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The Dog Who Loves to Chase Lizards

Hi Brigitte, love reading your pieces on healthy happy dogs, and love 10 things your dog wants you to know.

WE moved to Sydney, Australia, to live 9 months ago now and brought our dog Sandy, a Jack Russell cross terrier with us.

People back home in Ireland thought we were nuts , as it costs a lot to bring her, but no way were we leaving her behind, she is like our child and we love her to bits.

She is so funny and is settling in well in Oz.

Sandy loves chasing the little lizards out our back up the wall , she spends hours. She used to bother with cockroches but now she finds them boring, just walks up has a sniff and walks away.

Sandy was a rescued dog. My husband Barry got her for me for Christmas 5 years ago now. God you should have seen the state she was in. I nursed her back to health even Syd, our vet, did nt think she would make it.

With a lot of tender loving care she got fit and well and has never looked back.

I love the way her head goes from side to side when I talk to her, which I do a lot. I love the way she tells me she wants water.

Sandy will be 6 on Dec 28th. So glad she came into our lives. Sandy brightens up every day ye never no what she will get up to. Now she is living on the other side of the world with us. She even has her own passport.

Hope you like this story.

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The Dog Who Loves to Chase Lizards