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Schedule of Farmer, Gardener, and Consumer Events

Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York

2012 Organic Field Days

1. June 9th • Sustainability and Reality (St. Lawrence Co.) 2. June 17th • Make Hay While the Sun Shines (Cortland Co.) 3. June 18th • Biological IPM Strategies (Orange Co.) 4. June 20th • Alternative Meat Markets (Chenango Co.) 5. June 22nd • Organic Hay and Small Grain Rotations (Steuben Co.) 6. June 26th • Season Extension & Food Safety (Washington Co.) 7. June 27th • Grazing Mixed Species (Delaware Co.) 8. June 28th • Adding Value to Small Grains (Tompkins Co.) 9. June 30th • Unique Fruit CSA and U-Pick (Tompkins Co.) 10. July 1st • Aquaponic Systems for Underused Spaces (Cortland Co.)

11. July 9th • Farm Diversity with Heritage Poultry (Chautauqua Co.) 12. July 10th • Wheat Breeding Trials & Bread Event (Essex Co.)

13. July 12th • Wheat Variety Trials (Tompkins Co.) 14. July 16th • NOFA-NY Long Island Regional Meeting and Potluck (Suffolk Co.) 15. July 17th • Sustainable Dairy Farm Management (Genesee Co.) 16. July 21st • Tomatoes: Equipment, Manpower, Production, and More (Ulster Co.)

17. July 22nd • Caring for the Whole Farm: Conservation (Erie Co.) 18. July 24th • Small Grains, Composting, and Dairy Production (Chautauqua Co.) 19. July 27th • Small Scale Grain Production & Cooperative Community (Jefferson Co.)

20. July 30th • Micronutrient Balancing (Herkimer Co.) 21. August 4th • DiversityBased Farm Viability (Suffolk Co.)

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Welcome On behalf of NOFA-NY, all of our host farms, generous sponsors, and partners, we would like to invite you to join us this summer in the field! The events that you will see over the next several pages represent the combined efforts of the NOFA-NY staff, all of our host farmers, our partner organizations, and our sponsors. This year, we are pleased to present almost 40 events throughout the course of the growing season. All of our events are either FREE or discounted for NOFA-NY Members—if you’re not a member yet, we encourage you to join today and take advantage of that great member benefit. As an organization, we feel that farmer-to-farmer information exchange is one of the best ways to grow the organic movement. The following events are a collection of great opportunities to visit with some of the most innovative organic farmers in New York State, not to mention get a firsthand look at their farms. Thanks to some generous support from NYSDAM, we’re partnering with Red Jacket Orchards, Roo Haven Farm, Cottonwood Farms, and Grindstone Farm for a series of field days on the topic of transitioning to organic production. We also have a special series of workshops that will focus on wheat production and

Matt Robinson 22. August 5th • The Symbiotic Farm: Managing Animals and Crops (Chenango Co.) 23. August 9th • Fencing Types and Techniques for a Diverse Farm (Cortland Co.) 24. August 12th • Garden of Eve Farm Tour (Suffolk Co.) 25. August 15th • Advantages of Pasture Raised Pork (Tompkins Co.) 26. August 16th • Multiple Approaches for Managing Diseases and Insects (Tompkins Co.) 27. August 28th • Growing for Future Sowing: Saving Quality Seed (Ulster Co.) 28. August 28th • Organic Research & Extension Center Tour (Suffolk Co.) 29. September 6th • Sustainable Food System & Local Grains (Dutchess Co.) 30. September 8th • Commercial Organic Greenhouse Tour (Suffolk Co.)

Robert Perry

31. September 10th • Goat Dairying from Square One (Ulster Co.) 32. September 12th • Vegetable Variety Walk (Washington Co.) 33. September 16th • Transitioning to Organic: Red Jacket Orchards’ Approach (Ontario Co.) 34. September 17th • A Good Crop of Beans (Tompkins Co.) 35. September 20th • Alternative Fruits for Sustainable Harvest (Ulster Co.) 36. September 22nd • Transitioning to Organic & Hightunnels (Oswego Co.) 37. October 3rd • Starting an Urban Farm (Ulster Co.) 38. October 11th • Happy Animals Work for a Living (Tioga Co., PA) 39. October 27th • Advanced CSA School Workshop (Genesee Co.)

processing, part of our work on a multi-year OREI-funded wheat project. And for those of you who were inspired by our 2012 Farmers of the Year at the Winter Conference, you won’t want to miss the chance to tour Cobblestone Valley Farm and visit with the Knapps. Whatever your interest, you’re sure to find something that strikes your fancy in the following pages. We extend a special thanks to all of the field day hosts, without whose passion, commitment, and ingenuity these events are simply not possible. We also thank our generous sponsors, including USDA Risk Management Agency, the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Program of USDA-NIFA, the Organic Research and Extension Initiative, New York State Department of Ag and Markets, The Farmers Market Promotion Program, Farm Family Insurance, and Organic Valley/CROPP Cooperative. A number of partners also help to make these events possible: Cornell University, New Farmer Development Project, OGRIN, PASA, DAPNet, High Mowing Seeds, Lancaster Agricultural Products, and Haygrove Tunnels. And of course, thanks to all of you who are able to come out for these events this year—we’re looking forward to seeing you in the field!

Rachel Schell-Lambert

Bethany Wallis

Photo by Lisa Miskelly

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2. Sunday, June 17th 9:00am–4:00pm (including potluck lunch)

MAKE HAY WHILE THE SUN SHINES: Working with Horses and Mules

Northland Sheep Dairy (at right)

1. Saturday, June 9 2:00–5:00pm (followed by potluck-supper networking session) th


SUSTAINABILITY AND REALITY: Lessons Learned from Ten Years as Diversified Small-Scale Farmers

Northland Sheep Dairy: 3501 Hoxie Gorge Freetown Rd., Marathon, NY 13803 (Cortland Co.) FREE for NOFA-NY and DAPNet Members / $15 All Others This full day of draft horse training will be divided into two sessions. During the morning session, we’ll focus on working the loose horse and what to do when you bring home a new horse or a new teamster. Using horses loose in a corral, we will discuss and demonstrate how horses interact with each other, focusing on their senses, communication, and natural responses. New and old teamsters alike will learn how to use this information when beginning a relationship with a horse or team. We will also consider how experienced teamsters can use this information while helping a beginning teamster. After a break for the potluck lunch, we’ll turn our attention to the subject of making hay with horses, which is one of the primary tasks performed by horses and mules at Northland Sheep Dairy. Mowing, tedding, raking, and baling will all be demonstrated. Participants will get to see two horse-drawn mowers, rakes, and tedders in action, as well as a baler pulled


Kent Family Growers: 1301 CR 31, Lisbon, NY 13658 (St. Lawrence Co.) FREE for NOFA-NY Members / $15 All Others Our tour of Kent Family Growers—a vegetable farm that uses human, draft-animal and petroleum power—will center on production and management practices that evolved through seasons of tears and cheers. Daniel and Megan Kent will teach us how pests, weeds, diseases, labor, crops and the farm are sustainably managed today, relating the background stories and experiences that explain the all-important “why” behind their management decisions. Participants will learn to judge a practice’s value to the overall production system by assessing the pros and cons of its inputs, investment and results. This field day is part of our Beginning Farmer Program; all participants are invited to stay for an informal farmer-tofarmer networking reception and potluck dinner following the presentation. Daniel and Megan Kent started Kent Family Growers a decade ago using hand tools and a half acre to serve local markets. The family includes three farm now grows for local and regional markets on 20 acres with a mix of animals, machines and people doing the work. This field day is supported by the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, USDA, Grant #2011-49400-30510 and Grant #2009-49400-05878. 32

