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Home Made Dog Food

Today I’m going to be talking about home made dog food.

Home Made Dog Food In days gone by, home made dog food was the staple diet for domestic dogs – whether pets or working dogs (e.g. farm dogs). And those dogs fared pretty well. They were pretty healthy, on the whole, and the average life span for dogs fed a home made diet was considerably longer than the average dog’s lifespan today. In fact, those dogs thrived.

So what happened?

Let’s just look at some facts:

Fiftyy or sixty years ago or so, commercial dog food did not exist. Read that again – did not exist.

So how did people feed their dogs in those days? With home made dog food, that’s how – either prepared especially for the dog, or more likely, the dog ate basically the same meal as the rest of the family, or ate the table scraps from the family’s meal and/or the offcuts from the meat before or after it was cooked, along with some vegetable scraps, and fruit scraps.

So where did the commercial pet food industry spring from? If pets weren’t going hungry and were perfectly healthy, where did the need for commercial food arise?

The short answer is that it didn’t – there was no need. The commercial pet food industry started because some enterprising manufacturers decided that they could repackage the wastage from human food preparations, sell it as pet food, and make a huge profit. So gristle, sinews and cartilage that were cut off meat for human consumption were processed into pet food.

But soon that wasn’t enough. The public actually started buying commercially prepared dog food, and the manufacturers wanted more profits. So they added plenty of grains to bulk the food out. (Grains are not an ideal diet for dogs).

And while they were at it, some manufacturers also got the bright idea to add into the mix diseased carcasses, road kill, and even euthanized pets.

It all went into commercial pet food (and still does).

So the idea had been born, and production had commenced. All the pet food manufacturers had to do to make massive profits was convince more people to buy the “food” that they were peddling.

How? Expensive advertising campaigns have been run to convince pet owners that commercial dog food is good for their pets.

But what about veterinarians. No one could pull the wool over their eyes, right? – Wrong. The pet food manufacturers sponsored the nutrition portions of veterinary training (which was, and still is in most instances, a very minute portion of veterinary school training), and persuaded budding students of veterinary science that commercial dog food was better than home made dog food.

What a coup! These pet food conglomerates have succeeded in convincing huge sections of the general public, including the veterinarians to whom pet owners go for advice, that commercial food is better than home cooked dog food.

Go figure.

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Home Made Dog Food Home Made Dog Food So what happened? Today I’m going to be talking about home made dog food. Fiftyy or sixty years ago or...