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What are the Basics in Ballroom Dancing Shoes?

Keep in mind that these shoes are special. They are often designed with different materials and constructed specifically to meet the dancer’s needs. When you are shopping around for your shoes, your priority should be to look for footwear that do not scrimp and compromise on these basic elements. The soles of the shoes should only be covered in one material—suede (also sometimes referred to as chrome leather). Suede is the material that perfectly grips the hardwood dance floor. Shoes that are covered in leather is dangerous because leather is slippery. No dancer ever wants a high probability of spills and falls in their performance. And rubber adheres too much on the floor. This means it can give you long term knee injuries— another thing all dancers should do well to avoid. For more information about Ballroom Dancing Shoes visit

What are the Basics in Ballroom Dancing Shoes