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BIOLOGICAL IPM STRATEGIES (in Spanish & English) Gonzalez Farm: 473 Pine Island Turnpike, Pine Island, NY 10924 (Orange Co.) FREE for NOFA-NY Members / $15 All Others Come tour Gonzalez Farm with Cornell University’s Vegetable IPM Coordinator, Abby Seaman. The rich muck soil on Gonzalez Farm presents unique soil, weed and pest management challenges, including issues with cutworms, brassica flea beetles and phytophthora blight. This workshop will focus on understanding the life cycles of these pests. Abby will present research-based IPM strategies, including biological and cultural control methods, as well as organic pesticides. This presentation will be conducted in Spanish with English translation. Farm owner Claudio Gonzalez is originally from Mexico and has been growing a variety of vegetables, including Mexican specialties on his 27-acre “black dirt” farm since 2006. He sells his produce at seven farmers markets throughout New York City, as well as through two NYC-based CSAs. Supported by New Farmer Development Project (NFDP), USDA Risk Management Agency, Education and Community Outreach Program, and the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, USDA, Grant #2009-49400-05878.

Supported by USDA Risk Management Agency, Education and Community Outreach Program, in collaboration with the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA).

5. Friday, June 22nd 10:00am–1:00pm

CERTIFIED HAY AND SMALL GRAIN ROTATIONS FOR A SUCCESSFUL ORGANIC FARM PLAN Mitchell Farms: 4181 Waterbury Hill Rd., Avoca, NY 14809 (Steuben Co.) Free for NOFA-NY Members / $15 All Others Join NOFA-NY Certified Organic farmers Jeff and Denise Mitchell for a morning tour of their 200-acre farm and fields. Attendees will learn about innovative rotations involving hay and small grains. Jeff and Denise will also discuss the onfarm trials that they have been conducting, including the use of farm-harvested red clover seed and frost seeding experiments, as well as trials of food grade wheat, oats, buckwheat, and hay. Weed control, natural re-seeding vs. frost seeding, and other on-farm experiments will be observed prior to grain harvest. The Mitchells have been growing certified organic grains for over 10 years at their farm in Avoca. Supported by the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, USDA, Grant #2009-49400-05878

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3. Monday, June 18th 9:00am–12:00pm

Norwich Meadows Farm, LLC: 4450 State Hwy 23, Norwich, NY 13815 (Chenango Co.) FREE for NOFA-NY and PASA Members / $15 All Others Want to learn more about on-farm processing and alternative meat marketing? Hear from Zaid Kurdieh as he explains how Norwich Meadows Farm has expanded their farm to include on-farm Halal processing. Join us as we tour the farm, learn the basics of Halal processing, and discuss strategies for securing alternative meat markets. Attendees will go home with an understanding of the regulations associated with adding on-farm processing to a farm business, as well as the challenges that producers may encounter when first entering an alternative market. In 2000, Norwich Meadows Farm decided to expand the farm with the vision of creating a community supported farm and other small businesses. Today the farm has expanded to over 50 acres; their current markets include the green markets in New York City and CSAs in both New York and Norwich. They have over 50 high tunnels as well as an on farm processing facility.


This field day is supported by the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, USDA, Grant #2009-49400-05878 and USDA Risk Management Agency, Education and Community Outreach Program.



by a gas-powered PTO forecart. Bring your boots, your questions, and a dish to pass for the potluck! Some camping is available for anyone planning a longer drive. The Northland Sheep Dairy milks about 40 ewes every summer while grazing summer’s bounty of grass. All of their milk is turned into raw milk cheeses that Donn and Maryrose sell at the Ithaca Farmers Market, along with meat, wool, and skins. Their primary sources of power are three Percherons, one Suffolk , one Percheron mule and one Mammoth Jack, which they use to plow, disc, cultivate, make hay, skid fire wood, and plow snow in the winter.

4. Wednesday, June 20th 11:00am–2:00pm (bring your own lunch)

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7. Wednesday, June 27th 2:00–5:00pm

GRAZING MIXED SPECIES: Complete Cycles and Proactive Protection

Pleasant Valley Farm, photo by Sandy Arnold (see below)

6. Tuesday, June 26 3:00–6:00pm (followed by potluck dinner and networking session) th


Stony Creek Farm: 1738 Freer Hollow Rd., Walton, NY 13856 (Delaware Co.) FREE for NOFA-NY Members / $15 All Others Interested in learning more about methods for multi species grazing? Hear from Kate and Dan Marsiglio as they explain their pasturing systems and demonstrate the techniques they use to manage and protect their animals organically. Learn about their predator control program and gather information that can help you become proactive in parasite prevention. We will also learn about fencing options for pasturing animals, and participate in moving portable electric fence. Stony Creek Farm is located in the NW corner of the Catskill Mountains in Walton, NY, and has been owned by the Marsiglio family since 1985. 2005 was their first year producing meat, eggs and vegetables for sale. They adhere to rigorous free-range, organic, pasturing practices for all of our animals and supplement their grazing diet with local organic grains. Supported by USDA Risk Management Agency, Education and Community Outreach Program, and the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, USDA, Grant #2009-49400-05878.


Pleasant Valley Farm: 118 S. Valley Rd., Argyle, NY 12809 (Washington Co.) FREE for NOFA-NY Members / $15 All Others Join Sandy and Paul Arnold for a look at the production, packing, and storage systems at Pleasant Valley Farm. The Arnolds will discuss their high tunnel winter crop rotation and production schedules, and attendees will get to tour their third 34' x 144' unheated high tunnel with automatic venting and their radiant-heated greenhouse. We’ll also take a look at their multiple storage facilities, including a 24-ton capacity root cellar that allows them to market year-round at local farmers’ markets. The field day will also focus on the Arnold’s newly renovated washing and packing facilities in anticipation of the GAP food safety guidelines. Participants will be given the opportunity to tour the fields and see the Arnolds’ 30kW net-metered solar installation system which provides all of their electricity. Bring a dish to pass and stay after the tour for networking and a social hour potluck. Pleasant Valley Farm has been operating since 1988 and is a 60-acre farm which intensively produces about 8 acres of 40 diverse varieties of vegetables and fruits with organic methods. Children welcome, and disabled individuals can be accommodated, but no dogs please. The farm is about 30 minutes from both Glens Falls and Saratoga, and 60 minutes from Rutland, VT.

Oechsner Farms: 1045 Trumbulls Corners Rd., Newfield, NY 14867 (Tompkins Co.) FREE for NOFA-NY Members / $15 All Others Join NOFA-NY, Thor Oechsner, and Elizabeth Dyck for a look at the grain and grain products produced by Oechsner Farms. Thor will share the diversity of his 600-acre organic farm, as well as his passion for grains, flour and bread. We’ll have a look at the wheat variety trials that Thor is conducting with Cornell and OGRIN, as well as his weed management, grain cleaning, and grain storage systems. Th is is a rare opportunity to learn from a master craftsman. Attendees will also have a chance to sample the fruits of Thor’s labors; Wide Awake Bakery breads will be available for a light snack to round out this “Field to Flour” event. Thor Oechsner, grandson of a German baker, was born and raised in the Hudson Valley, and to hear him tell it, he was born a grain farmer. Thor farms 600 certified organic acres in Newfield, NY, where he grows a wide variety of grains and trials new varieties as part of ongoing research in the Northeast.

