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A selection of Noir Bradford Instagrams


BRADFORD THREADFEST IS BACK! A Free Cross-City Festival of Independent Music. Spring Bank Holiday Weekend


23-26 MAY—BRADFORD 24-26

20 Welcome! On spring Bank Holiday Weekend 24 – 26 May Bradford Threadfest returns for a second year of independent live music celebration. After a successful and vibrant debut, Threadfest 2013 sees even more venues, collectives, musicians, bands and promoters join forces to offer a free taste of the city’s DIY and grassroots musical activity. Bradford has a rich history of self-organised cultural activity, reflected in venues like the 1 in 12 Club, the heyday of the people-led Bradford Festival and Mela, and many community-focused arts and music initiatives. Likewise it has more than its fair share of unique spaces that regularly host local and international acts attracted to the alternative character of the city. Threadfest aims to pull this activity together into a weekend that showcases and mixes up the various scenes and communities. The thread between these events takes the form of a Bradford Music Map that helps audiences new

13 and old navigate the city. There is no specified path or correct order of things, no headliners and support acts, just music that you hopefully haven’t come across all at once. Come along and help join the dots. With Live Music and Events from: The Hobbes Fanclub, Yo El Ray, Monster Killed by Laser, Kogumaza, Dean McPhee, Rivals, Mother Earth, Oriental Arts, No Hands, Cut Yourself in Half, M@BU, DIY or Die, Blood Sport, Bare Plume, Voltage Studios, Idiot Box, What The Folk?, Cameron Deas, Rockers and Rollers and more. At venues including: The New Bradford Playhouse, Delius Arts and Cultural Centre, The 1 in 12 Club, The Sparrow, Malik House, The Beehive Inn, The Black Swan, and more. Bradford Threadfest is a joint effort by a collective of individuals, groups and organisations with support from University of Bradford and Bradford City Council.


Independent Gig Promoting in West Yorkshire

Bad Owl is a Leeds based music promoter specialising in, but not sticking exclusively to, post-rock, post-metal and shoegaze bands. We work not-for-profit with any money made being given to performing bands and helping towards the cost of putting on future events. Our first show was July 2012 after Scottish post-metallers What The Blood Revealed (who we kind of knew through attending the same indie/rock discos in Ayrshire in the 1990s) got in touch asking if we could help out with a venue for their small tour of England. We arranged a gig for them with Tree Of Sores and Himself at The Fox & Newt, Leeds (a venue we love and continue to use) and it was so much fun that we decided to continue with more shows and the Bad Owl was born. We've been very lucky in that the post-rock scene is very close-knit and we've managed to attract some fantastic bands of that genre to Leeds due to the mini success of that first night with What The Blood Revealed. There's nothing quite like the excitement of receiving an email from a band that you love and have in your record collection asking if you can arrange a show for them.

We've had our fair share of bands cancelling at the last minute, vans breaking down, car crashes and guitarists almost hospitalised due to illness but the Rock is strong in this one and we're looking forward to bringing more of our favourite bands to glorious Yorkshire.

Facebook Twitter @BadOwlPresents Store


by One of No Hands

OK, we know it’s not Christmas or Winter, but have you seen outside lately?!

After a turbulent couple of years in my teens following Leeds United home and away, damned good fun, but finding myself ever deeper in bother; a couple of arrests down the line and worried parents taxi’ing to Holbeck Police Station didn’t find favour with the family dear boy!... I found myself needing a change. The winter season of 1993 brought with it a fresh start. A little less than a year or two earlier I’d found myself out at Christmas with Leeds skinhead mates, which brought with it ten pints of guiness, some petty thieving and a close call after an encounter with IRA supporters outside a long forgotten Irish pub near Leeds station. Leeds has changed a lot in the last 20 years or so. I doubt anyone misses or remembers our dodgy lair Big Lil’s which was round t’corner from the Three Legs, or the myriad of other ill favoured joints we visited, like The Scotland or The Whip. Anyway I’d made a conscious decision to make a change in my drinking pals, and once LUFC had escaped the Second Division as was, football didn’t seem so exciting anymore. I’d embarked on a new crusade, to find good live music, a girl, and nights out that didn’t end up wi mates slumped in an alcoholic stupor come 10.30pm. Life had to offer more than that.

Tumblers became my new hang out, and whilst beer was hardly avoided, a new focus was the Bradford Grammar School girls that frequented the place (allus had a weakness for posh girls). The pursuit of girls and gigs led to a fierce enthusiasm for outlandish fashion. This was fuelled by reading Face and ID magazine and they propelled me from a penchant for golfing pants and 70s shirts to a new wave of brave and dedicated fashion. The winter season of 1993 look was for girls’ skirts over trousers or even without, and a provocative pout to boot. So discarding the pout, I made my way out into town for the desired Top Shop tartan mini skirt to wear over

my Chipie jeans. Christmas eve found me meeting up wi old mates in the Fiddlers Three, Clayton before striking out for Tumblers. How I avoided taking a slap in the Fidds is anyones guess, but secretly perhaps the venerable patrons of the Fidds were taking notes and planning an excursion to Dorothy Perkins on Boxing day.

But happily NYE was ahead and a trip to Vague was in the offing. For this I had my Honor Blackman outta Avengers look planned. I’d got a gorgeous 60s Cacharel dress from a second hand clothes shop that once resided above the Wax Museum, Bradford.

Between Christmas and t’ New Year was a grammar girl’s birthday party at the Midland Hotel and I planned to wear a Scottish girl’s kilt/skirt affair, it was a nice plain red tweed as I recall. This led to consternation and tears at home. My mum evidently wasn’t impressed with the transformation from erstwhile football hooligan to crossdresser, which she evidently pegged me as. So whilst my brothers and mates no doubt stoked the debate downstairs as I dolled up, my mum tearfully demanded I didn’t wear it and I had to cave in on that one…shame.

Now no one could dispute this outfit as I could allus put it down to fancy dress on NYE. Vague was a gay/bi/straight club at the Warehouse that had on such dj luminaries (ahem!) as Trannies With Attitude, Jon of the Pleased Wimmin, and Carl Puttnam (I kid you not) from Cud. I had a blinder of a night, sashaying my way across the dancefloor, I found new gotten freedom with each pirouette in mi dress. A moment in time, a splendid Christmas never forgotten. A little step on ones journey through life. I’ve not wore a dress since, but I’d recommend you try it lads, you might like it.



Friday 29 March 2013

Friday 26 April 2013

HIMSELF JUNK DEALERS KOALA Eccentric progressive rock reminiscent of Wetton era King Crimson from Yorkshire. Listen to their ‘Selfless’ EP here, it’s fucking ace.

Girl fronted indie riff monsters


Dolphins front-man and Hobbes Fanclub Drum Basher do bassguitar+guitar+drum machine Industrial noise. Not to be missed They don’t even have a web presence yet so catch them while you can!

GREAT DIPLOMATS Melodic post-hardcore from young Bradlads Search Great Diplomats on Facebook or sumat.

Both Events At The Polish Club, Edmund St, Bradford BD5 OBH £2 entry for live music upstairs. FREE DOWNSTAIRS FROM 8pm FREE ZINE + DJs + DANCING til 2am

SUGGESTIONS / RANTS / INPUT / COMMUNICATION: Email: Web: Facebook: Search ‘No Hands Bradford’ Twitter: @nohandsbradford



No Hands Zine #27  

Local Culture Zine based in Bradford

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