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Waltz Dance Instruction

Is waltz difficult to learn? If you are simply learning it for fun or for a special number then no, it’s not at all difficult. However, if you want to dance the waltz so you can perform in competitions and dance tournaments then the level of difficulty will definitely go up a few notches. Whatever your purpose is, anybody can do the waltz with the proper waltz dance instruction. The first thing you need to learn is how to hold your partner properly in the waltz—the closed hold. Let’s say you are in the wedding reception. The man goes to his special lady and asks her for a dance, offering his left arm to escort her to the dance floor. The woman graciously gives her right hand and they both walk gracefully to the dance floor. They face each other. The man puts his right hand on her shoulder blade and

holds her right hand with his left hand. The woman gently positions her left hand on his shoulder or upper arm.

Waltz Dance Instructions