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The Beauty of Waltz Steps …

Waltz Steps Macarena— is there anything quite as beautiful? Wait, that doesn’t sound right does it? Don’t get me wrong, there are some people who appreciate the contemporary and trendy dances and that’s alright. But there’s something about the elegance and gracefulness of waltz steps that make it so beautiful to watch. It is a timeless form of art that has made its mark in history.

Interestingly enough, waltz started out as a shockingly brash dance in the earlier centuries. When the aristocrats first saw free-spirited peasants hold each other close and twirling around, they were indignant and scandalized. You must remember, the dances in high-society, like the minuet, then were very proper— and arguably they were also very boring. It wasn’t long before lighthearted noblemen and women started to enjoy and participate in the waltz.

The Beauty of Waltz Steps