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PALMA AQUARIUM full day DESCRIPTION: This is a full-day guided trip. The guests are taken to the aquarium in the morning, arriving there at approx. 11:15. The venue has 55 aquariums and a great variety of interesting and entertaining marine life to keep all the family amused for the day, including 8000 specimens from 700 different species in 5million litres of water. There is an entertainer for kids. Guests have plenty of time wander around the aquarium at their own leisure Guests leave the park at approx 16:30

Itinerary: 09:45 – 10:30 11:15 16:30 17:30

Guests pick-up Arrive at Palma Aquarium Depart from Palma Aquarium Arrive at resort

Includes:    

Transport to and from Palma Aquarium. Service provided of a guide while on board the air conditioned coach. Entrance fee to Palma Aquarium. Insurance.

Recommendations for our clients:  

Cameras are allowed in the park if people want to take photographs or videos of the day. There are places to eat in the park but packed lunches are also welcome.

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