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About Noida Toastmasters Club Club #: 01059126


Meetings – Saturday (16:00 hrs– 18:00hrs)

Contact Details:

Club President: Abhishek – 9873558240 Template

Location – Jal Vayu Vihar Community Centre, (Next to Bal Bharathi School), Sector -21, Noida

VP Education: Raj Ray – 9810178705 VP Membership: Amit – 9990646739 VP Public Relations: Nityam - 9650274408 Club Treasurer: Ajit - 8447180864 Club Secretary: Priyank – 9560326661 Sergeant at Arms: Avadhesh - 9811736870

Noida Toastmasters Club


VP- Education’s Note Dear Toastmasters,


Our school essays had a charm of their own - “Narrate your summer vacation,” “Describe your family,” “Tell us about your favourite hobby.” I enjoyed writing these essays and it felt good when I let my imagination run free. My favourite subject, however, was “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I knew the answer by heart – I wanted to be a Hero, and I’d pour all my enthusiasm into the sheet and fill it with vivid stories. Growing up on a healthy dose of Indiana Jones, Dirty Harry and Rambo movies, all I wanted to do was become a Hero.

My teachers didn’t think much of my essays – apparently, I was a bit too imaginative. Slaying dragons with a Magnum 44 was not a part of the curriculum and they labelled me as delusional. “You take your stories too far, Raj. Grow up now or you’ll regret it!” they said. As life unfolded, I decided to ‘grow up’, lest I regret it. I left Brego in the wild. I decided to become common – the antithesis of Heroism.


A Hero symbolized everything that was great about being human – courage, righteousness and the greater good. He never worried or complained about his pay, or about the way he looked, or about the obstacles in his life. He just went ahead and conquered his problems, and saved the world while he was at it. It was an alluring vision. I wrote page after page on why I wanted to be a Hero, and why the world needed me. I had a clear vision of my adventures – I even had a name for the horse I’d ride on…..Brego. (Brego was the name of Aragorn’s horse from The Lord of the Rings.)

Life seemed good for a while – sometimes even too good to be true. There were moments when I felt truly content and fulfilled. But then, there were those other moments when I longed for more, something much more….moments when I longed for Brego and for my adventures. In December 2008, I joined Toastmasters International. It’s been 5 years since, and as I look back at the last 5 years, I realize that I am amidst Heroes – a group of unsung Heroes who are spirited and who constantly challenge the norm. Heroes who fight demons and conquer the shadows in the dark.

Noida Toastmasters Club


VP- Education’s Note


As a Toastmaster, you are a Hero. You show courage in front of a crowd, you’re willing to be judged, and when you fall off your horse you climb back and continue to gallop. I have learnt that Heroism isn’t about slaughtering external demons – it’s about confronting our own shyness, shame and self-esteem issues. Heroism, more than anything, is about being the best that we can be. Before Heroes conquer the world, they conquer themselves.

I encourage you to believe in yourself - no matter what. I encourage you to tell the world stories about the greatest Hero ever – You. I encourage you to get busy saving yourself, while the world remains busy destroying itself. After all, Heroism isn’t about saving the world, it’s about saving yourself.


It’s time for this Hero to sign off….it’s time for me to go ahead and conquer. It’s time for me to whistle for Brego.

When was the last time you called yourself a Hero? Wake up…you are an unsung Hero! Do yourself a favour and call yourself a Hero. And do it often. Our world is in dire need of Heroes. Sadly, our world places importance on the trivial – and fortunately, at Toastmasters we place importance on the important. Every time you walk thru the doors of Noida Toastmasters, you reinforce the values that builds Heroes. You emerge stronger, tougher, braver.

Noida Toastmasters Club

- Raj Ray


Past Meetings Meeting


Humorous Speech & Table Topics Contest

Best Speaker – Pavan Kumar Best Evaluator – Deepak Menon


Humorous Speech – Mahendra Singh Khalsa Table Topics – Raj Ray



Best Speaker – Alexander Daniel Best Evaluator – Rajan Sinha Best TT Speaker – Rajan Sinha


Best Speaker – Jasbir Singh Best Evaluator – Abhishek Sharma Best TT Speaker– Abhishek Sharma

• International Director Deepak Menon delivered a ‘Magic Moments’ workshop in Meeting #157. • Dr. Punita Singh delivered a module on ‘Language & Rhetoric’ in Meeting #158. Noida Toastmasters Club


My Ice Breaker 1) Who are you? I am Pavan Madamsetty from Hyderabad. I did my mechanical engineering from Hyderabad and my MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management in Arizona, U.S.A. I am working as a Senior Management Consultant with a Singapore based management consulting firm called Solidiance. We majorly help U.S. and European companies to grow their businesses in Asia Pacific.

3) What was your prepared for your P1?




The thought of speaking in front of a new audience made me nervous. I was not sure if I would be able to connect with the audience. But, I told myself that unless I take up these opportunities seriously, I will not advance further in my speaking ability.

4) During your P1, how nervous were you?

