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Top Ten Best Dog Foods

What are the top ten best dog foods?

Many of the well known brands would have you believe that their brand of dog food is in the top ten best dog foods. But are they? The short answer – absolutely not!

Purina dog food coupons is one of the most highly searched dog food terms on Google. But all that means is either that many pet owners are looking for a cheap option (one for which they can use dog food coupons), OR that Purina does a good job of advertising and getting pet owners to believe that their product is one of the top ten best dog foods when, in my humble opinion, it definitely is not.

Diamond dog food is another popular search term, and again this food would come nowhere near my list of the top ten best dog foods.

So What Are the Top Ten Best Dog Foods?

Now Blue dog food is another matter. Blue dog food is becoming quite popular, and yes, in my opinion it probably does make the list of the top ten best dog foods. Blue dog food is also known as Blue Buffalo dog food. It’s a great food for your dog!

So what are some others? How about Nutro dog food? Or Iams dog food? Hills dog food perhaps (also known as Hills Science Diet dog food)? – In my opinion, none of these come anywhere near the top ten best dog foods. But wait, don’t most vets recommend Hills Science Diet, I hear you ask? Yes, many do,

but the majority of vets know little about animal nutrition (sad, but true, because the commercial pet food manufacturers control vet schools!)

Orijen dog food, on the other hand, is an excellent dog food, as is Taste of the Wild Dog Food. Both of these probably make my top ten best dog foods list. Merrick dog food is another. As is Innova dog food.

But what about the very popular (and cheap) Pedigree dog food? And even the Royal Canin dog food? – they sell that one in veterinary surgeries, after all … well, neither Pedigree nor Royal Canin are on my list – nowhere near it, in fact. Nature’s Recipe dog food is another excellent food that makes my list of the top 10 dog foods. And Canidae dog food is not too bad either. So if you’re asking me who makes the best dog food, then the above should give you a clue … and to top off the top ten best dog foods, I would certainly include Honest Kitchen, Life’s Abundance, Sojos, and of course,Wysong.

Top Ten Best Dog Foods