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Learn How to Slow Dance for a High School Dance

If you’re on one of those high school dances, you have to first ask the other party out to the dance floor. If this makes you nervous, find tell-tale signs on whether or not he/she likes you. Do you catch him/her looking at you often? Do they smile at you? What are their friends saying to you? If you want to be asked to dance, then be open, make eye contact and smile a lot. Guys may look cool but many times, they are really more nervous than they look. Give the poor dude a break and smile. OK, so now you’re on the dance floor and you think—Oh my gosh, where do I put my hands? Don’t panic, take a deep breath. If you’re a guy, it’s safe to put your hand lightly on the side of the woman’s hip side and the other hand on her hand. This is your default position. If you are more familiar with each other, then the woman can put her arms around the man’s neck and stand closer to each other. Of course, it’s always best to allow a little bit of space between you, especially in public places.

If you want to learn how to slow dance visit the link.

Learn How to Slow Dance for a High School Danc1