Supported by USDA Risk Management Agency, Education and Community Outreach Program.

Supported by USDA Organic Research and Extension Initiative (OREI), Cornell University, and OGRIN.


TO REGISTER, call (585) 271-1979, ext. 512

8. Thursday, June 28th 4:00–7:00pm


2 012 WO R K S H O PS

Supported in part by USDA Risk Management Agency, Education and Community Outreach Program.

This field day is supported by the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, USDA, Grant #2011-49400-30510 and Grant #2009-49400-05878.

11. Monday, July 9th 9:00am–12:00pm


Roo Haven Farm, photo by Margaret Bruegel (at right)

10. Sunday, July 1 1:30-4:00pm (followed by farmer-to-farmer networking session) st

AQUAPONIC SYSTEMS FOR UNDERUSED SPACES: Farming Fish and Vegetables in Tanks Main Street Farms: 116 N. West St. (Rt. 281), Homer, NY 13077 (Cortland Co.) FREE for NOFA-NY Members / $15 All Others Turn underused greenhouse space into a profitable farm enterprise with aquaponics. Owner and farmer Allan Gandelman will teach participants the basic principles of aquaponics (farming fish and vegetables in one system) and

Roo Haven Farm: 883 Hurlbert Rd., Forestville, NY 14062 (Chautauqua Co.) FREE for NOFA-NY Members / $15 All Others (includes lunch) Have you considered adding heritage poultry to your farm operation? Have you thought about organic certification for your flock? Join Margaret Bruegel and Gary Pfahl at Roo Haven Farm to learn about raising heritage chickens, turkeys, ducks, and geese in a small pastured poultry environment. The discussion will include organic certification, breed conservation, predator prevention, marketing options for a small poultry operation, pasture rotations with small acreage, and more. Roo Haven Farm is a small, certified organic, pasture-raised poultry farm specializing in premium poultry products, including heritage layer hens, Freedom Ranger meat chickens, Narraganset turkeys, Rouen ducks, and Emden geese. Their birds live in moveable range houses and forage on 10 acres of pasture grasses, clover, and plants high in Omega-3s and other healthy nutrients. Their naturally chosen diet of greens, bugs, fruits, and berries from our old orchard is supplemented with certified organic feed from grains grown on New York farms! Supported by New York State Department of Ag & Markets and USDA Risk Management Agency.

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Kestrel Perch Berries: Rachel Carson Way, Ithaca, NY 14850 (Tompkins Co.) (The farm is on Rachel Carson Way before you get to the EcoVillage neighborhoods; it’s the fenced field that’s across the road and slightly uphill from the municipal water tank.) FREE for NOFA-NY Members / $15 All Others Come tour Kestrel Perch Berries, a U-Pick fruit CSA at Ithaca’s EcoVillage, and explore several successful berry varieties for upstate New York, including strawberries, red and black raspberries, red and black currants and gooseberries. Catherine Creeger will discuss successful growing techniques and pest management for fruits. We will learn about how KPB manages their fruit CSA and U-Pick operation and discuss their marketing strategies. Come with questions! Kestrel Perch Berries, a unique combination of the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) and U-Pick models, supplies seasonal small fruit to members in the greater Ithaca, NY area.



how they have been applied at Main Street Farms. We will learn about a range of backyard and commercial system designs, including ways that recycled materials can be used. The benefits and challenges of commonly used systems will be covered. Participants will apply their knowledge by designing a system that fits the parameters of their farm and goals— giving and receiving feedback in the group setting. This field day is part of our Beginning Farmer Program; all participants are invited to stay for an informal farmer-to-farmer networking reception right after the formal presentation. Refreshments will be provided by NOFA-NY. Owner Allan Gandelman and farm manager Robert Bonagura have repurposed a former flower nursery into a small scale vegetable and fish operation. They created Main Street Farms—an urban aquaponics farm that focuses on growing a variety of lettuce and herbs in their tilapia tanks. Allan and Robert market their tilapia and salad greens locally.


9. Saturday, June 30th 9:00–11:00am

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12. Tuesday, July 10th 10:00am–4:00pm (lunch made fresh on-site)

13. Thursday, July 12th 4:00–7:00pm



Cornell Willsboro Research Farm: 48 Sayward Lane, Willsboro, NY 12996 (Essex Co.) FREE for NOFA-NY members/ $15.00 All Others Heritage wheat and small grains variety trials are essential in the development of sustainable regional food systems. Join Mike Davis, Research Agronomist, in touring the Willsboro Research Farm and the extensive grain trials conducted here. Mike will discuss disease and pest identification, as well as variety potential and adaptation to the region. Participants will learn about diverse cropping systems incorporating wheat, small grains, flax, food grade soybeans, and alfalfa. French miller and baker Yannig Tanguy (Crown Point Bread) will help us follow the grain from farm to bakery, providing a lesson in baking with local grains and making lunch in the process! Attendees should come ready to tour the plots, make dough, and enjoy some fantastic fresh-baked pizza. Mike Davis oversees the research plots of heritage wheat and small grains at the Willsboro Research Farm. Yannig Tanguy grinds local grains into flour on an Austrian mill to bake the breads which he will share and bake throughout the day.

Homer C. Thompson Farm: Fall Creek Road, Rt. 366 extension, Freeville, NY 13068 (Tompkins Co.) FREE Join Cornell University plant-breeding scientists Mark Sorrells, Julie C. Dawson, David Benscher, and Elizabeth Dyck (OGRIN) to have a look at the organic field trial plots at Homer C. Thompson Farm. The new OREI Value-Added Grains project will highlight the extensive research and work being done to develop the body of knowledge on heritage wheat varieties. Learn from the experts about disease, pests, and grain evaluations in research plots developed to enhance small grain performance. Bread tasting will enhance the evening event. This opportunity to share the field trial results comes only once a year, and Cornell, NOFA-NY and OGRIN are pleased to offer this event together. The Cornell Homer C. Thompson research farm offers a diverse research environment for both conventional and organic cropping systems. The continued partnership between NOFA-NY, Cornell, and OGRIN has been created to strengthen the research and extension efforts surrounding grain production in the Northeast.

Supported by USDA Organic Research and Extension Initiative (OREI) and Cornell University.

Supported by USDA Organic Research and Extension Initiative (OREI), Cornell University, and OGRIN.


TO REGISTER, call (585) 271-1979, ext. 512

16. Saturday, July 21st 9:00am–12:00pm


TOMATOES: Equipment, Manpower, Production Techniques, Varieties, and More

Makinajian Farm: 276 Cuba Hill Rd., Huntington, NY (Suffolk Co.) $5 for NOFA-NY Members / $15 All Others Tour this diverse, four-acre certified organic farm— one of the last in Huntington, NY! Two generations of the Makinajian family raise organic laying hens, meat birds, and grow organic berries, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. Attendees will also have the chance to visit their on-site retail store. After the tour and potluck dinner, participate in the NYC-Long Island Regional Committee Annual Meeting and vote for next year’s committee leaders. Don’t forget to bring a dish for the putluck! Organized by NOFA-NY Long Island Region. RSVP required. To register, email or call (631) 368-9320.

