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Basic Footwork of Waltz Steps – It’s Not That Technical!

For the professional dancers though, or even for the amateur ones who consistently take ballroom dancing lessons, waltz steps are not as challenging as the other forms of dance. There is some basic footwork to be learned and a certain bearing to be maintained, but the true student of dance will be able to master this with a few practices.

More than the technical steps, what is important to build is the chemistry between the partners. The man must be able to lead his partner and the woman must trust the man enough to allow herself to be led. There is absolutely no interchanging of roles here. The man takes charge of the choreography and direction, the woman supports and follows. This is not to say the woman’s role is easy. Not at all. As Ginger Rogers was said to have commented with regard to partnering to acclaimed dancer Fred Astaire, “I did everything that Fred did, only backwards and with heels.” It’s really funny if you think about it because now, waltz steps seem like a really conservative dance that belongs to the upper crust. It is at the opposite end of the spectrum of how it was first perceived. You never know, maybe in the next century the Macarena will be elevated into an art that professionally trained and elegant dancers will seek to perfect. Or maybe not.

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Basic Footwork of Waltz Steps