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For immediate release: february 6, 2006 Falcone and Palmer Gothic Ships NPR 006

File under: Ambient "F"


Key Selling Points:

Falcone & Palmer are British musician/sci-fi writer Stephen Palmer and U.S. keyboardist/producer Don Falcone.

• "Gothic Ships" presents new instrumentals, which offer a uniquely fresh interpretation of the ambient and industrial genre.

After Palmer guest-starred on Falcone's Spirits Burning group, the two decided to start an ambient/ industrial project. "Gothic Ships" is the first result of this new inter-continental duo.

• "Gothic Ships" features current and past members of Thessalonians, Spirits Burning, Spice Barons, Spaceship Eyes, Heavenly Music Corporation, Mooch and Blue Lily Commission.

Palmer has written four science fiction novels including "Memory Seed" and "Hallucinating." He has two ongoing music projects, Mooch and Blue Lily Commission, both of which have multiple releases on the Dead Earnest label.

• Docking At Goth Pool has been played on the The Electronic Cottage (show #19) Radio show.

Falcone first achieved ambient notability by working alongside Kim Cascone (in Thessalonians and the Spice Barons, both on Cascone's Silent Records). Falcone then released a number of CDs as Spaceship Eyes, the electronica project responsible for the title music in rave film "Better Living Through Circuitry." Most recently, Falcone leads the virtual space rock group Spirits Burning which includes members of Gong, Hawkwind, Can, and other space music ensembles.

• Falcone has appeared on compilations that featured well-known artists such as Brian Eno, Porcupine Tree's Steve Wilson, Bill Laswell, Future Sound of London, Meat Beat Manifesto, and Muslimgauze. • "Gothic Ships" takes the landscapes of Eno, Pink Floyd, The Orb and Air, and turns them inside out. • "Lots of adventures in sound and fun freakiness!" — - Aural Innovations

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Gene Flurry (11:48) Docking At Goth Pool (11:02) Black Star (9:57) Out There (7:34) Deep Sea Chimney (9:58) Goth Pool Revisited (5:32)

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Falcone & Palmer 1 sheet  

Falcone & Palmer 1 sheet

Falcone & Palmer 1 sheet  

Falcone & Palmer 1 sheet