Hepworth Farm: 1635 Route 9W, Milton, NY 12547 (Ulster Co.) FREE for NOFA-NY Members / $15 All Others Resilience, flexibility, and reliance on a whole-living system approach to farming are fundamentals at Hepworth Farms. Amy Hepworth will share her 30 years of experience in running a very versatile operation. The versatility includes growing more than 100 different varieties of tomatoes, tomatillos, and husk cherries, along with a full range of other fresh vegetables and some fruit crops, notably apples. The field day will focus on the tomato crop, how to plant, mulch, trellis, stave off blight, etc. Hepworth Farm’s tomato production will also be presented in the larger context of Hepworth Farm’s wholeliving system approach to farming. The 200-acre, 7th-generation family-owned lower Hudson Valley farm produces certified organic vegetables that are sold at Park Slope Food Coop in Brooklyn, as well to several CSAs, restaurants, three wholesale distributors, and two tomato processors. At Hepworth Farm’s first NOFA-NY Field Day in more than a decade, the focus will be on the farm’s 50 acres of tomatoes.

SUSTAINABLE DAIRY FARM MANAGEMENT Cottonwood Farms, LLC: 10771 Cook Rd., Pavilion, NY 14525 (Genesee Co.) FREE for NOFA-NY Members / $15 All Others Join Paul and Jason Tillotson of Cottonwood Farms, LLC to learn more about how they transitioned to organic production and are now incorporating technology across their farmstead to develop a sustainable farm system. Tour the farm to see tire water tanks, robotic calf feeders, a manure separator, and irrigation, as well as their forced-air compost production system. Attendees will learn about the steps involved in transitioning to organic certification, how robotic calf feeders can lower costs and increase growth, and how the Tillotsons compost manure and use it in a more efficient manner. Paul and Jason will also discuss how to implement grass measuring and budgeting for efficient use of grasses and how to increase production by utilizing Brix readings and implementing high stocking rates. Cottonwood Farms began intensively grazing their cows in 2000 and became certified organic in 2007. They are currently milking 350 cows on 850 acres. Paul and Jason Tillotson are the 4th and 5th generations on the farm and their goal is to create a sustainable system for the land, cattle and family.

Supported in part by USDA Risk Management Agency, Education and Community Outreach Program.


15. Tuesday, July 17th 1:00–4:00pm

Supported by New York State Department of Ag & Markets and USDA Risk Management Agency.

Hepworth Farm, photo by Bruce Weiss (see above)


14. Monday, July 16th 5:30pm


2 012 WO R K S H O PS

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2 012 WO R K S H O PS

17. Sunday, July 22nd 2:00–4:30pm (followed by potluck supper and networking session)



Root Down Farm: 8386 County Rd., East Amherst, NY 14051 (Erie Co.) FREE for NOFA-NY Members / $15 All Others John Whitney, District Conservationist of the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service, will join farmers Erin and Steve Blabac to discuss opportunities for conservation that are appropriate for beginning farmers. Through a farm tour and discussion of conservation and sustainability challenges faced by the farmers and participants, John will help us understand best practices for soil health and management and teach us to recognize and implement opportunities for wildlife and pollinator habitat maintenance Participants will learn about NRCS support for high tunnels, micro-irrigation, conservation tillage, transitioning to organic, and more. The Blabacs will show their electric tractor and other measures they have taken to embed sustainability into their agricultural methods. This field day is part of our Beginning

Farmer Program; all participants are invited to stay for an informal farmer-to-farmer networking reception and potluck following the presentation. The Blabacs believe their CSA farm, The Root Down Farm, should connect community members to the land on which their food is grown. They are dedicated to bringing people together as a community to support local agriculture by growing safe, fresh and nutritious food, placing particular value on protecting the soil while celebrating the bounty it provides. This field day is supported by the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, USDA, Grant #2011-49400-30510 and Grant # 2009-49400-05878.

18. Tuesday July 24th 10:00am–1:00pm



Kimvale Farm 3456 Dry Brook Rd. Falconer, NY 14733 (Chautauqua Co.) FREE for NOFA-NY Members / $15 All Others The Kimball family farm has been adjusting to change for 165 years; becoming a certified organic dairy and crop farm has been all about innovation and change. Join Steve Kimball for a look at the challenges presented by growing 500 acres of grain crops, milking 180 cows, running a new manure composting and separation system, and growing 20 acres of Red Fife Wheat for the food grade market. Small grains scientist Elizabeth Dyck from OGRIN will provide insight into diversifying the rotation with value-added food grade wheat. Learn about the challenges of cultivation, harvest, storage, and the milling of grains for the dairy herd, where quality is top priority. Fresh wheat breads and butter will complement the event. The Kimball family settled in Falconer in 1847, and the current generation now manage almost 1000 acres of crops, hay, and pasture. The Kimballs transitioned to organic in 2004 and continue to find creative ideas to manage the family farm. This field day is supported by the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, USDA, Grant #2009-49400-05878, USDA Risk Management Agency Education and Community Outreach Program, USDA Organic Research and Extension Initiative (OREI), Cornell University, and OGRIN.


TO REGISTER, call (585) 271-1979, ext. 512

2 012 WO R K S H O PS Root Down Farm (see page 38)

19. Friday, July 27th 10:00am–2:00pm





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MICRONUTRIENT BALANCING FOR INCREASED PRODUCTION AND HEALTH IN DAIRY CATTLE Miller Brothers’ Farm: 554 Hoke Rd, Richfield Springs, NY 13439 (Herkimer Co.) FREE for NOFA-NY Members / $15 All Others Join Les Miller to learn how Miller Brothers’ Farm is balancing micronutrients in their soils to increase forage and small grain quality and quantity. Hear from Rueben Stoltzfus (Lancaster Ag Products) on soil testing for micronutrients, amendment balancing options, and value added small grains. Organic Valley’s Silvia Abel-Caines, DVM, will also be present to discuss ration balancing with small grains for increased herd health and production. NOFA-NY’s Robert Perry will also demonstrate the mobile grain cleaning unit which has been assembled for the Value-Added Wheat project. This is a great opportunity to tour a small grain operation and learn more about incorporating small grains into your rotations and nutrition program. Les, Jim and Ken Miller operate Miller Brother’s Farm with the help and guidance of their father Warner. They became certified organic in 1997 and grow crops on 250 acres with supplemental acres in pasture. They currently milk 50 cows with over 100 acres devoted to grains; their goal is to produce all of their own grains. Les has focused on soil and nutrient management by producing his own grains and their whole farm management program. Supported by USDA Risk Management Agency, Education and Community Outreach Program, the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, USDA, Grant #2009-49400-05878, and Organic Valley/CROPP Cooperative.


Or, sign up ONLINE at



Supported by USDA Organic Research and Extension Initiative (OREI) and OGRIN.

20. Monday, July 30th 10:00am–3:30pm (lunch provided)


Baty Farm and Stone Mills Museum: 30820 State Rte. 180, Lafargeville, NY 13656 (Jefferson Co.) FREE for NOFA-NY members / $15 All Others Building community and supporting the local food system are essential in the North Country. Join Tim Baty for a day at his farm and a look at the unique relationship that his farm has to the Stone Mills Museum next door. Tim grows and harvests a diverse variety of small grains and will share his knowledge of small scale farm machinery and grain equipment. He will also discuss growing grain for the historical museum that is now a cultural center for the region. A picnic and tour of the museum will follow the tour of the farm. Camping is available at the museum, so come and enjoy the day! Tim Baty has a beautiful small farm, including a collection of restored tractors, combines, and other equipment to compliment his grain production. His collection of equipment is ideal for anyone considering value-added small grains.



