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LETTERS Fellini Parade to OLLI

Editor: Who are all of these silver-haired Noe Valley residents, moving to the beat of a Fellini parade, rushing toward the bus stop? Are they catching a bus to Silicon Valley? No, they’re students about to board a Muni bus. Are they going downtown to shop? No, they’re headed for the sixth floor of 835 Market St., to attend classes at San Francisco State University’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI). OLLI started at San Francisco State in 2003. It’s a community of peers 50 years and older engaged in learning through classes, lectures, interest groups, and special events at SF State Downtown and at the main campus. Stimulating and provocative five- and six-week classes are taught by experts in various disciplines. Interest groups focus on world affairs, community, writing, and music. On first Wednesdays, attendees bring a brown bag lunch for conversation on a variety of topics. There is still time to join the parade and register for the spring session. Courses in the art of silent film, baseball, Ancient Egypt, memoir-writing, the right to privacy, the short story, and the lives of Georgia O’Keeffe, Matisse, and Picasso start the week of Jan. 20. Come for a class preview on Dec. 5 at 3 p.m. Most classes are interactive, with spirited discussion that often leads to conversation over a cup of coffee. At an age when some people may consider themselves finished with their education, the folks at OLLI are not only discovering there’s a great deal more to learn, but having the time of their lives doing it. For more information, go to olli@, or call 415-817-4243. Evelyn Clair 23rd Street

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Something Wrong

Editor: Nov. 9, the anniversary of Kristallnacht in Germany and parts of Austria, I picked up the latest Noe Valley Voice and was surprised to find the poem by Tom Peck condemning our district supervisor, Scott Wiener, for worshipping “greed.” Mr. Peck is entitled to his opinion. I have no problem with his opinion expressed in a letter to the editor, but I must take umbrage with a poem prominently displayed on page 7. There are some of us, myself included, who don’t think that people sleeping in streets and rummaging through refuse receptacles is something that we wish to support and defend. How dare the Noe Valley Voice, a newspaper that I have read for a long time and for which I have tremendous respect, print such an anti-Semitic piece of trash? Is it fair to call Scott Wiener “greedy”? If it is, then I say it’s fair to call Mr. Peck a virulent anti-Semite and suggest that there is something terribly wrong with your policy on printing poetry.  John Holland Noe Valley resident Editor’s Note: Mr. Peck sent his poem as a letter to the editor. We printed it in our Letters section.


Kathleen Albert— Her Compassion Lives On in Her Students By Steve Steinberg


athleen Albert, who for 23 years ran With Care preschool, a place where concern for others was a guiding force, has died. Albert passed away on Sept. 10, after suffering a fall outside her Fair Oaks Street home. She was 68. The school’s founder and sole teacher, Albert conducted classes in the lower level of her home, enrolling up to seven children at a time, from infants to 6-yearolds. “It was a wonderful place,” said Bernal Heights resident Jennifer Keith of the school’s atmosphere. “You wanted to go there yourself and spend the day rather than go to work.” Albert believed that children were never too young to acquire academic skills. Keith recalls that her now 20-yearold son, Calvin, was “really reading” at age 5, thanks to Albert’s emphasis on the basics. Students also learned how to hold

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their pencils properly and how to count to 100, among other accomplishments, said Keith. “Kids who graduated her program were head and shoulders academically above other children,” noted Erica Craven-Green, a Miraloma resident, whose son, Oscar, attended Albert’s school for three and a half years. Albert wanted to make sure her charges didn’t start grade school with any learning disabilities. To that end, she brought in an educational professional each year to diagnose any potential speech and language problems so that parents could take early remedial action. Albert also “taught” the parents how they could be better parents. “She was always one step ahead of my husband and me in terms of what we needed to do as parents,” said Brittany Imwalle, a Fair Oaks Street resident whose two daughters, Elise and Abigail, attended With Care. Parents were expected to work as a team with Albert and uphold her standards. “She had her rules, and you had to follow them, especially as concerned the child’s behavior,” said Keith. But what really distinguished With Care from other preschools, according to parents, was the emphasis that Albert placed on community awareness and compassion for the less fortunate. Besides teaching the children to be kind and caring toward one another, Albert would help them express their feelings about such social issues as hunger and homelessness. In the spring of each year, the older children would decide on a fundraising project. Some years, it might be collecting money for a food bank. Other times, they might raise funds to promote wildlife conservation. “It’s amazing what those kids could accomplish,” said Keith. This year, after hearing about the plight of homeless children living in shelters, the children decided to set up a lemonade stand to raise money for Project Night Night, a San Francisco organization that provides stuffed toys, books, and blankets to children living in homeless shelters. “When Kathleen first called me about the lemonade stand, I said to myself, ‘Okay, that’s nice,’” recounts Kendra Robins, founder of Project Night Night. To Robins’ astonishment, the With Care lemonade stand raised $13,600 in just four months. Police and fire trucks would CONTINUED ON PAGE 13



Kathleen Albert poses with her best pal Photo courtesy Erica Craven-Green Csilla.

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