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Learn the Basics in Dancing Of course once you learn the basics in dancing, I recommend that you go out there and enroll in a studio to put into practice what you have learned. Tango is, after all, a partner dance and unless you have a trusty partner learning with you at home, all your efforts will be for naught without a real person dancing with you. The great thing about it is that when you start classes, you’ll have a head start on everyone else. They’ll think you were a natural born dancer or an undiscovered talent when really, you just had more practice than everyone else. More than the steps and choreography, when you dance the tango, you need to think sexy thoughts. Put on that red lipstick and be the sexy siren that you know you are. When you embody the spirit of the dance, people cannot help but notice you. What are you waiting for? Get your tango DVD and get your groove on today! Life is good, it’s time to start living it today.

Learn the Basics in Dancing