2 012 WO R K S H O PS Garden of Eve Farm, photo by Eve Kaplan (see page 41)

22. Sunday, August 5th 2:00–5:00pm (followed by potluck supper and networking session) 21. Saturday, August 4th 3:00-6:00pm (followed by potluck supper)



Sylvester Manor Educational Farm: 80 North Ferry Road, Shelter Island, NY FREE for NOFA-NY Members / $15 All Others (post-event Contra Dance $5 for all field day participants) Get the insider’s perspective on Sylvester Manor’s diverse production practices, and be inspired to achieve your own farm plans in a fun and innovative way! Through a tour and discussion, you will learn the ecological, economic and sociological effects that a wide range of farming practices have had for the farm. These methods include livestock-and-vegetable crop rotations, mass municipal mulching, low-till bed prep, function-specific cover cropping, water-conservative irrigation systems, succession rotation of fields, and extendedseason high tunnel production. We will learn how the farm orchestrates a diverse and productive labor force that includes full time farmers, interns, volunteers and community crop mobs. The fun and education will continue during the potluck supper, when we’ll experience Sylvester Manor’s efforts to build a vibrant, enduring farm community by incorporating food and the arts, especially music, into its daily work and farm events. Surrounding the field day and potluck, all participants are encouraged to join in the other goings-on at the farm: morning community crop mobs (8–11am Saturday and Sunday with overnight option, visit for info) and a Saturday evening contra dance (7:30pm start, $5 admission for field day participants). Sylvester Manor Educational Farm is a growing farm on Shelter Island, NY with an organizational mission to explore the intersection of food and culture through farm-and-arts programs. The NOFA-NY Farmer’s Pledge™ farm currently has 8 cultivated acres of mixed vegetables, 12 acres in cover crops, pigs, goats, chickens, and honey bees that help feed the island community through a 135-family CSA, a farm stand, a weekly farmers’ market, restaurant sales, small value-added operations, and charitable donations of fresh produce and eggs. Farm Manager Creek Iversen works with a talented crew of young farmers who each play specific roles in the leadership and management of this innovative operation.

THE SYMBIOTIC FARM: Managing Animals and Crops as an Agro-Ecosystem Quarry Brook Farms: 230 Granville Hill Rd., Sherburne, NY 13460 (Chenango Co.) FREE for NOFA-NY Members / $15 All Others Take your small farm’s diversity to the next level by managing livestock and crops as a low-input, self-supporting system! At this field day, we will use the care and grazing schedule of Quarry Brook Farms’ sheep as a focal point to learn about the multi-species interactions. We will learn how the interplay of pigs, chickens, turkeys, cattle and sheep with the hay and horticultural crops impacts a range of the farm’s vital signs, from the soil tilth to livestock parasites. We will observe the impact that various treatments, such as pig grazing, have had on soil fertility and crop quality. After seeing how Quarry Brook Farms has mimicked natural ecological systems to the benefit of its living creatures, land and community, you will be motivated to do the same on your farm. This field day is part of our Beginning Farmer Program; all participants are invited to stay for an informal farmer-tofarmer networking reception and potluck following the presentation. To minimize the risk of spreading diseases or pests, boot covers will be provided. Farmer Adam Perrin describes Quarry Brook Farm as a “grazing-based farm dedicated to providing a diversity of nutrient dense pure food to the local community while enriching the agro-ecosystem.” The farmland has been cared for by Adam’s family since 1968. Today, Adam adheres to the NOFA-NY Farmer’s Pledge™ as he raises grass-fed cattle and sheep; pastured chickens and pigs; and a wide variety of vegetables, herbs and flowers to be able to offer CSA customers the options of a carnivore, omnivore or vegetarian share. This field day is supported by the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, USDA, Grant #2011-49400-30510 and Grant #2009-49400-05878.

This field day is supported by the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, USDA, Grant #2011-49400-30510 and Grant #2009-49400-05878. 40

TO REGISTER, call (585) 271-1979, ext. 512

2 012 WO R K S H O PS

23. Thursday, August 9th 10:00am–1:30pm (including potluck lunch and networking session)

24. Sunday, August 12th 11:00am–1:00pm


Garden of Eve Organic Farm & Market, 4558 Sound Avenue, Riverhead, NY $5 for NOFA-NY Members / $15 All Others Chris and Eve Kaplan-Walbrecht founded Garden of Eve Organic Farm & Market in 2001, and are dedicated to providing delicious organic vegetables, fruits, and beautiful flowers. The couple, who started out on a half-acre in Riverhead, NY, now grow on 50 certified organic acres and raise 1,000 pastured laying hens. Join them for a tour of their farm! Garden of Eve sells their produce, eggs and flowers on-site, at farmers markets, and through their Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program at 13 locations in NYC and LI. Organized by NOFA-NY Long Island Region. RSVP required. To register, email or call (631) 722-8777.

This field day is supported by the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, USDA, Grant #2011-49400-30510 and Grant #2009-49400-05878.

ADVANTAGES OF PASTURE RAISED PORK The Piggery: 5948 Sycamore Creek Dr., Trumansburg, NY 14886 (Tompkins Co.) FREE for NOFA-NY Members / $15 All Others Join Casey Oxley, farm manager for the Piggery, to discuss pasture vs. barn raised pigs, and hear about the advantage of pigs on pasture! Casey will discuss how their pasture rotations work, describe their fencing techniques, and talk about the magic of pigs. Also hear from Heather and Brad Marshall, owners of The Piggery, about the history of the business, their processing, and their marketing. The Piggery is a family owned farm that raises natural pastured pork. It is located in the heart of the Finger Lakes on 60 acres of beautiful land. In 2006 Heather and Brad Marshall did everything from feeding pigs to marketing meat to making sausage. In 2010 Casey Oxley came on as the farm manager so Heather and Brad could focus on the restaurant in Ithaca. Since then they have been working together as one big family to bring good food to the community. Supported by USDA Risk Management Agency, Education and Community Outreach Program.

Sylvester Manor Educational Farm, photo courtesy SMEF (see page 40)

Or, sign up ONLINE at



25. Wednesday, August 15th 1:00–4:00pm


Cobblestone Valley Enterprises: 2023 Preble Road, Preble, NY 13141 (Cortland Co.) FREE for NOFA-NY Members / $15 All Others Join the NOFA-NY Farmers of the Year for a tour of their multi-generational dairy and crop farm committed to maintaining a diverse, Organic family-led operation. After introducing us to the farm’s many enterprises, the Knapp family will treat us to an informative lesson on appropriate fencing for poultry and dairy animals. Species-specific requirements, proper construction, reliable materials sources and the expected investment and replacement timeline will be covered in detail. All attendees will be guided through a fencing needs calculation activity to apply this information to their own situation, be it an upgrade, installation or a design idea for this crucial infrastructure on their own farm. NOFA-NY is pleased to offer a Beginning Farmer field day and celebration of the Knapp family’s past, present and future in sustainable agriculture. Experienced and aspiring farmers, especially mentor farmers and their apprentices, are encouraged to participate in this day together, taking time to gather and celebrate farmers during a potluck lunch. Cobblestone Valley Farm is a multi-generational farm started in the late 1800s and currently run by Paul and Maureen Knapp and their three sons, Evan, Blaise and Casey. In addition to dairy, the farm produces and direct markets Certified Organic pastured poultry, grass-fed beef, and pork; pick-your-own strawberries; and compost.


