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Dog Vaccinations

I receive lots of wonderful feedback on my dog health articles and dog health sites from time to time. The following was a lovely letter from a reader in Florida who was, like me, concerned about dog vaccinations, and specifically the over-vaccination of pets:

� Brigitte,

I found your Healthy Happy Dogs web site while searching for information about adverse reactions to dog vaccines. I want to thank you for providing such great information. You truly are performing a tremendous public service by educating people about the dangers of commonly used and frequently abused pharmaceutical products.

Many of us have learned the hard way that we cannot rely on our veterinarians to inform us about the negative aspects of these drugs. My own experiences have taught me that I must depend on the internet to find the best and most reliable sources of accurate information simply because many veterinarians continue to withhold information from their clients. I know not all vets are guilty of this but based on my experiences I am forced to believe that truly good vets are difficult to find. I have come to realize that homeopathy is the safe and effective choice for healthcare.

I know this all too well because I am the heartbroken mom of a rimadyl victim who did not survive and I am the mom of an amazing vaccinosis survivor. When I became suspicious and started asking questions the vets blatantly lied to me about both products. I have found far too much easily accessible information for me to believe that these medical professionals had no knowledge of the facts. While reading Bailey’s tragic story on your web site I felt as though I was reading an article about my pup’s horrid ordeal. The similarities were stunning!

I thank you so very much for making such gallant efforts to raise public awareness. Hopefully the day will come that we can persuade our lawmakers to implement and enforce regulations that will force ALL of the veterinary community to provide full disclosure and stop endangering the lives of innocent victims by neglecting to stay informed and by deceiving clients merely for financial gain. Unfortunately, until then we must make every effort to raise public awareness. Our furry kids’ voices must be heard and WE must be their voices.

Again, I thank you! Your web site is fabulous!

Sincerely, Debbie Florida USA �

Thanks so much, Debbie!

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Dog Vaccinations