master Fard Muhammad’s mastery of the science of business? Related to this is the following which I wrote, published in The Final Call in 2007: “Brother, the very first business we had in Chicago was on 31st and Wentworth. It was a combined restaurant and grocery store,” 94-year old Minister Lucius Bey told me recently. “And the Honorable Elijah Muhammad did the purchasing of meat; the butchering; a lot of the cooking, and he also was the cashier, especially on Saturdays,” the man affectionately known as the ‘Dean’ of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s Ministers continued, warmly. “The Messenger would get some of the best meat you could find—lamb, and sometimes even half a cow, and he would purchase from Kosher places, and make steaks,” he explained to me. “How do you think we learned to make bean soup so well? He taught us how to cook. He did it all. He would put on his apron and work hard,” Brother Lucius stated, recalling his fond memories in the Muslim

establishment where he worked around 60 years ago, delivering groceries in a pick-up truck to his Brothers and Sisters.” … I thought over his various duties, as described by Minister Lucius Bey, and realized that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad held at least four positions, simultaneously, in this one Muslim establishment: cashier, purchaser, butcher, and cook. Just think that over, in terms of how that experience—not to mention his practice and mastery of natural and spiritual principles that he had been taught the root of by Master Fard Muhammad—empowered him as an educator and trainer of those that would fill similar positions, in this early Muslim business, and those to come years and decades later. (Cedric Muhammad is a business consultant, political strategist, monetary economist and author of The Entrepreneurial Secret ( Cedric does not provide investment advice but has a referral relationship with SDL Numismatic Properties Inc. a specialist in rare coin investments. To enjoy a discount, please visit:  or call 1-800-878-2646 and utilize code ‘cmcap’.) (For more information on this topic, visit and join the conversation @

The Honorable Minister LOUIS

FARRAKHAN Video: Farrakhan addresses attack on Libya, warns of catastrophe headed for America

Links to info about THE SECRET RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN BLACKS AND JEWS: Hon. Min. Louis Farrakhan’s Saviours’ Day 2011 Address: Final Call story on Saviours’ Day Symposium: WPFW interview with Bro. Cedric Muhammad Real Gangstas rap video (Bro. Jasiri X) NOI Research Team articles & weekly PDFs The Minister @ Howard University Sis. Ava Muhammad’s Elevated Places Radio Show

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Efforts by the Enemy to Restrict Public Access to

The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews Pass as severe laws as you will to keep these unfortunate creatures in ignorance, it is in vain, unless you can extinguish that spark of intellect which God has given them. Sir, we have, as far as possible, closed every avenue by which light might enter their minds. We have only to go one step further — to extinguish the capacity to see the light — and our work will be completed. They would then be reduced to the level of the beasts of the field, and we should be safe….Sir, a death struggle must come between the two classes, in which one or the other will be extinguished forever. —Henry Berry, speaking in the Virginia House of Delegates in 1832 After defending Jesse Jackson in his 1984 run for the presidency, The Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan had to endure the racist and incessant charges from the Jewish people that he was “anti-Semitic.” In his own defense, Minister Farrakhan vehemently disputed the charge and then exposed the racist history of the people who leveled it. He revealed that Jews were among the leaders in the transAtlantic slave trade, a fact that had been concealed by the few Jewish scholars who knew it. In full and overwhelming support of his claim, Minister Farrakhan released in 1991 The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Volume 1 (TSR), a 334-page exposé of Jewish slave-trading and other anti-Black behavior. Its impact was immediate: For the very first time, Jewish people were shown in excruciating detail the extensive involvement of their people in the greatest crime in the history of the world—from the pages of their own books in the handwriting of their own Jewish scholars. Many Jews reacted with outrage—not because the information was untrue, but because the revelation came from their Black victims. Others remain in total denial. The Minister followed this release with his continuing attempts to engage in dialogue with the Jews. Last year, The Minister released the 512-page The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews, Vol. 2, along with the most extensive collection of