2 012 WO R K S H O PS

26. Thursday, August 16th 4:00–7:00pm



Homer C. Thompson Farm: Fall Creek Road, Rt. 366 extension, Freeville, NY 13068 (Tompkins Co.) FREE Come to Cornell University’s Freeville Organic Research Farm in Freeville, NY for this Twilight Event. This is an opportunity to discuss issues in organic agriculture ranging from beneficial insect habitat to reduced tillage to weed management and rotations. Meet with the researchers and farmers for an evening of demonstrations, collaboration and networking. For further information, contact Betsy Leonard (607) 423-8366, or visit

27. Tuesday, August 28th 3:30–6:00pm (followed by potluck supper and networking session)

GROWING FOR FUTURE SOWING: Saving Quality Seed from Your Farm’s Fields


Hudson Valley Seed Library: 484 Mettacohonts Rd., Accord, NY 12404 (Ulster Co.) FREE for NOFA-NY Members / $15 All Others If you’d like to start saving seed on your small diversified organic farm, this field day will offer you a strong foundation. A tour of the Hudson Valley Seed Library’s seed production farm will provide examples of the isolation and pollination techniques used to maintain pure seed varieties. Our discussion will cover distancing, timing of successions, caging, and hand-pollinating. Farmers Ken and Doug will talk about hand-cleaning seeds via winnowing and threshing, as well as best practices for seed storage. Under the farmers’ careful supervision and instruction, you will try your hand at processing seeds from tomato, pepper, brassica and other crops. Participants will also get a special insider peek at the seed library cooler. This field day is part of our Beginning Farmer Program; all participants are invited to stay for an informal farmer-to-farmer networking reception and potluck following the presentation. The Hudson Valley Seed Library is a small, farm-based seed company owned and operated by Ken Greene and Doug Muller. The library’s own farm and collaborating farmers save vegetable, herb, and flower seed. Their mission is to provide affordable and reliable Northeast-adapted seeds, celebrate the union of art and

agriculture, and to positively impact the community through outreach and education. This field day is supported by the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, USDA, Grant #2011-49400-30510.

28. Tuesday, August 28th 4:30pm

ORGANIC RESEARCH AND EXTENSION CENTER TOUR Long Island Horticultural Research and Extension Center: 3059 Sound Ave., Riverhead, NY (Suffolk Co.) FREE Learn about the latest in organic farming research through a tour of a 2-acre organic block and viewing research trials of organic solutions for plant sustainability. Cornell University’s Plant Pathologist, Meg McGrath, and Vegetable Specialist, Sandy Menasha, will provide a tour and showcase research trials for a late blight resistant tomato, a disease resistant melon, biopesticide evaluations, and a trial evaluating cultural practices for tillage radish cover crop. Organized by NOFA-NY NYC & Long Island Region. No pre-registration

For all your agronomy, livestock, and poultry needs At Fertrell, we offer our valued customers three great ways to communicate with us: • Visit our newly designed website at: • Join our Facebook page at: • Join our Google Group at:

Pioneering in Organic and Sustainable Agriculture Since 1946 The Fertrell Company PO Box 265, Bainbridge PA 17502 • ph 717-367-1566 / 800-347-1566 • fx 717-367-9319


TO REGISTER, call (585) 271-1979, ext. 512

2 012 WO R K S H O PS

Slack Hollow Farm, photo by Lawrence White (see page 44)

31. Monday, September 10th 10:00am–4:00pm (lunch provided)

Wild Hive Farm, Store & Café Bakery: 2645 Salt Point Turnpike, Clinton Corners, NY 12514 (Dutchess Co.) FREE for NOFA-NY Members / $15 All Others Local organic grain production is an important step in creating a more sustainable food system. Join Don Lewis for a tour of Wild Hive Farm Community Grain Project and a look at how local milling plays an important role. Don will provide an overview of how Wild Hive sources and processes grain, including evaluating wheat, cleaning grain, the milling process, and packaging flour. He’ll also discuss the history of milling in the Hudson Valley and the important role grain production plays in sustainable agriculture. Participants will enjoy refreshments from Wild Hive’s very own café and bakery. Wild Hive Farm was founded to promote sustainable agriculture in the Hudson Valley through grain based local agriculture. The Wild Hive Farm Community Grain Project is where we stone mill Wild Hive Flours at our flour mill in Clinton Corners, NY. We use this fresh, organic flour to make Wild Hive Breads and Baked Goods. Other bakers also appreciate the freshness and flavor of our flours and use it to create their own high quality products. Supported by USDA Organic Research and Extension Initiative (OREI).

30. Saturday, September 8th 3:00pm

This field day is supported by the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, USDA, Grant #2011-49400-30510, and USDA Risk Management Agency Education and Community Outreach Program. Stony Creek Farm, photo by Dan Marsiglio (see page 34)

COMMERCIAL ORGANIC GREENHOUSE TOUR Marion Gardens, 540 Rocky Point Rd, East Marion, NY $5 for NOFA-NY Members / $15 All Others Tour a commercial organic greenhouse operation, and see how organic plants are grown behind the scenes. Summer may be gone but whether you’re a backyard gardener or a commercial grower, fall is ideal for growing many crops. Learn how to take advantage of the season to prolong your harvest or plant fresh and tour this 28,000 square foot commercial organic greenhouse. Marion Gardens has 300 varieties of herbs and certified organic vegetable plants, and has been a family business on the LI North Fork for more than twenty years. Organized by NOFA-NY Long Island Region. Pre-register by calling (631) 477-1210.

Or, sign up ONLINE at





29. Thursday, September 6th 1:00–3:30pm

Acorn Hill Farm: 65 Red Barn Rd., Walker Valley, NY 12588 (Ulster Co.) $15 for NOFA-NY Members / $30 All Others (includes lunch) Your dreams of adding dairy goats to your farm aren’t out of reach! Farmer Joyce Henion will explain the necessary steps in preparing for and acquiring your dairy goats and then walk us through dairy-goat farming and marketing. As we tour Acorn Hill Farm, we will see the care, terrain, housing and milking infrastructure this small herd of goats requires. We will learn how Acorn Hill built and runs its onfarm licensed cheese-making facility. Challenges and benefits of raising dairy goats organically will be covered. Mary Ann Johnson of the Hudson Valley Agribusiness Development Corporation will discuss funding options, marketing, and planning for a farm business or new farm enterprise. Lunch will be provided, and pre-registration is highly encouraged for all participants. Acorn Hill Farm (a NOFA-NY Farmer’s Pledge™ Farm) started with just two goats intended for the family’s supply of organic milk, yogurt, and cheese. Joyce Henion quickly realized that a local market had serious potential and a significant farm business was within her reach. Her efforts and work with the Hudson Valley Agribusiness Development Corporation expanded the initial home-scale dairy to the farm’s current 25 does and micro-creamery that supply many CSA programs and markets in the region.



2 012 WO R K S H O PS

Slack Hollow Farm has been a family-run diversified vegetable farm since 1985. Seth Jacobs, Martha Johnson and crew grow and market NOFA-NY Certified organic produce grown in the fertile upland (hills) of beautiful Washington County, NY. Slack Hollow Farm has been sourcing organic seeds for the varieties they grow since at least 2006. Founded in 1996, High Mowing Seeds is an independently owned, farm-based seed company dedicated to supporting sustainable agriculture and providing farmers and gardeners with the highest quality certified organic seed.


Supported by USDA Risk Management Agency, Education and Community Outreach Program.

