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Education 2015-2017 MSc in Urban Planning, University of Toronto, Canada (UofT) | magna cum laude

Noha Refaat Architect, Urban Planner Contact Information Dubai, United Arab Emirates UAE: +971 52 430 9595 Egypt: +20 10 608 77999

2008-2014 BSc Architectural Engineering, Minor in Psychology, The American University in Cairo, Egypt (AUC) | magna cum laude 2012 Summer Abroad: University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

Skills & Abilities English Arabic Powerpoint Excel Word SPSS arcGIS Photoshop Indesign Illustrator AutoCAD Revit SketchUp VRay Lumion Policy Development Stakeholder & Community Engagement Research Design & Implementation Urban Development & Planning Data & Statistical Analysis Writing & Editing Design 2

Professional Experience 2014-2015 Architect & Researcher, Takween Integrated Community Development, Cairo, Egypt • Developed public space and underpass designs, and participatory stakeholder and community engagement workshops in two informal areas for the urban development component in ‘Safe Cities for Women and Girls’ project by UN Women • Delivered in-depth research on low-cost street paving techniques for TADAMUN: The Cairo Urban Solidarity Initiative with the American University in Washington DC • Engaged in the upgrade of a public open space and the implementation of participatory design workshops for Syrian refugees and displaced families from informal areas in a public housing project in 6th of October City for UNHCR • Developed and led site survey for an underpass project in an informal settlement, funded by the Swiss Development Cooperation • Conducted site analysis, mapping, and resident outreach to measure Al-Azhar Park’s impact on the surrounding informal area, project for Aga Khan for Culture & Dina Shehayeb Consult • Conducted site analysis and report editing for ‘Forgotten Neighbourhood: a Parallel Narrative’ project in partnership with Laboratoire Architecture Ville Urbanisme Environment (LAVUE) • Delivered villa remodelling and interior design services 2014-2015 Teaching Assistant, Architectural Engineering Department, The American University in Cairo, Egypt • Supervised 6 students in individual and group thesis’ research, design and development • Graded student research and design work 2014-2015 Archival Assistant, Architectural Engineering Department, The American University in Cairo, Egypt • Developed and curated an archival system of the architecture department’s academic material and student design work to coordinate visibility of the program with the external community • Engaged in the creation of a professional yearbook for the architecture department

Internship Experience 2016-2017 Graduate Planning Intern, City of Toronto | Poverty Reduction Strategy Office, Toronto, Canada • Conducted policy research, and a jurisdictional and literature review on community benefits to assist in the development of a community benefits framework and policy • Assisted in the preparation of 2017 work plan for the production of the annual staff report • Delivered literature review focused on research and documentation of child care needs of families working nonstandard hours • Conducted policy research on the use of a collective impact approach within government entities in an international context 2013 Architectural Intern, DAMAC Properties, Dubai, UAE • Assisted in the design process of retail building with relevant facilities • Prepared studies and visioning boards for urban residential project presentation • Rendered floor plans of apartment and office buildings for marketing purposes • Engaged in urban design of housing units in pre-design phase of urban residential project

Honours & Awards 2015-2017 Recipient of University of Toronto Arts and Science Fellowship for International Students 2011-2013 Dean’s Honours List, Architectural Engineering, AUC, Egypt 2008-2012 International PepsiCo Scholarship Excel Award Recipient 2003-2008 Honours List, International School of Choueifat, Cairo, Egypt


Safe Cities for women & girls | project by UN Women Urban development of unsafe areas | Imbaba, Egypt This project is managed by UN Women, in close coordination with a diverse range of partners, seeking to create safe cities, free of violence, for women and girls. Imbaba, an informal settlement in Cairo was one of three areas targeted. The urban development component of this project involved a participatory needs assessment and design workshops with the local community committee and the end users of each intervention. Also, an investigation of governmental plans in the area, and market research was conducted which resulted in the proposed design interventions for the selected sites

Proposed Design Intervention 1

Site 1 Existing Conditions


Site 2 Existing Conditions

Participatory Design Workshop

Existing Conditions Map

Reflective Paint Proposal

Proposed Design Intervention 2


Fostering community cohesion | project by UNHCR

Urban development of public open space | Masakin Uthman, 6th of October, Egypt Masakin Uthman is a public housing project developed by the Government of Egypt to house families most in need of care. It is remotely located on the fringes of Sixth of October City in a desert area, greatly lacking access to basic services, public transportation and job opportunities. The area has come to house families relocated from informal settlements across the Greater Cairo Area, as well as Syrian and Sudanese Refugees. The diversity of residents has resulted in a hostile living environment. This project, managed by UNHCR, aimed to create a public open space for the residents utilizing a participatory design and inclusive implementation process to foster community cohesion and interaction - resulting in an empowered sense of community

Site Existing Conditions


Inclusive Implementation Workshop

Participatory Design Workshop 7

Activities and Services

‫تﺎﻣﺪﺨﻟاو ﺔﻄﺸﻧﻷا‬

Underpass upgrading | (project Swiss 1.Al-Imamein (Om Nadya) Tunnel ‫ ) ﺔﯾدﺎﻧ مأ ﻖﻔﻧ‬by ‫ﻦﯿﻣﺎﻣﻷا ﻖﻔﻧ‬ . 1 Development Corporation Urban analysis | Izbit Khayrallah, Egypt This project involved the development of a site survey and an urban analysis of the informal area, Izbit Khayrallah, for the upgrade of an underpass