2) Why Toastmasters? There are 2 major reasons for me to join Toastmasters a) Communication plays a key role in my job. My manager mostly presents to the client. But in the last 2 or 3 months, for smaller projects I have been asked to present to the client. I want to use Toastmasters as a platform to learn to be a good speaker and connect well with the audience. b) Secondly, Toastmasters presents a very good platform to develop leadership skills. I am very impressed with the way meetings are managed at Toastmasters and I want to learn to be able to do this.

Surprisingly, when I started speaking I was not very nervous. I was able to visualize things and was focusing on that.

5) After the speech, do you feel you made the right choice by joining the club? Absolutely a big yes. The Noida Toastmasters club presents a very encouraging and supporting environment for speakers to grow and develop their skills. Members of the club are very supportive.

- Pavan Madamsetty Noida Toastmasters Club


My Ice Breaker 1) Who are you?

4) During your P1, how nervous were you?

I am Sameer Saxena, a science Graduate from Kanpur University and having a work/professional experience of approx. 17 years in one of the leading and profit making Pharmacutical Industry of India. Currently I am associated with an MNC Organization 'Allergan India Pvt Ltd' as a 'Institutional Business Manager' based in Delhi. Married with Mrs.Shakti who is a MBA in HR and blessed with 2 daughters Shourya & Shloka studying in Class 6th & 2nd resp.

I was slightly tensed during my initial preparation, but the suggestions extended by some fellow toastmasters has helped me to regain the confidence and also helped me synchronising my thoughts in a structured way to Express myself comfortably to the audience.

2) Why Toastmasters?

Undoubtedly its a right decision to be a part of its give you an opportunity to learn and sharpen your communication skills in all spheres of your life. The structured process/module of self development in communication skills by Toastmasters Club is worth appreciating

Toastmasters, I came to know through one of my senior colleague working for the same organization and a promising and prominent member of the Toastmasters Club at Bangalore. He guided me for the same as Toastmasters is the best platform to enhance our public speaking and presentation skills to further Enrich our-self for future development.

5) After the speech, do you feel you made the right choice by joining the club?

I sincerely propose that each individual who are aspiring for his personality development and communication skills enhancement must be a part of such club and I will propose my fellows and friends to must Experience the same.

3) What was your feeling while you prepared for your P1? I Experienced that knowing yourself and Expressing the same with others is not that easy as we think, but it was a good learning to make myself understood by people in a stipulated time slot by comprising myself in a short and crispy way.

- Sameer Saxena Noida Toastmasters Club


Smartest Insights Mark Twain and Winston Churchill are but two of the luminaries who have spoken about speaking. Here are their insights, and what they mean to you.

90 percent of how well the talk will go is determined before the speaker steps on the platform. – Somers White

Public speaking evokes change in the lives around us. It helps you to be of service and share your passions and gifts. Becoming a better speaker and communicator is a way to reach all of these goals. Luckily, there are many who have walked the path of better speaking. Here are four of the smartest things ever said about public speaking to help you become a more passionate, connected, and successful speaker.

Preparation and practice are the foundation for a successful speech. You should never wing it. You have to practice. Then you'll be prepared for success the next time your step on the stage.

There are only two types of speakers in the world: (1) the nervous and (2) liars. ― Mark Twain

They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel. ― Carl W. Buechner

You're nervous. I'm nervous. The most experienced speakers still get nervous. Let's face it you might never get over your public speaking anxiety. You can learn to cope, thrive, and fly to speaking success despite the stampede of horses in your stomach and your knocking knees. Accept the nervousness as a natural part of caring your about your audience. My best tip to help you deal with those presentation jitters: Know your introduction. By the time your introduction is over, the adrenaline subsides and your nervousness will be behind you.

Speaking is about creating an emotional connection with the

audience. Always ask yourself what you want your audience to feel as the last word falls from your lips. Building a relationship with your audience is the most powerful thing you can do as a speaker. Your vulnerability is the key to fostering connection. Be exactly who you are. There should be no difference between how you are onstage versus how you are offstage. Your audience feels because you are real.

Noida Toastmasters Club


Smartest Insights No one ever complains about a speech being too short. ― Ira Hayes The greatest show of respect you can ever give your audience is to end your speech on time. Better yet, end it early. No audience has ever said "Man, I wish that speaker went over by 15 minutes." Time limits are there for a reason. Respect those limits to show you care about your audience. A version of this article first appeared on Dr. Michelle Mazur's website.

- Navya


Noida Toastmasters Club

Way We Speak Enquire or inquire? Enquire and inquire are synonyms and mean to seek information on something or to conduct a formal investigation. In the US, ‘inquire’ is preferred while in the UK, there is a distinction between the two words. ‘Inquiry’ is used in relation to a formal inquest (i.e., an investigation); whereas, ‘enquiry’ is used to denote the act of questioning. For example: • I enquired about the ongoing project. • We are going to inquire into the incident. Tips and tricks Remember, ‘inquiry’ is the widely used of two. In case you are unsure, it is always better to use the word that is more prevalent.

Noida Toastmasters Club


Current Standing

Noida Toastmasters Club


Birthday Wishes

Avadhesh Srivastava (21st Nov)

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