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Dance Instruction Videos – Cha Cha Slide

There are a lot of fun dances that have been cropping up the past few decades. These quirky dances are those you can get on with friends and you have a blast learning together. The cha cha slide is one such dance. If you watch the music video of the cha cha slide dance steps, you are pretty much watching dance instruction videos of how to do it right. The cha cha slide is a dance created in 2000 by DJ Casper. This particular dance is very unique because it came about for the specific purpose of making people fit. That’s right, DJ Casper or Mr. C used the cha cha slide for the Bally Total Fitness workout. It has then become such a surprise hit, reaching as far as Canada, New Zealand, Ireland and the United Kingdom. Because of the immense popularity of the cha cha slide, an offshoot was birthed in 2003. It also was super popular, garnering a lot of air time in radios, clubs and of course, exercise places all over the United States. Other versions by various artists tried to imitate or do a similar melody of this song but DJ Casper’s version was still the more loved and recognized song that the general public loved.

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