1. Al-Imamein (Om Nadya) Tunnel (‫ﻦﯿﻣﺎﻣﻹا ﻖﻔﻧ ) ﺔﯾدﺎﻧ مأ ﻖﻔﻧ‬. 1 ‫رﺑﻛأ نﯾﻣﺎﻣﻹا قﻔﻧ دﻌﯾ)ضرﻋأ (ﻌﻟا قﺎﻔﻧأ ﺔﺑز‬ ‫ﺔﯾوﯾﺣ مھرﺛﻛأو‬ ‫دﯾدﻌﻟا قﻔﻧﻟﺎﺑ رﻣﯾ لﺛ‬ ‫لﺋﺎﺳو نﻣ‬Khayrallah ‫ﻣ تﻼﺻاوﻣﻟا‬ Main Issues of `Izbit ‫ﻌﺟﯾ ﺎﻣﻣ ﻲﻛوزوﺳﻟا تارﺎﯾﺳو صﺎﺑورﻛﯾﻣﻟا ل‬ ‫ﺔﯾﻟﺎﻋ ﺔﯾرورﻣﻟا ﮫﺗﻛرﺣ‬ ‫ﮫﻠﺧادﺑ ﺔطﺷﻧﻷا نﻣ دﯾدﻌﻟا دﺟوﺗ‬ ‫ﻣادﺧﺗﺳإ ﮫﻠﻌﺟ ﺎﻣﻣ ً ﺎﻘﺑﺎﺳ قﻔﻧﻟا رﯾوطﺗ مﺗ لﮭﺳأ ﮫ‬ ‫ً ﺎطﺎﺷﻧ رﺛﻛأو‬

Underpass Analysis

| |

‫ﺎﯾﺎﻀﻘﻟاو ﻞﻛﺎﺸﻤﻟا ﻢھأ‬ Activities and Services Map

| |

} Al-Imamein Tunnel is the largest and widest of the tunnels and the most active } Several transportation routes pass through it making it an active traffic route } It houses many various activities } Previous local development initiative made the tunnel accessible and

Site Issues Map 8

Landmarks and Assets

‫تﺎﻣﺪﺨﻟا‬1. Al-Imamein ‫ﺔﯿﺴﯿﺋﺮﻟا ﻢﻟﺎﻌﻤﻟاو‬ (Om Nadya) Tunnel (‫ﻦﯿﻣﺎﻣﻹا ﻖﻔﻧ ) ﺔﯾدﺎﻧ مأ ﻖﻔﻧ‬. 1

tion in ‫ﻄﻟا ﻰﻠﻋ و قﺎﻔﻧﻷا ﻲﻓ ﺔﺒﻠﺼﻟا تﺎﻔﻠﺨﻤﻟا ﺔﻟﺎﺣ ﻖﯾﺮ‬Solid Waste Condition in ‫ﻓ ﺔﺒﻠﺼﻟا تﺎﻔﻠﺨﻤﻟا ﺔﻟﺎﺣ ﻖﯾﺮ‬ ‫يﺮﺋاﺪﻟا‬ Ring Road Tunnels and along Ring Road 1.Al-Imamein (Om Nadya) Tunnel (‫ﺔﯾدﺎﻧ مأ ﻖﻔﻧ‬ Landmarks and Assets Map

Solid Waste Conditions

Underpass Accessibility Map

Site Existing Conditions 9

Architecture as a tool for urban re-stitching

Master Plan

Capacity building & employment center | Mina el Basal, Alexandria, Egypt I: Upgraded the former largest trade hub in Alexandria, Mina Existing Warehouse el Basal, through the design of 6 individual projects (in a group of 6) allocated across a re-developed master plan II: The capacity building and employment center rehabilitates an existing historic warehouse, located adjacent to an informal residential area in Mina el Basal. It functions as a development NGO seeking social transformation and improvements in quality of life

Site Layout Sectional Elevation 1

Sectional Elevation 2


Form Generation Environmental Analysis


Section 1

Section 2


Structure exposed


Architecture school extension | AUC, Egypt The architecture department at AUC was an unplanned space located within what was previously the chemistry department. For this purpose, an extension was designed to accommodate the architecture students’ needs through the use of a unique structural system The space frame structure is one that is created by individual, rigidly connected members that are built upon one another and transfer loads by framing action. The extension was designed to contrast the regularity of the existing architectural department’s corridor following the conceptual statement: an affair with architecture

Section A-A

Section B-B

Section C-C


Ground Floor

First Floor

Second Floor 13

Residential housing design

Urban Design Alternatives

GIS Analysis

Income Levels Roads Hierarchy Legibility

This project involved an environmental and sustainability analysis, a behavioral and SWOT analysis, and a physical study of the low income area’s existing conditions using GIS. This was followed by the design of several apartment units targeting varying economic classes which were then allocated within the re-invented urban space based on several design trials


Re-development of low-income area | al-Hotaya, Egypt


Low Income Units

Middle Income Units

Master Plan Re-design

High Income Units Section | Middle Income Prototype

High Income Prototype

Middle Income Prototype

Low Income Prototypes 15


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