33. Sunday, September 16th 9:00am–12:00pm (Rain Date: 9/17/12)

TRANSITIONING TO ORGANIC: Red Jacket Orchards’ Approach


32. Wednesday, September 12th 5:00–7:00pm



Slack Hollow Farm: 177 Gilchrist Rd., Argyle, NY 12809 (Washington Co.) FREE for NOFA-NY Members / $15 All Others Martha Johnson, farmer and owner of Slack Hollow Farm, will lead a tour of her 134-acre (11 acres of vegetables) farm and discuss the attributes of vegetable varieties she and her partner, Seth Jacobs, have chosen to grow. The walk will focus on different varieties of carrots, mesclun greens, lettuce, broccoli and winter squash. Learn from Martha, an experienced farmer of diversified veggies for over 25 years, what varieties perform well on her farm and at her markets and why. High Mowing Organic Seeds trials manager, Gwenael Engelskirchen, will talk about the characteristics that High Mowing has seen in these varieties on their 4-acre Trials Garden in northern Vermont. Participants will also learn about Slack Hollow Farm’s winter crop production and winter marketing strategies. Come with your questions and a desire to learn about organic varieties and seed!


TO REGISTER, call (585) 271-1979, ext. 512

Meet at Red Jacket Orchard’s retail store: 957 Rt 5 and 20, Geneva, NY 14456, and then proceed to the Healey Road Farm (stone fruit) and Davies Farm plantings (apples, blueberries) on Pre-Emption Road, Geneva, NY. (Ontario Co.) FREE for NOFA-NY Members / $15 All Others Transitioning orchards to organic can be a challenge and an opportunity for a farm. Red Jacket Orchards has put 7.5 of its 300 acres of apple orchards into organic production, as well as all of its blueberries currently in production. Mike Biltonen will discuss exploring and experimenting with a variety of holistic, biodynamic, and innovative organic techniques to get to where they want to go. Attendees will get a firsthand look at the organic production techniques that Red Jacket is testing on a variety of stone fruit (apricots, sweet cherries, and plums) before potentially transitioning larger plantings to organic. Participants will also explore the use of high tunnels in organic tree fruit production. Th is look at Red Jacket Orchards’ innovative approach to organic production is not to be missed! Located in the beautiful Finger Lakes Region of New York State along the rolling hills of Seneca Lake, Red Jacket Orchards was originally planted in 1917. Today, the orchard and juice company is managed by the second and third generation of the Nicholson family. Supported by New York State Department of Ag & Markets and USDA Risk Management Agency.

Cayuga Pure Organics: 18 Banks Rd., Brooktondale, NY 14817 (Tompkins Co.) FREE for NOFA-NY Members / $15 All Others Learn to confidently and consistently grow New York’s next big locally-sourced crop: organic dry beans. Often avoided by smaller farmers, this crop has great potential for your CSA, market stand or other local marketing outlet. Cayuga Pure Organic’s farmers will explain the best practices to help you bring this crop to your community. Erick Smith, owner, and Anne Riordan, field manager, will cover growing methods, variety selection, and equipment needs, as well as postharvest cleaning, drying and storage to ensure a high-quality product. We will also have a discussion about your options for direct and cooperative marketing, even with just a few acres planted in this fantastic crop. This field day is part of our Beginning Farmer Program; all participants are invited to continue the discussion and fun during an informal farmer-to-farmer networking reception and potluck following the field day. Cayuga Pure Organics’ mission includes creating a food system that benefits the local community and the world at large. To this end, the farm’s original intention was to supply the organic dairy industry through field crops. However, the farm quickly realized new directions in response to a growing demand for locally-available dry beans, grains and flour, learning to modify the standard growing practices to suit the smaller scale (for field crops) and identity of Cayuga Pure Organics. This field day is supported by the Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Program of the National Institute of Food and Agriculture, USDA, Grant #2011-49400-30510.

35. Thursday, September 20th 9:00am–12:00pm

Supported by USDA Risk Management Agency, Education and Community Outreach Program.

— Eastern New York —

Natural Organic Fertilizers and Soil Amendments Formulations Based on Your Soil Tests Formulations Approved for NOFA-NY Certified Farms

BEYOND APPLES: Alternative Fruits for Sustainable Harvest/Organic Growing from Small Farms and Home Landscapes Lee Reich’s “Farmden”: 387 Springtown Rd., New Paltz, NY 12561 (Ulster Co.) FREE for NOFA-NY Members / $15 All Others Walk through the private edible landscape of renowned author and orchardist Lee Reich and learn about the wide spectrum of fruits that can be grown sustainably with little or no


Call or write for complete price list

(518) 885-2524 The Natural Lawn Co. 538 Middle Line Rd • Ballston Spa, NY 12020

Or, sign up ONLINE at


A GOOD CROP OF BEANS: Getting the Most from a Small-to-Medium-Scale Dry Bean Planting

input needed for pest control or pruning in USDA Hardiness Zone 5 (low temps of -20°F). Participants will also learn about uncommon fruits that have commercial potential for small farms because they are easy to grow organically and have unique flavors to appeal in niche and general markets. Lee will also discuss dual-purpose plants—plants that are ornamental and bear tasty fruits- for home landscapes. Lee Reich began growing and studying fruit 40 years ago. Since that beginning, he has earned a doctorate in horticulture with a specialty in fruit growing, worked in fruit research for Cornell University and the USDA, and grown many kinds of fruits, from the common, such as apples and pears, to the uncommon, such as gumi and medlar. His “farmden” is a testing ground for sustainable fruit growing techniques, for studying cultivation and marketing of some uncommon fruits, and for providing an abundance of fruit to Lee’s household. Lee is the author of three books on fruit growing: Uncommon Fruits for Every Garden, Landscaping with Fruit, and Grow Fruit Naturally.


34. Monday, September 17th 4:00–6:00pm (followed by potluck supper and networking session)


2 012 WO R K S H O PS


2 012 WO R K S H O PS

36. Saturday, September 22nd 9:00am–12:00pm



Grindstone Farm: 780 County Route 28 (Tinker Tavern Road), Pulaski, NY 13142 (Oswego Co.) FREE for NOFA-NY Members / $15 All Others Interested in transitioning to organic farming? Join Dick de Graff of Grindstone Farm as he discusses the challenges and opportunities facing organic growers today. Dick will lead us through Grindstone’s transitioning process and the farm’s organic production and marketing strategies. Grindstone Farm is adding their 7th high tunnel bay this summer, and Dick will discuss how high tunnel production has become integral to their operation. Harry Edwards of Haygrove Tunnels will discuss optimizing high tunnels, with the goal of netting $30K–$50K per acre per year. Grindstone Farm provides produce through their CSA, Healthy Box Program and Farmer’s Markets. With over 25 years of rich experience in growing high quality, certified organic fruits and vegetables, Grindstone Farm produces over 120 varieties of vegetables and fruits. Through partnerships with other farms, they offer fresh, natural dairy, meat, organic dried fruits, nuts, honey, maple syrup, juices and more. Haygrove Tunnels was founded in the UK in 1996 and now supplies a variety of high tunnel systems to international markets. Supported by New York State Department of Ag & Markets and USDA Risk Management Agency.



Have you recently tried something new and innovative on your farm or in your garden? Or perhaps you’ve won an award, or started selling a new product? If so, share your story with your fellow members of NOFA-NY. Let your success inspire others! If you have a story to tell, please e-mail editor Fern Marshall Bradley at newsletter@nofany. org or call her at 518-692-9079.