The Honorable Minister

Louis Farrakhan slave sale advertisements ever Jewish slave-sale published in Jews Selling Blacks. Despite the sordid history of Nazi book-burning and anti-Jewish censorship, there has been a concerted international Jewish effort to restrict public access to the Nation of Islam books and to intimidate Blacks who would use them to teach the true history of the Black Holocaust. Unable to attack the books on their merits, Jewish extremists have engaged in a number of underhanded and vicious tactics to undermine the distribution and sale of the books. Below listed are only some of the satanic attacks on the verifiable truth contained in these books: • Under Jewish pressure the books have been banned by Canadian customs officials. Their law restricts

the importation of “pornography,” “hate literature,” or “other.” Several shipments to Canada have been returned marked “other” with no other explanation. • Well over a hundred academic libraries around the world now have the books in their collections, including all of the prestigious Ivy League institutions such as Yale, Harvard, Brown, Stanford, and Princeton, as well as Jewish institutions such as Brandeis, Yeshiva University, and the Jewish Theological Seminary. Even Cambridge University in London, England, and other academic institutions and libraries in Germany and New Zealand have the books on their shelves. Their presence at all of the Ivy League institutions is proof that they consider them substantial works, but most of these libraries have restricted access to them. Some libraries have refused to carry the books, even though they carry all of the so-called “refutation” pamphlets against TSR. Brandeis has it but it is in a special locked section called the “Cage.” Libraries that have TSR in general circulation often report that the copies are “missing” or have been damaged or have had pages removed. • Immediately after the release of TSR, the Historical Research Department received threatening phone calls promising violence against members of the Nation of Islam (recordings available). The calls were traced to the homes of several members of a Rhode Island Jewish hate group. They had apparently met

the night before and planned the terror attacks. • Barnes & Noble was forced to stop selling TSR. Before this outright ban, a shopper reported that a Barnes & Noble store in California was putting a copy of an anti-TSR “refutation” pamphlet—free of charge— in the bags of every shopper who purchased ANY book from its “African American” section. These pamphlets were apparently provided to the store by the Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish spy organization long involved in anti-Black espionage. • After Wellesley College’s Prof. Tony Martin’s lecture in Toronto in 1994, sponsored by the local Nation of Islam mosque, local government officials raided a TV station and seized the tape of the lecture, which the station was about to air on the news. • There are several reports that Jews were walking into Black bookstores and demanding that they remove these books from their shelves.

• There was an attempt by Jewish organizations to pressure Black professors to write articles and reviews against TSR, and some were supplied with copies of it for that purpose.

Some who did write reviews were castigated if they were not condemnatory enough. Most Black scholars refused to participate in the ruse once they saw the book. To date, not a single Black historian has publicly criticized the book. Henry Louis Gates’ article in the New York Times in 1994 remains the most quoted of the forced negro responses.

The text of Gates’ commentary shows no sign that he ever saw the book. In any event, Gates is not even a historian—his Ph.D is in literature, not history. • The internet forums are also the target of bogus “book reviews” by people who claim to have read TSR but who, like Prof. Gates, obviously have never seen it., the largest internet bookstore, currently has these kinds of bogus “reviews” posted on its TSR page. The 1991 publication of The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews has generated a number of books, articles, pamphlets, and letters to editors—all designed to hide massive Jewish involvement in the trans-Atlantic slave trade, despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary. It is noteworthy that none of these books has even attempted to rewrite Black–Jewish history to show Jews as “friends” of Blacks in any way, shape, or form.

And They Attack Our Minister?!

Jewish Encyclopedia (1901): "In fact, the cotton-plantations in many parts of the South were wholly in the hands of the Jews, and as a consequence slavery found its advocates among them."

Business: Life Activity In Universal Order (Part 1) by Cedric Muhammad  

All of us learn through some combination of conversation, observation, reading, experience, revelation and intuition. All of us, therefore,...

Business: Life Activity In Universal Order (Part 1) by Cedric Muhammad  

All of us learn through some combination of conversation, observation, reading, experience, revelation and intuition. All of us, therefore,...