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Study Course Instructions This study course is designed to be done both in a course room, mosque, study-group or self-paced at home. Certain parts of this course (Key Word Study) will be done with a partner. Other parts will be done independently (by yourself). When its time to partner, you and your partner (twin) are to follow the steps provided in this guide. The study course is laid out in the order you do them. It is important not to skip any steps of the guide. THESE INSTRUCTIONS ARE TO BE FOLLOWED IN OUR CLASSES. Purpose of this Study Course Guide: The purpose of this study course guide is to guide you through this course of study. Time to Complete: Although the hour and a half that we have for study this evening will hopefully allow you to progress through most of this study, however it is strongly recommend that you continue to work on this study course at home at your own pace. Important Note: During the study course session, if you have any questions raise your hand for assistance. Each believer (student) should have a copy of this handout and its instructions to take home and continue studying on their own. All steps may not be completed in the class sessions in its entirety.

Study Course Steps Step 1: Key Word Clearing Key words are important words related to key concepts found in the reading. Having a good understanding of the meanings of these words will help each student better understand the important concepts and ideas of the study, as well as eliminate misunderstandings that come with misunderstood words. Use the key word list and definitions found in this packet to do the drill (exercise) a and b.

1.) Select a partner (closest to you) and study the Key Words together, through reviewing the questions and answers to master. (If done in course room or mosque/study group the time allotted is 30-45 minutes) 2.) First time through: The student has the questions and answers in front of him or her. The partner asks the student the question, and the student answers it. He/She can look at the answer if needed. The answer does not have to be word-for-word or memorized; just the concept must be correct. 3.) Second time through: Once finished with the drill the first time, you start again from the beginning, this time without the answers in front of you. Your partner asks the question and you answers. If the answer is incorrect, your partner shows you the answer. Look at the answer again and repeat until you have grasped the concept, then continue to the next one.

Step 2: Independent Reading After completing step one, you may begin to read the selected reading materials. Step 3: Check Your Understanding Questions: Time Frame: 30 min Review the lists of questions. Each question Time Frame: min is formulated to check your30 understanding of the key concepts and ideas found in the reading. Answer each question on a sheet of paper and be prepared to discuss your answers at the conclusion of this session. Sufficient time may not be given during class session to answer all of the questions. If you do not finish in class, please continue this step at home.


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What is the meaning of Un-American? Un-American means one that is not American, not characteristic of or proper to America, foreign or opposed to the American character, usages, standards, etc. What does accused mean? Accused means to charge (someone) with an offense or crime; claim that (someone) has done something wrong.


What does indoctrination mean? Indoctrination means to teach (a person or group) to accept a set of beliefs uncritically; to teach or instruct (someone). What is “race hatred”? Race hatred is a violent dislike of someone because of his/her racial background. What does evading mean? Evading means to escape or avoid, especially by cleverness or trickery; to avoid dealing with or accepting; contrive not to do (something morally or legally required); defeat the intention of (a law or rule), especially while complying with its letter. What is the meaning of reformation? Reformation is the action or process of make changes in (something, typically a social, political, or economic institution or practice) in order to improve it; to bring about a change in (someone) so that they no longer behave in an immoral, criminal, or selfdestructive manner. What does subjected mean? To be subjected means to bring under domination, control, or influence; under the rule or authority, as of a conqueror or a governing power; to place beneath something. What is the meaning of persecution? Persecution is a program or campaign to exterminate, drive away, or subjugate a people because of their religion, race, or beliefs.

What is meant by “poisoned”? To be poisoned is to treat (a weapon) with poison in order to augment its lethal effect. Poison is a substance that, when introduced into or absorbed by a living organism, causes death or injury, especially one that kills by rapid action even in a small quantity; a person, idea, action, or situation that is considered to have a destructive or corrupting effect or influence. What is an American? An American is a citizen of the United States or of the earlier British Colonies; one not belonging to one of the aboriginal races. What is the meaning of aboriginal? Aboriginal means inhabiting or existing in a land from the earliest times or from before the arrival of colonists; indigenous; an aboriginal inhabitant of a place. What is the meaning of legal? Legal means permitted by law; lawful; appointed, established, or authorized by law. What is the meaning of illegal? Illegal means forbidden by law; unlawful; illicit; unauthorized or prohibited by a code of official or accepted rules. What is meant by extinguish? To extinguish means to put out (a fire, light, etc.); to put an end to or bring to an end; wipe out of existence; annihilate. What is the meaning of capacity? Capacity is the maximum amount that something can contain; the ability or power to do, experience, or understand something.


STEP 3: Check Your Understanding The following questions are for discussion at the conclusion of the study session. The remaining questions can be completed at your own pace as you continue your study at home. You can use your book if you need help answering the questions. Write your answers on a sheet of paper.

Questions For Discussion: 1. What was the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s response to the charge made by the California State Senate Fact-Finding Subcommittee on Un-American Activities that the Nation of Islam operated “a school for the indoctrination of young Negroes with race hatred?” 2. What year was the Honorable Elijah Muhammad arrested in Washington DC? What was the reason for the arrest? What were the 2 reasons that the Honorable Elijah Muhammad cited for refusing the charge? Does this history have a bearing on the present? Explain. 3. What is the aim of the enemy’s evil and false accusations? What are some of the methods and tactics used by Federal Government Agents to try to frighten the new converts? How does this apply to the present circumstances and climate? 4. What does the Honorable Elijah Muhammad cite as “the only way for us? 5. Who have been the opponents of every Negro leader who helps his people to freedom, justice and equality? 6. Does being born in America make you an American? Explain. 7. What is the reason that we are called un-American by the enemy? 8. Henry Berry stated in 1832 in the Virginia House of Delegates: “We have as far as possible, closed every avenue by which light may enter the slaves mind.” Name some of the ways in which they have attempted to do this in the past. Can you name some ways that this is being done today? 9. What is the reason that America never wants to see the Negroes accept Islam?

Questions For Further Study: 1.

In what state was the Honorable Elijah Muhammad born and attend public school? In what year did he move to Detroit? 2. In what year and for what reason did the Honorable Elijah Muhammad commit himself to the jail in Detroit? 3. What “deadly harm” can come from the slave-master’s names? 4. What did Allah teach to the Honorable Elijah Muhammad upon his coming in 1930? 5. Who were Jehovah, Moses and Israel a sign of? Why is Allah a "little more angry" today than Jehovah was with Pharaoh? 6. Who are the “Americans” trying to unite against the Muslims? 7. Who are the “true Americans?” 8. For what purpose were the so-called Negroes brought to America? Who brought them here? 9. Why are white Americans tricking the Negroes into thinking names do not mean anything and that they should stay in their (the slave masters) names? 10. Why does the Honorable Elijah Muhammad refer to a slave name as “illegal?” Explain. 11. What is needed to bring an end to this horrible situation?

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