Keepin’ it Catskills

Join the Moovement! 46

TO REGISTER, call (585) 271-1979, ext. 512

37. Wednesday, October 3 1:00–3:30pm


South Pine Street City Farm, photo by Jesica Clark (see below)

STARTING AN URBAN FARM: Land, Soil, Community South Pine Street City Farm: 27 South Pine Street, Kingston, NY 12401 (Ulster Co.) FREE for NOFA-NY Members / $15 All Others We will begin with a short tour of South Pine Street City Farm, followed by presentations from a number of key players in the farm’s development. Rebecca Martin, Executive Director at Kingston Land Trust, will discuss partnering with non-profit organizations and private businesses. Ed Croswell, owner of Croswell Enterprises (soil and compost manufacturer, supplier for South Pine Street City Farm), will talk about soil quality for urban and intensive growing. Jesica Clark, Farmer, will cover marketing in the city for the city and reaching out to other organizations to build a stronger community. We will also tour the greenhouse and hear about exciting data from research on temperature differences, ease of construction, and CO2 and ammonia production. South Pine Street City Farm of Kingston,  NY was formed in 2010 as a partnership between Binnewater Ice Co., Kingston Land Trust and The Queens Galley. On ¼ of an acre we grow produce destined for the community’s varied tables, marketing through restaurants sales and a farm stand. This year the farm received a SARE grant to test the compost-heated greenhouse in an urban setting, using coffee grounds and yard waste as the basis for compost. Jesica Clark, the farmer at South Pine Street City Farm, has been working in agriculture for 9 years.

2 012 WO R K S H O PS

Field Goods brings you a better way to eat.

38. Thursday, October 11th 10:00am–4:00pm

HAPPY ANIMALS WORK FOR A LIVING: Using Hens, Hogs, and Oxen to Manage Land, Improve Animal Health, Shun Fossil Fuels, and Stop Using Expensive Equipment!

39. Saturday, October 27th 10:00am–3:00pm (including lunch)

CSA: An Advanced Workshop for Western New York Batavia, NY (Specific location coming soon: visit for updates) (Genesee Co.) $30 for NOFA-NY Members / $45 All Others Come learn from successful, innovative, and experienced CSA farmers. Representatives from Roots and Wings Farm, Thorpes Farm, Native Offerings Farm, and others will discuss how they are able to be creative and flexible with their CSA models in order to adapt to changing community needs.

To subscribe go to Or call 888-887-3848.

Pepacton Reservoir 2010


You Can Protect Farmland, Forests and Clean Water All farms and forest lands located within the New York City Watershed have an impact on water quality. If you own land in the Catskill/Delaware Watershed -- a 1,597-square-mile area that includes six reservoirs in Delaware, Greene, Schoharie, Sullivan, Ulster counties – you may be eligible for one of our programs.

By using a tailored land management plan on your property, you can help guarantee the high-quality water standards of the New York City drinking water supply. As a landowner, you can: • Plant trees and riparian shrubs to prevent streambank erosion. • Enlist our technical expertise in pasture, cropland and manure management. • Protect water quality by initiating land stewardship on your property. • Qualify for financial assistance to implement conservation practices. • Learn to address the many threats to your forest including deer overpopulation and invasive species. • Promote biodiversity and healthy woodlands through a financially assisted Forest Management Plan.

But you can’t do it alone... Let’s do it together.

Call us to find out what you can do to protect water, farm and forest resources.

The Council is funded by the NYC DEP, USDA, USFS and other public-private sources.


Learn CSA varieties, packing, drop off, and outreach systems that work. Panelists will also discuss the substantial unmet demand for CSA in Western New York, particularly in locations like Buffalo, and the opportunity that this presents to farmers in the region. If you are a CSA farmer looking to make your CSA work better for you and your community, or you’ve been thinking about expanding your operation, then this is your workshop. The workshop will be held in Batavia, NY. Lunch is included for all participants. Please check NOFA-NY’s website:, for more details.


(We are always looking to buy from great farmers. Call us.)

Or, sign up ONLINE at



Spring Meadows Farm: 9578 Route 549, Millerton, PA 16936 (Tioga Co., PA) $20 PASA and NOFA-NY members / $35 All Others (includes lunch) Come to see how Spring Meadows Farm orchestrates hens, hogs, and oxen—along with electrical fencing and pasture management methods—to improve land, increase livestock and plant health and decrease fossil fuel usage. Participants will see hens controlling insects and vegetation, cattle trampling to build soil as they graze tall pastures and hog-tilled sod. Learn how cattle can prepare woods for desirable natural regeneration. Discussion will focus on how the order and timing of these events enhances the ecosystem in which gardens, pastures, woods, livestock and humans all play a role. Participants will learn about oxen care, economics, breeds, training and work. At the end of the event, those who are interested can stay and drive the oxen. Andy Lyon grew up in Northcentral PA where the farming tradition comes from Yankee settlers. All his older neighbors had stories about farming with oxen, and his father trained a team when he was four years old. After taking a hard look at what having money tied up in a tractor was costing him, Andy began working two teams of oxen on his pasture-based farm. Spring Meadows Farm markets grass-fed beef, pastured eggs, garlic, an acre of vegetables and some pork. Milk cows supply most of the protein for livestock and most of the vitals for Andy and his apprentice too. In collaboration with the Pennsylvania Association for Sustainable Agriculture (PASA). Register online at, or call 814.349.9856.

Local fruits & vegetables delivered to workplace and community sites in the Hudson Valley region.

2 012 WO R K S H O PS

Cobblestone Valley Farm, photo by Maureen Knapp (see page 41)


Date and Location TBA

Coming This Fall

THE ABCS OF CSA: A Workshop for Western New York


Are you in Western New York and interested in starting a CSA? Come spend the day learning from Liz Henderson and other experienced CSA farmers about how their various CSA models work. Panelists will discuss how they developed their core groups, how they determined the right planting schedule for their farm and customers, how they developed efficient harvesting and boxing systems, and how they determined their share pricing. There are emerging opportunities for Western New York growers to serve the region, including a growing demand for local food in Buffalo. Come to this workshop to figure out how to harness these opportunities and get started with your CSA. Supported by the Farmers Market Promotion Program. We’re still nailing down a date and location for this workshop. Updated information will be available soon on our website:

Making smart business decisions starts with having good information. Do you know which parts of your farm generate a profit, and which parts could use some work? Do you know which of your crops are the most lucrative? Without accurate figures, it’s tough to know where you stand. This fall, Robert Hadad (Cornell Vegetable Team, NOFA-NY Board of Directors), will lead a series of trainings designed to help you calculate your costs of production. Join Robert for one of three full-day trainings (at various locations around the state) on how to develop these numbers and make smart business decisions for your farm enterprise. Supported by the Farmers Market Promotion Program. We’re still nailing down a date and location for these workshops. Updated information will be available soon on our website:



S o l i o B O L T S o l a r C h a rg e r


With Purchase



Power essential operations:

Outbuildings, pumps, lights, communication equipment

Solar with battery storage:

Wind option

Plug & play simplicity! No noise / no fuel / no fumes 30% Fed. Tax credit on some models

484-593-4262 Small business | Independent ownership 48

TO REGISTER, call (585) 271-1979, ext. 512

NOFA-NY 2012 Summer Field Day Brochure  

NOFA-NY 2012 Summer Field Day Brochure

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